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New Years Eve with friends

Well Susan did go out for a few hours Friday night for New Years but I was a good girls and left right at 10 pm like I said. Well it was really about 10:15 as it took so long to say goodnight to everyone and wish them a Happy New Years. I cannot believe how many from our group was out last night. We had girls all over the place playing pool, ping pong and shuffle board it was hard to count but would guess more than 30. There were several new girls out for the first time and it was nice to meet them and I really did try to at least talk with everyone at some point but I think I missed a couple as we were all moving around so much. It was way too much fun and even though I am dead tired tonight but it was so worth going out last night. Besides I have gone out the last two years and spent it with my best friends and it would not have been the same. I played a couple games of shuffle board, Peggy and I were partners and we won the first game and then we lost the second but we had a fun time.

I also wanted to show off my new wig. My other blonde wig is several years old and starting to look a little ragged so I tried to get a new on but as it turns out they don’t make it which is sad as I really liked it. My new wig I like the style and it is a lot longer but looks good just a little more blonde so it may take a little getting used to the color. I thought about wearing my red dress but thought it might be a little too much so I went with my white skirt and pink top but some of the girls were really dressed up in beautiful dresses so I wish I had wore the red dress. I will have to remember that for next New Years Eve. There were lots of pictures taken all night long as we all love to have our picture taken. I thought I would include two of the pictures. The first is just me. The second is me with Jennifer. She had on this beautiful strapless dress.

It was a really fun night but it went way to fast. It was time to go home so I had to say bye to everyone. It was strange to be leaving before anyone else as I am usually in the last group to leave. We had enough girls there that were not drinking to make sure everyone got home safe. I hope they know how much the group appreciates them being designated drivers and making sure everyone got home safe.

Now we start a new year and I know it will be a good one. I wish you all the best and hope this is your best year ever.


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  1. Thank you so much for the compliment on the dress! As you know, you are my hero, so any compliment from you means a lot to me! 🙂 I bought that dress for only $15 at an after Christmas sale at Deb at the Lloyd Center Mall. It was 75% off! It’s my new favorite dress, and it’s the least expensive one that I own! Imagine that. It was my first strapless dress, and it has inspired me, because I’ve since purchased another strapless one to wear on Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait!


    Comment by Jennifer | January 10, 2011 | Reply

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