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Last Friday of September out with friends

Well it is the last Friday night of September and I was looking forward to a fun night out with my friends. What better way to start a weekend. Well the weather here is changing and this weekend hey are calling for lots of rain and wind and so that means I have to get my wrap out of the closet to wear tonight.

Well I started getting ready early as I hoped to be out by 6:30 but things never go the way you want. I have been really experimenting with darker eye shadow trying to get that Smokey eye look and I am getting better at it as dark colors take more effort to blend. Well in my hast to get going I forgot to put face powder on and when I got all down I had fallout on ,y cheeks and under my eyes and you can’t just brush that away so I had to remove my foundation from under my eyes and redo that and my blush. As with all makeup mistakes they can be fixed just takes a little more time so my hopes of getting out early didn’t pan out.

I still got there just a little before 7 and found a parking spot right in front. Cassandra was already inside and for a little bit is was just us, she had her laptop. She was working on our yahoo group, seems Yahoo did a major overhaul, I won’t call it an upgrade as it is o where near as good as it was before, and things don’t work or they are way harder to do things. We are not sure what Yahoo was thinking when they made this change but we are hoping whatever drunk employee did this will sober up and they will go back to the way it was.

Well it wasn’t long and Amy and Kelli showed up, it was great to see them. Amy will be moving to Seattle the end of November which is great for her as she will be closer to her family but sad for us as we will not see her as much but she did promise to come down and see us and hang out with the group. She even took a picture of Kelli and me such a cute picture. If I had been thinking I would have gotten a picture with Amy, will have to make sure I get some pictures with her before she moves.

Well Kim showed up and it was great to see her, I chose my maroon dress tonight because it is one of her favorites and I wanted to look good for her. We had a good time and got a chance to talk, such a perfect night.

Melissa and Cristine were the next to show up also Jerri Lynn was able to join us. She lives out of state but comes through Portland about once or twice a year. She actually contacted me through my blog about coming out with the group. The first time we were going to meet was the Friday after we got kicked out of the P-Club so that got canceled but she has kept in tough when she is in town and this is her second or maybe third time being able to meet up with us on a Friday night, how great is the internet. It was good to see her again and talk.

Diane, Robyn, Monica and another T-girl showed up so we actually had a pretty good turnout tonight considering the weather, t-girls melt in the rain well their makeup does at least. The Karaoke group had another function to go to tonight so most of them were not there but it was still a good crowd. Blue one of their group was there and she hung out with us most of the night. It is so cool the friends we have made with the other people here, we are not just secluded in our own little group or world but we get to interact with everyone here and that is really cool. I actually did get up and sing once tonight but not by myself, Blue sang a song I knew and she talked me into singing with her, of course it wasn’t very crowded tonight.

It was such a fun night and we stayed out way too late. I think it was Cassandra, Robyn and me were the last of our group to leave and it was after 2 am so it was a really late night for this girl but way to much fun. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend

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Friday night out with my friends and the loss of Carol one of our sisters

Well again it has been another long week for my male side but I think things will begin to slow down a little now. Now the week has had some sad news as one of our group members Carol passed away the end of August, we found out from her daughter who posted it to our group from Carol’s e-mail account. Now as sad as the news was we are all glad her daughter reached out to us as too many times we in the trans community lose touch with friends we have made and never really know what happened to them as we all tend to be very secretive even with the friends we have made and I know I am no exception. I have some friends that I consider some of my best friends and yet they really know very little about me. I guess what I am saying is we should all have a few really close friends / family that we can share all of ourselves with.

Any way as I said her daughter reached out to our group and we are thankful for that. Carol was a good friend, she didn’t get out much with the group as she lived over an hour away from Portland but she was still part of our family and like all families some you see all the time and some only at holidays or special events but they are still family and loved. Now I from the e-mail her daughter sent Carol’s children were a little shocked when they were going through her stuff and came across Carol and the pictures and I can only imagine how hard that was for them. The one thing she did say was Carol looked so happy in her pictures and they were grateful that she had friends she could share this part of her life with. Their biggest regret was that Carol never shared this part of her life with them as they would have love to get to know her. It would be so awesome if her daughter who contacted us or even any of her children could come out one night with us and meet Carol’s family the Rose City T-Girls. I was trying to think and I think the last time I saw Carol was in May she had come out with the group and we both walked across the street to Walgreens as we both needed lipstick, turns out red was both of our favorite color of lipstick, something I will remember in part to my blog form that night. Carol will be missed deeply.

