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End to a long week what better way to start a weekend then with friends

Well it has been a long and busy week filled with short nights and not much sleep on my male side so I was really tired when I got home today and really thought about not going out tonight so you know I was tired. I got home from work and took about an hour nap and then decided to go out at least for a little while and I am glad I did. Well with the nap and a little slower getting ready it was almost 7 when I left home and again didn’t wear the dress I had set out to start with.

I got to Sweet Home about 7:15 and Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were already there and Laura showed up right after I did so we had a good group already. We all ordered dinner and sat and talked while watching the Portland Blazer play in game 6 of the NBA finals. Roxy showed up for a while and watched the game with us also. It was a great game and in the end they were down by 2 points with just .9 seconds in the game and they inbound the ball and the guy who got the ball shot a 3 pointer right at the buzzer and it went in to win the game. What a shot and way to end a game and advance to the next round of the NBA finals. The whole bar erupted into cheers and high 5’s and I even got several hugs as everyone was hugging everyone else. It was really exciting and I am not that big of a Basketball fan.

Melissa and Mikaela also made it tonight which was awesome. Melissa moved to California so we only see her when she comes up here on business. From left to right is Melissa, Susan and Mikaela what a fun night. It was great to see Melissa and get to talk with her as the last time I saw her was on our way home from Diva Las Vegas in Long Beach California when we went to Hamburger Mary’s. That was such a fun trip. We talked about how things were going for her in California and she seems to like it down there, the traffic down there would drive me crazy so I am happy where I am.

Well it was great to see Mikaela and talk with her, she is the reason I have pictures as she wanted to get some and I again didn’t think of it. I guess over the years I have gotten so many pictures of Susan (yes in the thousands) that I just don’t think about it anymore, actually I don’t even really think about the fact I am out dressed as a girl. I am just me out having fun and it doesn’t matter as Susan is such a natural part of my life and who I am as my male side. So thankful Mikaela got some picture as I really do love getting pictures. This is a close up she took of us that I thought turned out well.

We had a great time and talked about Diva Las Vegas, Mikaela was going to go but time off from her work just didn’t work with the dates this year for Diva Las Vegas although she is planning on going next year which myself and several of the other girls are planning on going again as it is so much fun. We had a great time and Mikaela and I are talking about trying to get together one day to go shopping if our work schedules ever work out.

Well after the game they got the Karaoke going and the bar was pretty packed which was nice. I like it when there are lots of people around. It is nice to be able to interact with all kinds of people and just be accepted for who I am and not for how I look or dress unless of course they are telling me I am pretty. Lauren also showed up, it has been a while since she has been out with the group. She is busy with her schooling and has just started hormones so things are good with her.

Well one more picture, from left to right Cassandra, Mikaela, Susan and Melissa. What a pretty group of ladies. So glad Mikaela remembered to get pictures of us. Well as I said I have had little sleep this week and by about 11:30 I was done so I paid my bill and called it a night. What a great way to start the weekend and of course I will be out again on Saturday night to go to Harvey’s Comedy club with my friends, I even bought a new dress a few weeks back that I have been saving for this night which was hard. Having a pretty new dress and not wearing it is hard. I do promise to get pictures Saturday night though as I have to have one in my new dress.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend


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