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A cold Friday night out with friends

Well it is Friday and I am looking forward to a fun night out. The weather has been cold and we even had a little snow and freezing rain, not much but enough to say we had it and for this area it is early for this kind of weather. Now we are nowhere near as bad as other parts of the country. Now this is one of those differences between my male and female sides. My male side loves the snow which is strange as I don’t live in a place that gets a lot of snow but Susan on the other hand doesn’t for one simple reason. Susan loves cute little dresses and open toes shoe which are not suitable for cold weather.

Well I got off early so figured I would start getting read earlier and go out. I was ready by 6 tonight and on my way. I wore my grey sweater dress as it looks cute and still is warm. I did wear my open toed heels which look cute but are not warm cold weather shoes which I found out as my feet were cold all night, every time the door opened and that cold air rushed in on the floor but I looked good.

I got there with my computer and Chris and Cassie were there, Cassie in boy mode. It was good to see Cassie again and we got a chance to talk, she has a High School reunion coming up and she is thinking of going as Cassie. None of her old classmates know about this side of her so it would be interesting if she did. I would never be able to do this but it is fun to think about it. I mean what do you think some of my friends and old school mate would think if they met Susan. I am sure some would love her and some would hate her and from others I have talked to who have come out it is not always the ones you think. A couple of my friends told me a few of the ones they counted on that that they knew would be supportive were not and a few that they knew would write them off became their biggest supporters so you never know.

Being a crossdresser and only expressing this side of myself I have missed out on a lot of the female experiences but that was made up by my male side’s experiences. My life really does have good balance and I am happy and I have had a lot of good times and fun as Susan. I eve managed to have a first date as Susan in February of 2013 when I started dating Kim, she met me as Susan and going into our date that is the only way she knew me so I decided for our first date I would go as Susan and it worked out great and yes we are still seeing each other. I really do have the best of both worlds.

Well Cristine showed up a little later and we all ordered dinner, they had two really good specials tonight, ribeye steak or BBQ ribs, I went with the steak as I thought the ribs would be to messy and mess up my lipstick. Cristine got the ribs and they were so perfect she was able to pull the meat of the bones with a fork, the steak was good but now I wish I had gone for the ribs. Of course the food is always wonderful here. This is a fun place to come.

Barb and Stacy both showed up which was nice, I saw them both at the Halloween party but it was nice to see them again. Roxy also made it out after work so we had 7 out for the night which with the cold weather was good. There was a good crowd here tonight and the Karaoke group had a good turnout as they are done with a lot of their weekend activities now probably for the winter. Some of the girls played pool including Barb and Stacy, they actually played a couple games of doubles against another couple I think they were boyfriend / girlfriend as she did not have a ring on and I know Barb and Stacy one at least one of the games. It was nice as it gave them a chance to interact with them and they seemed fine with all of us. This is the great thing about going out as we get to meet people who might never meet a transgender person and give them the chance to see we are no different other than the way we present.

Well 10 o’clock came Karaoke started and Chris sang a few songs. It really is a fun night out and of course everyone here is awesome. Rachel and her wife Heather were here celebrating their anniversary and I got to talk with them and of course congratulate them. It is funny as I was talking to Rachel and Heather from the Karaoke group came over to say hi for me and it turns out they have never met even though they have been coming to the same bar for years which made me feel better as I still don’t know the names of some of the people I see a lot here and some I have even talked to. Funny having two Heathers there. I also talked with Heather for a while. She is really awesome and since she doesn’t get out as much lately it was nice to see her. I really have met some wonderful people as Susan, people I would never have met had it not been for this side of me.

Maraina (I hope I spelled that right) also made it. She is a member of the Karaoke group that Cassandra and I talked with several months back for a long time, turns out she is transgender and a few months back she came out to her friends and came here dressed as Maraina. Well I have seen her a couple times over the months as her male self but she has not come out dressed for a while, well she did tonight and she looked great and so happy. It appears her friends here are just as accepting of her as they are us. I got to talk with her for a little bit which was nice. It was a fun night.

It was almost 12 when I left, it was just Chris and I by this time and we both left. Now I knew it would be cold outside and it was as it was down to about 24 out so my legs and feet were cold till I got the car warmed up and the heat on. Sometimes it is tough being a girl but it is worth it. What a fun way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a fun and warm weekend.

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