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First Friday of November out with my friends

Well it has been another long and busy week for my male side and tonight is the first free night I have had so Susan is going out and I have been looking forward to it all week. It is amazing as no matter how busy or ruff my week is in my male life just knowing I can go out as Susan and looking forward to it makes it easy to get through the week, being Susan is my outlet and what makes me happy and relaxed.

Well I got home late so it was right into the shower with hopes of being ready by 6:30 which almost worked. I was driving out of my garage at 6:45 in my cute new dress and on my way. Now there was a delay getting there tonight as about 3 blocks away the police had one of the intersections closed, I am not sure why as I turned off as soon as I saw the backup and took back streets and it only delayed me a few minutes. Chris was already there as he gets here around 5:30 as he comes right from work, yes he doesn’t have to go home and transform himself.

Chris was playing pool so I sat down and got out my computer so I could check my Susan e-mails and Facebook, you know the important things in life right along with cute dresses, makeup and nails. Debra brought me a drink, she is one of the awesome employees here and also helped Paul at our Halloween party. Jodi was at the bar, she also works here but was off now so I went over and said hi to her. This really is a friendly little neighborhood bar.

Well Cristine, & Julie showed up and it was nice to see them. It is not often when Julie can get out on a Friday night so it was good to talk with her as my going out on Wednesdays are not that much better than her Friday nights out. We had an enjoyable talk and it is funny as it would not have been as much fun just sitting around as guys even though I was not really aware of how I was dressed. I really think it is the mindset I have as Susan as I have said before most of the time I am out I am not even thinking about how I am dressed which in a way is a little scary. I use to get such a rush being out as Susan and now it seems so natural. I now worry what if I run into someone I know in my male life while I am out would I without thinking go up and say hi before I thought about who I was tonight. Julie and I think a lot alike, we both see no need to tell everyone about us as not everyone needs to know. This is only part of who we are. I feel if I don’t intend to be Susan around you than you really don’t need to know about Susan, right? I don’t discuss golfing with friends who don’t golf so why discuss Susan with people who will probably never meet r see Susan.

Roxy, Petra and Michelle all showed up. It has been a while since Petra and Michelle have been out so it was great to see them. Michelle is always smiling and laughing and always has a good time. Jamie Lee also came out tonight in boy mode with her wife Christine, she just joined our group the Rose city T-girls but was having trouble logging in. the changes they have made to the Yahoo groups the last couple years to make it more compatible with cell phones really make it not as good. Well I got out my computer and we spent about 10 minutes and I got her so she can get into the group now so hopefully she will be able to see where and when we go out and join us out as Jamie. Well we got to talk with Jamie and Christine for a while and they seem nice. They didn’t stay late as they were on their way home and just stopped in to meet a few of us.

Maya and Darla made it out tonight which was a wonderful surprise. It has been so long since they have been able to get out with us. They are really awesome people and I wish they could get out more. And of course we gave each other hugs. That is probably the most enjoyable part of Susan and females are free to give each other hugs. If you see two woman out in public and they hug no one thinks anything of it but f two men hug there are all kinds of remarks. As Susan I am free to hug anyone and I always do. In our group almost all of us give hugs when we meet and leave which is nice as it is proven that hugs reduce stress and help you live longer.

Well Rachel, Heather and Kelsie showed up which was nice as it has been a while since they have been here. They are friends of the group and as a matter of fact it was Rachel who recommended this place after we were kicked out of the P-club, she talked to Paul the owner about our group and he invited us to his place and we have been coming here on Friday night since. It was nice to see them again and talk with them. Kelsie is the first person I sang Karaoke here with, Kelsie loves singing karaoke and is good at it but most of all she has fun. While I was talking to Kelsie Michelle grabbed my hand and I lost a nail which I found on the floor. Kelsie said something about nail glue and I told her I didn’t use glue instead I used a double sided indoor outdoor mounting tape so I can reuse my nails. The ones I have on tonight I have worn maybe 20 time or more. She liked the idea as where she works she can’t have long nails or even wear nail polish how sad. Anyway I told her about how I do my nails so I thought I would put a link to my blog “Tips for beautiful nails“. I really have met some wonderful people going out as Susan which is awesome. Kelsie’s boyfriend Chuck also made it tonight so I got to talk with him for a while too. I really like the social part of going out, in my male life I keep kind of to myself for fear people will find out about my secret life but as Susan I feel free to go out and meet people.

Well Karaoke got going and of course Chris sang and did great. Rachel, Kelsie and even Heather sand tonight and all of them did great. It was a really fun evening and of course as it got later and girls started to leave there were more hugs as this is how girls say goodbye and how I get my weekly dose of hugs.

It was a smaller crowd here tonight as the other big group that comes here on Friday nights had something else going on this weekend but it was still a fun crowd. It was almost 12:30 and Chris and I were the last of our group to leave.

Thanks for reading and have a great week and remember to be happy have good friends and love ones, and have something in your life you love to do and can look forward to, that is what makes a happy life, all the other things in life are second.

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