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Out with friends at Sweet Home

Well it has been another long and busy week again for my male side and there was no time for Susan so I was really looking forward to tonight, a chance to get out of the house and have some fun with my friends. A girl needs a night out and that is Friday for me. I really think it is important to have something you love and can look forward to as that I think keeps you healthy and happy and for me that is my Susan time. I can put all the problems or issues in my male life behind me and for a few hours be Susan, someone who has no issues or problems.

I got there a little after 7 and their parking lot was empty except for Chris truck but then again their parking lot only holds 6 cars. Chris was the only one from our group there so far and there were maybe 10 other people there so it was a quiet start to the night. I sat down with Chris and ordered dinner and we talked for a bit.

Danielle and Kelly were there, these are friends we met back when we went to the P-club and they are awesome. They both quit smoking a little over 3 weeks ago and are still smoke free, I am so proud of them for quitting, I have friends who smoke or have quit and they all tell me how hard it but I tell them if you want it bad enough you can do it and I am sure they will be successful as this s something they want to do which I think is the key. Danielle has an app on her phone that tells her how much money she saves, most people I don’t think realize how much they spend on smoking. At a pack a day and if that pack cost you $6 that is $42 a week or $2190 a year plus all the health benefits of not smoking. Yes you may have guessed I am a non-smoker and would love to see all my friends quit as I really do care about them and want them in my life as long as possible. Kay I got off topic here so I will bring it back to my Friday night out.

Cassandra and Cristine showed up and shortly after Petra so we had a small group there but still fun. We talked a little about our golf tournament we are having the end of the month, we have 16 signed up to play. Cassandra is collecting money for it which reminds me I need to pay her but she does this as in any group you get those who will sin up and then something comes up and well you know and as we have made reservations for tee times it is important that everyone shows up. It will be so much fun. It is a little harder golfing as a girl but way more fun.

Well we played some pool and yes this week I did play. I played a game against Cassandra and it was a good game. She broke and didn’t sink any balls so on my turn I actually almost ran the table. I sunk 5 of my 7 balls in a row but then with all her balls on the table I couldn’t get shots at my remaining balls. In the end I had a really hard shot on the 8 ball and almost made it but by missing I left Cassandra and easy shot on her last ball and then she had an easy shot on the 8 as I left it right in front of the corner pocket so she won but it was probably one of my best games so I was happy.

Some of the regulars came over and talked with us which I really like. Two of them a couple from the bar Ricky and Coleen kept coming over and talking to us, they thought we were great and pretty which every girl loves to hear, now they had been drinking but still it counts.

A little later Marla and Jamie showed up for a little while. It was cool as I think the last time I saw them was the Halloween party so it has been a while. It was great to talk with them for a while and catch up. Both of them looked great and Marla had this really cute short skirt on.

Monica and another girl showed up and I feel so bad as I can’t remember her name, another blonde moment. It was good to talk with them also and they also only stayed a little while but still good to see them.

Well Karaoke started and we were having a good time. A new girl walked in and she looked kind of familiar but it took me a while. She is one of the Karaoke group that had talked with Cassandra and me several months ago about how she felt and her desire to dress. Well in short she came out to her friends and she came out as a female tonight, I guess she also came out while we were in Las Vegas to but this was the first time I have seen her and she looked awesome. One of her female friends from her group did her makeup and did an awesome job. She looked great and so happy. I am so happy for her as she doesn’t have to hide this anymore. I talked to her for a bit and it seems all her friends are supportive of her which is great but then they have all been so wonderful to our group it is no surprise, they really are a fun and awesome group. She gave me her female name she picked out and said she was on Facebook but again being late and blonde I couldn’t remember how she spelled it so I was unable to find her so I will have to have her spell it again for me or give her my card so she can find me.

Well it was midnight and one by one all my friends left so I was the last of our group still there. I went up and paid my bill and got talking to Jessica who is one of the Karaoke group and really nice. We talked for maybe 10 minutes, it was just a really fun night out and a great way to start the weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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