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Halloween party 2014 at Cassandra and Peggy’s house, awesome

Well Saturday night November 1 and we are having our annual Halloween party at Cassandra & Peggy’s house. They host it every year and do an awesome job. Now I wasn’t thrilled with my costume but it would still be a fun night. This is me with Trixie and Julie, one of many pictures I will include.

Now I was going to pick Samantha, Cloe and her boyfriend for the party as they needed a ride plus it was nice to have someone else in the car with me to talk with. I picked them up at the Escape bar at 6 pm and we were on our way. It took about 45 minutes to get to Cassandra and Peggy’s house where the party was.

The part started at 7 but there were already people there when we got there. The first person I saw was Dan and he was disappointed I recognized him as he really did have a great costume. Now it was made easier as there really would not be a lot of men here tonight. Had I ran into him someplace else I wouldn’t have recognized him. This is me with Dan and Bianca, she had a great costume on also.

Now the house was incredibly decorated as always, Peggy did a great job as she always does. She starts the beginning of October getting the house already and puts in many hours and we all appreciate it. Peggy and Cassandra are so awesome for doing this every year. They cater the whole thing, food, drink, DJ, and prizes for costumes and ask nothing in return. They just want us to have a good time which we always do. They even had Paul the owner of Sweethome and one of his employee’s Debra here tonight to serve drinks. They are both really awesome. I didn’t think to get a Picture with Paul but I did with Debra.

Now there was so much food and it was all so wonderful and of course I had to have a little of everything well maybe not everything but it sure felt like I did as I ate to much as always. Peggy had these awesome meat balls and of course little Halloween cupcakes.

By 8 a lot of people had shown up and there is no way I could remember all of them so I am not going to even try. I did try to talk with everyone at one point or another and I think I got pictures of everyone that attended the party as I took 8o pictures plus Cassandra was also taking pictures so I am sure between the 2 of us no one was missed I hope.

Lilly also made it she is one of our newer members, her wife got sick and couldn’t make it so she brought a friend who knows about Lilly so I had to get a picture with them, this is me with Lilly and Mike. I joked with her and told her everyone thought Mike was her wife in costume.

We actually had several new members here tonight, a few of them this was their first time out which really make these parties fun as it gives them a safe place to go and get their feet wet in going out and hopefully they will go out more. One of the new girls was named Rebecca and she had a great costume. I got a chance to talk with her for a while, she wants to go out more but is nervous about getting out of her car and walking in someplace by herself and we have all been there. I told her about my first times going out and sitting in my car for an hour before I chickened out and went home. Kristy and Trish were also new members although Kristy did come out last night also.

Now no party would be complete without getting a picture with Kathy, she was dressed as a good witch. Well it was time for the Costume contest and we had some really good costumes. Some put some real thought and effort into their costumes. I think I liked Chris costume best as it was really original. He was the Land-o-lakes lady, Google it and look at the images. I should have gotten a picture with him and he did win most original costume.

They even had a dance contest and had prizes for that. I only saw a few of the people who danced and they all did great. Julie and Trixie won a prize for dancing. It was a really fun party, I am not sure how many people showed up but I would guess at least 70 and they all seemed to have a good time we even had some people there I had never met and I think I got a chance to talk with most of them. I love meeting new people.

Kim also made it tonight and she had on this really awesome Pirate costume. The funny thing is I got several pictures of her but I didn’t get one of the two of us. I am hoping someone else did as she really looked Cute

Now luckily tonight we set the clocks back an hour as daylight savings time ends so we get an extra hour of sleep which is good as I got up early today because I had to work and I had hoped to get off early enough to take a nap which didn’t happen. So I was getting tired. Here is my last picture. This is Mandy, Victoria and me.

It was about 12:45 when I left well Me, Samantha, Cloe and her boyfriend so I was thankful for the extra hour we get tonight as it will be an hour or more till I get home. They were all ready to leave by now too. It is always hard to leave and of course I had to go around and say goodbye to everyone.

It was just an awesome night and I want to Thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did. They are two awesome people and do so much for our group, I have made so many wonderful friend here and I love them all.

Happy Halloween and thanks for reading.

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Halloween night 2014

Well Halloween fell on Friday night this year and I just had to go out even though I couldn’t stay out late. Now I wanted to go out and of course I got to wear one of my old costumes and of course I chose my Wonder Woman Costume. I have always been a fan of Wonder Woman and I love the chance to be her.

I started getting ready early so I could go out early and tonight it worked. I got there by 6 pm and brought my computer. Chris was there and he had his computer also and was playing with his flight simulator. Chris also wore his costume which as really good. It is the one he is wearing to the Halloween party Saturday night so I won’t say what it is but it is original and that makes it really good. We are all looking forward to the party.

Well I ordered dinner early tonight as I wouldn’t be out that late. They had a Steak dinner as the special tonight and I ordered it and it was awesome. Rachael showed up she had contacted me to see if I would be out and that was the other reason I just had to make it tonight. I have known Rachael for many years, I met her when I first started going out and since she doesn’t get out often I had to make it out to see her and of course get a picture with her. We had a chance to talk and catch up which was really nice.