I think as we get older we think more about our own mortality and what will happen. I know I have thought about what my family would think going through my house and what all they would find, Makeup, dresses, wigs, heels and all the picture of Susan, would they be shocked, disgusted, ashamed, okay with it. I hope that just like Carol’s children I would hope that in the pictures and my blog they could see how happy I am and what awesome friends I have made as Susan and that would be what they remember.

Well we have a lot going on this weekend for our group so I was not sure how many would be out tonight. Actually Cassandra was the only one there when I showed up but it wasn’t long and Cristine and Bobby arrived but that would be it for a while. We also knew that the Karaoke group would not be there as I think he were all doing a renaissance fair this weekend so it would be a slower night. Well it was after 9 before others started to show up from our group. Melissa, Mikaela, Victoria and Diane.

It was great to see Diane again and what a great surprise. She actually lies on the East Coast and get to Portland every couple months. She had just been to SCC (Southern Comfort Conference) which is probably the biggest Transgender event in the world and is held in early September. I have never been to this as the time, distance and cost have never worked out for me. Actually the only transgender event I have been to is Diva Las Vegas which is in the spring so easier for me to go plus this event is more of a vacation than an event or conference. This one is so much fun as what better place than Las Vegas. A few others I know of is Esprit which is usually in early May in Port Angeles Washington in the beautiful Northwest and Pink Fest which is in Chicago in October so there are events all around if you are looking for a place to express your feminine self. Anyway it was great to see Diane and catch up with her.

I also got a good chance to talk with Mikaela, she has really come a long way since she came out last May, she has told several of her co-workers and also any Girl she goes out with. Wow even now I could not be that open about myself, you go girl. Well of course we had to get a picture of us. She had this really cute wig blonde on top with black underneath plus she had these really awesome heels. We talked for a bit and she is going to Harvey’s with the group Saturday night which is always fun. I will miss it as I am golfing again. It really is amazing as we will have 16 to 20 for Harvey’s and 7 of us golfing which means we could almost 30 of us out on a Saturday night, yes we are golfing at night they have what they call glow ball where you golf with glow in the dark balls in the dark. I guess they do have glow sticks to mark the fairway and greens and also on the flag but it will be so much fun. 4 of us are actually golfing 18 holes in the afternoon and then also that night so it will be a long day for Susan. I can remember a few years back if we could get 5 t 7 out to a Trans Club we were doing great.

Well I also got to talk with Melissa for a bit. Turns out she was already to leave her apartment but 2 of her neighbors were right outside talking and pretty much blocking her doorway. Now we have all been there I can remember watching out my window all dressed up just waiting for my neighbors to go back inside. Once I waited for over an hour and you do feel like you are trapped. Well Melissa finally just walked out and said hi to them and kept going which took a lot of courage as know they know about Melissa but it will make it easier in the future. Well Melissa took Mikaela and me outside to show us her new car, it was very nice but I told her she should have gotten a pink car. I wonder if you could buy a hot pink car.

Anyway it was a fun night, but as I was really tired didn’t sleep well last night I only made it till midnight. It is unusual for me to leave earlier than the rest but I Susan needed some beauty sleep. Well we did get one group picture before I left. Cristine got cut in half, than Susan, Mikaela, Melissa, & Cassandra. What a fun night

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Awesome Friday night, 2 Birthday’s and close to 50 of our group showed up.

Well the day started off good as the weather was fantastic. Clear blue skies and about 75 degrees out and after all the cool rainy weather we were all ready for it. So as I was deciding what to wear and looking out at the sun it was an easy choice, my white skirt and purple top. Well I got to the P-club at 7:30 and Melissa was the only one there and she had 2 fabulous looking cakes and a bunch of balloons for the birthday girl.

I joined her and we talked and wondered how many would show up, now normally we have a few there between 7:30 and 8:30 and then the others start showing up but on this particular Friday night they started to show up by 7:45 and I bet by 8 we had 25 from our group there. Tonight I will refer to our group instead of T-Girls because this was also our GG night where we try to get as many wives, girlfriend, friends of the T-girls to come out and join us. Around 9:30 I tried to count how many we had there and as we were spread over the whole place it was hard but I counted 43 and I am sure I missed some plus a few more showed up later so I know we had at least 50 there at one point or another during the evening. It was great to see so many out as we wanted a big turn out as it was Peggy’s birthday hence the cake and balloons. Well as it turns out it was also Siobhan birthday so we got to celebrate two birthdays and yes their birthdays were Friday June 17.

We had several new people there. One was a new member of our group and one was just a T-girl who had heard we met at the P-Club on Friday nights and came out to join us, I hope she will join the group. Heather also brought her Sister Kristen. Heather is Melissa friend and has been coming out with us more and more, by the way Melissa, Heather and Kristen are all GG’s. You all rock for supporting us. We also had a few that have not been out for a while, