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Friday after Thanksgiving with my friends

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It has been a long and busy week in many ways and in hind sight I had a good Thanksgiving even though I may not have thought that on Thanksgiving but now it was Friday night and time for Susan to get out with her friends and relax and have fun. It was almost 5:30 when I got home and started getting ready so I knew it would be a rush getting ready but on the bright side I knew the outfit I was going to wear which always makes it easier.

Now it was a really rainy day today so I was hoping I could park close when I got there at 7 but I actually had to park out on the street but luckily the rain had stopped briefly so I grabbed my umbrella ad walked to the door. Chris, Cristine, Victoria and Cassandra were there and it was great to see Cassandra as she has been working so much she has hardly been out for the last few weeks and she probably won’t be out again till January because of work and family coming to town. She actually have several family members staying with her and Peggy over the holiday so she hast to pack up all her Cassandra stuff and hide it as her wife Peggy knows about her and supports her all her stuff is spread out all over the house. This got me thinking about myself as I live alone ad I have stuff all over my house also. Now I won’t see her till after the first of the year but I will see her or her male self tomorrow as Cassandra in her male mode, Peggy and I in my male mode are going to see the play Mama Mia in Portland. It will be so much fun but as that is my male self it really shouldn’t be in Susan’s blog.

It always brightens my day and week when I get to see and spend time with my friends and we had a new girl named Alexis coming out tonight for her first time but she later texted me that she wouldn’t make it because of family issues and I know how that goes as we all have to deal with that when we are living double lives. Laura M. also made it and it was nice to see her again, we got a chance to sit and talk for a while which is always nice. She lives in a small town so she only goes out when she can come to Portland. Jamie Lee and her wife Kristen also made it tonight, she is one of our newer members and always good to see them out. I got to talk to both of them for a bit, I even tried to talk them into singing Karaoke with no luck. Now I am actually thinking of trying to sing by myself as I love Christmas music and I think I could do a few of them okay if I can work up my nerve.

Michelle and Christy also made it out tonight, well we knew Michelle would be here as she posted in the group she was in town for the Holiday and would be out. She moved to the Bay area of California a year ago for work and we really miss her as she was out a lot with the group so I think everyone was excited to see then again and of course I had to get a picture. They are such a cute and fun couple and I so enjoy seeing them again.

Jan and Lynn also made it out tonight which was nice, Jan works a lot this time of year, and I think we all do so it makes it nice when we can get together. We talked for a bit and we are still planning on doing Harvey’s next Saturday even though Cassandra can’t go so I will be posting that to the group tomorrow. That is always a fun night out. We had a great turnout tonight I think 12 girls in all.

Peggy even made it out tonight which was awesome and I got a chance to talk with her and of course a lot of it was about the play Mama Mia we are seeing tomorrow as we all love the movie and the songs of ABBA, yes I may be dating myself but what can I say. It was so nice to sit and chat with her and then we got into a conversation with Michelle, Christy and Victoria and we had so much fun. It still amazes me that as Susan I love to sit around and talk but that is not something my male self finds easy or fun to do. I think it is that as Susan I am more relaxed and more open and not on guard about my secret double life.

Now as we were talking this young lady came over and told me how cute my boots were and asked me where I got them. Now for the life of me I couldn’t remember but I told her I thought I got them at Sears or JC Pennies, I looked the next day in my blog and it turns out I got them at Burlington Coat Factory but I did see them at Pennies also so I was part right. Yes I wore my boots today partly because of the weather but mainly because my toes look so bad. I really need a pedicure or to redo my toenails, not something the average guy would worry about. I actually had an appointment this morning for a pedicure but had to cancel for family reasons and there was just no time for me to paint them before going out tonight. This next week I will have to get in for a pedicure or redo them myself as they really do look that bad plus I just really love getting a pedicure and who knows maybe I can get a manicure too for the holidays.

Well Karaoke started and there was a really good crowd here tonight. Chris and Lynn both sang and Lynn sang one of my favorite songs “Sitting on the dock of the bay” and she did a great job. Well I was still trying to talk a few of the girls who are just like me about singing into going up and singing. Well I told them they could sing the song “Walking around in Women’s underwear” it really is the song “Winter wonderland” with different words. I was amazed as most of them had never heard this song. Now I know a lot of people get tired of Christmas music or may not like it at all but for me I love it. One of the radio stations here in Portland went all Christmas music a week ago and I have been listening to it ever since.

It really was a fun night and I got to see all my friends both in our group and just in the bar here in general. Well about 11 our group started to break up as girls went home. It was almost midnight and it was down to just Chris and me again when we called it a night. Now luckily again as we left it wasn’t raining so I never did need my umbrella in my purse but I was glad I had it just in case as Susan does not like getting wet, it messes my hair and destroys my makeup. It was a really great night and a great way t start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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