Cristine also made it tonight and she had on a cute costume also. We had a small group tonight which I figured as we have our big party tomorrow night and we will have a lot of our group out, we usually have 70 to 100 out for this party.

There were lots of people here tonight in costumes which was also fun as I loved to see all the great costumes. Even Paul the owner was in a costume. Besides me as Wonder Woman there was a Superman and a Batman here tonight.

It was a fun night and I was sad when I had to leave but I kept to my plan and left at 9 pm. Here is one last picture from the night. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween !

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Friday night Pre Halloween party fun

Well it was Friday night and normally we don’t go out the night before our big Halloween party which by the way we had a little issue with so I will mention that. We have a couple former disgruntled members “Kristy” and “Jennifer the girl” who have nothing better to do with their lives then follow our group and try to live vicariously through the fun and friendships we have made. This makes them so sad there only joy is attacking us in comments online, well Jennifer the girl has hit bottom and called the OLCC about our annual Halloween bash to try and ruin it for the group and those that will only go out to a private place, how sad and pathetic her actions are. Well not to worry Cassandra and Peggy talked with the OLCC and after a couple minor changes we are in complete compliance with the OLCC and the party will go on. Now I know what you are all thinking how we can be sure it was Jennifer the girl that turned us in, well in case she didn’t know the complaint is a matter of public record and we asked. Here is the e-mail we got from the lady at the OLCC. I did black out George’s last name as I am affording him Privacy but everyone in the group knows his name.

“Our whole goal is compliance with liquor laws. Our website is a great way to get information or you can contact me or the district inspector for your area if you have other questions.
I did find out who reported the complaint, “George Otanic“. Do you know him? As long as you are obeying the law you should have no problem.”

~Jackie P., Inspector

Well enough of that the Karaoke group and bar staff were doing a crossdress theme tonight and even asked if that would be okay and not offend us. We were all okay with it and a few of us thought we should go just so they knew we were okay with it and not staying away because of it. Besides it gave me and a couple others a chance to wear a second costume this year even if it was an old one. Yes you guessed it I wore my Wonder Woman costume; just think she is so sexy and hot. We got there early and it was really slow till about 8 when people started showing up and wow was it a fun night. We had a really good turnout for our own group maybe 15 or more and 5 of us wore costumes. Jan & Lynn showed up, Cassandra had text the as the bar tender Levi and one of the Karaoke guys needed a wig for their costume, easy thing to overlook, so they brought a couple for them to wear. It was such a blast and yes I have pictures which will be included at end.

It was such an awesome night and I got so many compliments on my costume, I even won 1st place in there costume contest. The people here at this bar are just so awesome and they love having us there. It is great and we all look forward to going there. Well must run as I have things to do before getting ready for tonight. I want at least 2 hours to get ready as my costume must look perfect so just in case I need to redo or change some things. You know what I mean girls. It will be such a fun night and a big thanks for Cassandra and Peggy and what they do to make such a wonderful night out for so many t-girls and for some girls this may be their only chance to get out.

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend.

This is Abigail and she was awesome at Karaoke

Susan, Levi & Jan

Our group with one of the Karaoke members in front

Well Abigail gave me a kiss so I had to return it.

Susan & Lorraine. She is awesome and so much fun.

Susan & Cassandra.

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Halloween night Party, one word awsome

Halloween night was awesome. My costume was great, I was Wonder Woman. It took some work but it was so worth it. I went to a party at Cassandra and Peggy’s house. They were so great to throw a Halloween party for all us T-girls. Peggy did a great job decorating their house, you two rock. On the way there I did stop at Albertson’s and picked up my veggie trays because I wanted to go shopping in my costume even if only for a few minutes. It was so fun. The party was just getting started when I got there so we started to take pictures, I favorite thing to do for t-girls. I have posted some on my flickr page. Maya and Bev even showed up which was so nice. They are so much fun.

Several of the t-girls even brought their wives and girlfriend with them. It is so nice to know that there are woman out there that not only tolerate but except and support cross-dressing. To all you ladies you are awesome and I can only hope I can be so lucky. It was nice to get to talk to everyone and get to know them better. Our group has gotten so big there are t-girls I haven’t met yet, or just barley know. My goal is to meet them all and get to know each and every one of them. Even Peggy’s friend Julie showed up in a cute fire fighter costume. It was nice to see her again and I got a chance to talk to her for a while. There were a lot of good and cute costumes there. I got second place in the costume contest which was so fun. Later on the bar tender gave out 4 garter belts to the cutes girls there and I was one of the lucky ladies along with Julie, Peggy and Brenda.

I had a great time and even got to meet Candy, a new member of our group. She is really nice and pretty and we seem to be a lot alike. We share a lot of the same feelings about dressing and why we do it. She is married and only came out to her wife a few weeks ago and yet her wife also seems to be okay with her dressing. I look forward to getting to know her better and maybe even meet her wife some night if she comes out with her. It was such a fun time and I lost track of how many people were there but I bet it was at least 50 or more.

I am so lucky to have found such good friends. You Are all so awesome and make it so much fun to be Susan and go out.

Thanks again Peggy and Cassandra for opening your house up to us for a wonderful party. You are the best.

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