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Friday 1-21-11 at the P-Club

Well Friday night came and Susan was already to get out with her friends at the P-club. This is now our regular Friday night place to go. The employees there are so wonderful to us and even the customers treat us well, as a matter of fact the more we go there the more we get to know them and most of them treat us just like any other regular there. We had a good group about 12 to 15 of us there. It seems we always have a good turnout of Friday nights but Wednesday still seems the night most of the girls get out, of course as this girl has to work early during the week Friday is my night out with the group. I was talking with Cassandra and we are amazed that Saturday is not a bigger night as you would think that would be the night everyone gets out. I guess we do things a little different here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Anyway I started off playing pool and won my first game, well actually Robin scratch on the eight ball but still it was a win. The next two games I won and yes I sunk the eight ball right where I called it. The last game I played was the closest as we were both on the eight ball and I had a really hard shot that I knew I could not make but went ahead and tried. I missed like I knew I would but in doing so I moved the eight ball out by the pocket and the cue ball was lined up so it was a straight shot in. I guess I should have just tapped the eight ball but it was fun and I had a good time.

They had the shuffle board game leveled this past week so we could play it and we all did. Seems someone had spilt a drink on the table and it was cleaned up but the silicon sand on the tables some of which was damp made the table very inconsistent. Sometimes the puck would just stop like it hit a wall and other times it would slide all the way to the end so it was really hard to get it just right. Broke and I played as a team and won the first game, it was close. The second game we lost but we had so much fun.

A couple of the girls played ping pong, I was going to but the heels I wore 4″ were not good for that plus by the time I thought about it I had been on my feet for a couple hours and really wanted to sit down. Several of our girls spent a lot of time on the dance floor, they are our group’s dancers and they are really good at dancing. So funny as most of the GG’s there love dancing with them. Wilma brought her chess board so her and I sat at the table and played a couple games. I lost both but we had so much fun and it has been probably 6 to 8 years sense I played chess. After that Wilma went to dance so Maya sat down and we played a game of chess, this time I won so I felt pretty good. Funny one of the girls walked over and said, “Now that’s something you don’t see in a club”. I guess she was right as I doubt many people go to a club like this and play chess but then we are not like most people, we play by our own rules which is why we go out.

We met several new people at the bar that came over and talked to us. Cassandra I think talked to them first as she is so awesome at this. She can put people so at ease and in a few minutes they are talking like they have been friends for ever. Several of the girls that talked to us and even a couple of their boyfriends were totally okay with us. One even plans on coming again next Friday when we are there. I really think our being out so much in mainstream places is helping to make people more comfortable with us and educating them as to who we are.

Saturday night’s Cass got tickets to Harvey’s Comedy club so 6 to 8 of the girls are going. I can’t make it this time, so I am little sad about that as we always have so much fun there. I know they will have so much fun though and next time I will make it. Well I have things that need to be done which Susan can’t help me with so I will sign off. Not sure when or if I will make it out this week but if I do it will be here in my blog. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Susan

    Sounds like another good night out and I’m glad you have found a new home that welcomes you. I’d enjoy a games evening as Tina, but don’t know any round here, but as you say Ping Pong in heels might be difficult!!

    Tina xx


    Comment by TinaCortina | January 29, 2011 | Reply

    • We were talking about that last night. It seems so many of the girls really like the P-Club just because there is so much available to do. Really makes for a fun night out.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | January 29, 2011 | Reply

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