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Saturday and going out to the Escape

It is Saturday and that means going to the Escape tonight for a little Susan time and to see some of y friends. Yes, I pretty much go to the Escape every Saturday night. Now there is good and bad about this. It is good for the group and its members to have a regular place they now others will be, someplace they feel comfortable, someplace they don’t have to wonder if others will be there. They just know if they show up here there will almost always be another member of our group here. On the bad side there is something about going to the same place all the time but then who am I to talk as I pretty much go to the same Starbucks every week but then that does make for what some may call a repetitive blog. Any ways what ever it is or what others might think it is Saturday night and that means Escape for me. Now a couple girls, Nicole and Patty said they were planning on going so I posted I would be there between 6 & 7 with the hope of being there earlier.

I didn’t get home till almost 4:30 so it would be a rush to get ready if I wanted to be there before now when I was out shopping the beginning of the week on Monday and Tuesday, I did buy 3 new dresses and that means tonight is a new dress. I decided on the black and gold one and the main reason is it is a little shorter then the other two and I figured at the bar sitting would be a good choice. Now by shorter I mean mid-thigh instead of knee length, it is also more form fitting and as I wanted to wear my corset tonight it would be perfect. I was all ready and on my way by 5:20, I got to the Escape a little before 6 and parked and of course got a selfie before going in. There are just times with the right light my makeup looks flawless in pictures. Now just to be clear I do not touch up any of my photos as I want to see and present the real me. Now for those of you who tell me my pictures always look perfect (thanks) or I never have a bad picture I can assure you I do but this is my blog and I can pick the pictures I post and I only post the nice ones.

I got inside and got our table and ordered my normal Hamburger, yes, another repetitive part of Saturday but they really do have wonderful food here and my favorite is their Hamburger. I played on my computer as I ate waiting for others to show up. It was about 6:20 when Nicole showed up, I have known her for over 5 years as we first met at Washington Square back in February of 2014, she was in boy mode at that time. Yes I looked back in my blog, one of the reasons I love keeping a blog. She has really come a long way since then but then so have I and so many of my friends. I put my computer away as I wanted to talk with her and catch up, yes Susan loves to talk unlike my male side. Yes, we talked a lot about Diva Las Vegas, I am hoping she will go one of these years.

Patty showed up a little before 7 so there were 3 of us now. Any way I of course wanted a picture of my new dress so I asked Nicole to take a couple and she did of course this started something as I was soon taking pictures of Nicole and then Patty. Again, one of the differences between my male and female sides are pictures, Susan love them and my male side avoids them. I bet I don’t have more than 2 or 3 pictures of my male self in the last 15 years. Now I liked the way the pictures turned out as you can kind of see some curves and I think I look a little more relaxed in these pictures. I still need a lot of work on my full body pictures though. Now I don’t know how girls keep their dresses down as every time I sat down this dress rode up as do all my short dresses. I saw a couple other girls with dresses that were shorter then mine and they didn’t have the problem when they say down. Must be something about the hips.

Now Nicole and I got talking about when she was here in November, yes, I looked back in my blog to find it. That night we had a couple girls that came over and talked to us and yes, they had been drinking. We were trying to remember their names and it turns out they were Melinda and Nicole. Nicole was the one who drug us out on the dance floor. Any way at the time the girl named Nicole told us she came here all the time and as I come here pretty much every Saturday night, I had never seen her here before or since. Well normally this would not have made it into my blog and I wouldn’t have looked back to find her name but as it turns out she showed up tonight about 10:15 to sing karaoke. If only my friend Nicole had stayed longer, don’t worry there was no dancing and I didn’t even get a chance to talk with her but I just find it funny that we were talking about her and then she showed up.

Another girl from our group showed up and its was good to see her, we talked about Diva Las Vegas, she has gone with us before a few times but the last two years her schedule just didn’t work out. I hope she will go next year again. Nicole left about 9:30 as it was loud now with Karaoke, it was really good to see her again and she is hoping to be back in a couple weeks for a Wednesday night dinner.

Lauri showed up a little before 10 so she just missed Nicole. It is funny as we have our early night girls and our late-night girls and our all-night girls. When I first started going out, I never went out early, I wanted to make sure it was dark out and my neighbors were inside. Depending on the time of year it was any where from 8pm to 10pm before I went out and we almost always closed down the bar (Embers) we were at which means it was usually between 2am & 2:30am when we left and on a few occasions I went and got something to eat with a few of the girls before going home. Now I like to get there between 5 and 6 and by 10 I am ready to call it a night. I like to think it is being responsible and not the fact I am getting older but in reality, it is because I have become so comfortable as Susan, I am able to go out earlier and not care if my neighbors are out. I use to look out all the windows, get in my car and open the garage and look again, then carefully pull out and make sure no one was out, if I saw someone I would back, back into my garage and close the door and wait. There were time I stood looking out my window for 30 minutes or more waiting for the coast to be clear. Now I don’t even look I just get in the car and open the garage door and go, some of the time I open the garage door before I get in the car. It really is a wonderful feeling.

Now Lauri and one of our other girls played some pool and Patty and I sat and listened to people sing Karaoke and it was fun. It was almost 11 when I went up and paid my bill and called it a night. It was a fun night out. I plan on getting out to Starbucks Sunday for a few hours and also hope to make Wednesday night dinner this week.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now.

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