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Out with my friends as May comes to an end

Wow it is amazing how fast time is going by. It is the end of May already and summer is here, it was 2 months ago when we were at Diva Las Vegas. Well tonight I was once again going to Sweet Home to spend times with my wonderful friends. Now I actually only had to work a half of day so I was going to go out early as I know Chris and Cassandra get to Sweet Home sometimes as early as 4 and play on their computers and I figured why not, I have gone to Starbucks and played on my computer. Any way I started getting ready at 4:15 with the hope of being out of my house by 5:30. Now of course being a nice sunny warm day there is always a greater chance my neighbors will be outside the earlier it is.

I was ready to leave at 5:40 so not bad and it turns out one of my neighbors wasn’t even home yet and the others were all inside. Wow sunny and 80 out if I wasn’t going out tonight I would have been outside enjoying the weather, but in this case it was okay with me as I drove out through my neighborhood. I got to Sweet Home right at 6 and with my computer in had went inside. Chris, Cassandra and Cristine were all there and they all had their computers put, seems Cristine had the same idea I did so here we sit in the bar all playing on our computers. Now we knew no one else would probably show up till after 7 so we took up the whole table, 4 computers, and computer bags and of course 4 purses. The middle of the table was just this big pile. Well the first hour actually went by really fast and soon it was after 7. We had ordered dinner and knew it would be coming out soon so most of us put our computers away.

Well it wasn’t long and others started to show up and we actually had a big group tonight so to make it easier I am going to just try to name them all instead of as they come in. Jan, Lynn, Melissa, Shawna, Roxy, Julie, Cassie and her cousin, Veronica, Joan, Racheal and her friend Emmy (I hope I got that last one right) and Jerri Lynn a friend of mine from Canada who e-mails me when she is in town. Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Well with this big of a group we took up out 2 normal tables and a couple were at the bar while others played pool and yes tonight I did play a couple games of pool. I won the first one against Julie and then lost the next one to Bobby. This was my bad game as I was on the 8 ball while Bobby still had 5 balls to go and I just could not sink the 8 ball, I probably had 12 shots at it and some were easy although by my shot they obviously weren’t. My last shot at the 8 ball was awesome as I had to bank it off the side and I actually sunk it but the cue ball also went in so I scratched and lost but had fun.

We talked about golf some as several of us are golfing tomorrow although Julie is golfing with some of her male friends as a male not as much fun as golfing as a girl and wearing cute outfit. It was great to see Julie out on a Friday night and spend time with her just chatting, I think we both like the girl talk as we did get on the subject of clothes and makeup a couple times.

I also got to talk with Melissa and her wife Shawna, they first came out with the group last Sunday so they got to meet more of the group tonight. They seem really nice and they are planning on going out to Harvey’s Comedy club with us which will be fun as that is such an awesome night out.

I also met Rachael and her friend Emmy for the first time, she has just moved here to Portland so it was nice to talk with her and get to know little about her. Now I notice that when we have knew people we all want them to feel welcome but what happens is we all start asking them questions, now we do find out a lot about them but I don’t think they learn that much about us so it is kind of one sided so I will have to work on this so it is more about getting to know each other and not so much like a interrogation. I learned a lot about Rachael and her friend but probably all they know about me is my name if they can remember with all the people they met. I mean I only had to remember 2 name Rachael and Emmy and I am not even 100% sure I got Emmy right where they had maybe 13 of us to remember.

There was a GG girl sitting at the bar by herself and I am not sure who in our group started talking with her but she seemed really seemed really nice and I think at one point or another all of us talked with her. Her name was Toni and Cassandra probably talked with her the most. From the sounds of it she may join our group, we were telling her about some of the things our group does and including going to Harvey’s next weekend and she thought that would be fun so she may go to that also.

The Karaoke group was there again and Heather was there. It has been several weeks since I have seen here as she has missed a few Friday nights so it was good to talk with her. I actually like the interaction we have with the other people here so it is not just our group socializing with ourselves. We have actually come to know many of the regulars and consider them friends and part of our expanded group.

Well Karaoke started and of course Chris and Lynn both sang and did great. It was a fun night but as it got later some of our group started to leave which is always sad as it points to the end of a wonderful night. I left about midnight as I am going golfing tomorrow and need to leave my house by noon which for my male self would be easy but Susan will need time. Yes I will be doing a full makeup and have to pick out just the right outfit so that will take an hour or so plus I need time to write this blog before I go plus a couple things I need to do which means I need to be up by 8 am. Boy it is tough being a girl but so much fun.

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