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A rainy and windy Friday night

Well the week is over and it is Friday night and time to relax and have fun with my friends, I look forward to this all week. Now I had the chance to go out a little early which is always nice. I started getting ready at 4:30 so I could take my time and enjoy getting ready. I so love the whole transformation process I find it so relaxing. Well I was all ready by 6 and on my way and of course I had my laptop with me as I did have a little work I needed to do tonight. Now as I was driving I could see he wind was really blowing and it was raining hard two things Susan doesn’t like if she is going out. I got to Sweethome and as luck would have it the parking spot right in front of the door was open so my night was off to a good start or I thought. I reached for the emergency break which was under and wrapped up in my coat and I didn’t get a good grip. Now I know what you are all thinking and no I did not wreck my car it was worse, my hand slipped and I popped off 2 of my long nails so tomorrow I get to look through my car for my nails but for tonight I have long pretty red nails on only 8 fingers and as it was early I briefly thought about driving home to fix them. Oh well it is not the end of the world.

I went inside and Chris and Samantha were there, Samantha had driven up for the day as she had some things she had to do here in Portland and she is more relaxed as Samantha so she spent the day out as Samantha. She actually got here before 5 and Chris a little after 5 so they had both been here for a good hour before I got here. It was nice to see Samantha again, now I did break out my computer for a little bit as I had some work I had to do tonight but it only took me about 30 minutes and then I was able to enjoy talking with Chris and Samantha for a bit.

Cristine and Guinevere showed up. It was great to see Guinevere again as it has been a long time as she doesn’t get out as much with the group. She has been living full time for over a year and has fully transitioned and she seems so happy now. It was nice to talk with her and find out what is new and going on in her life. She owns her own business and just opened up a new facility which has kept her busy but it is going great for her which is awesome.

Mikaela also made it out which was nice as it has been months since she has been out with the group. It was nice to talk with here and of course there had to be a picture of us. Mikaela went through a short period of not dressing which I think we have all done at one point or another as It is hard to accept this as part of who we are and what makes us a complete person and it doesn’t matter if you are just a part time crossdresser or someone who is transitioning learning to accept yourself is the most important thing for us as that is how we become happy.

Well Mikaela and I talked and she is thinking about going to Diva Las Vegas next year. She is also seeing a young lady who she has come out to, actually Mikaela is really good about this has she always tells the girls she has gone out with about Mikaela almost right from the start which is awesome. Any ways the young lady she is seeing is okay with Mikaela and has gone out with her. Actually Mikaela has gone out with her and her sister, yes her whole family knows about Mikaela and are okay with it which is so awesome, what a lucky girl.

Roxy, Michele and Petra also showed up so we had a nice turnout for a rainy and windy night. Chris and Petra played some pool and of course at 10 Karaoke started and both Chris and Mikaela got up and sang. When Mikaela sang she had me take some pictures, I took a lot in hopes of getting s few that were good.

It was just a fun night as always and as it got later girls started to leave and by 12:15 it was just Michele, Petra and me left of our group. We talked a little more as we listened to some more Karaoke. Kelsie and Chuck also showed up late, they come here to play pool and Kelsie of course sings Karaoke. We met them one of the first nights we came here and I look forward to seeing them on Friday nights.

Well it was about 12:45 when the last of us left and luckily it wasn’t rain hard. It was a fun night and a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and as I am not sure I will be out before next Friday I will take this time to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. What a great day as we give thanks for all we have and for me it is all pf you. The friends I have met online and in person and in some way big or small you have all helped make me the person I am, a happy, self-confident and well-adjusted young lady. Thank you all.

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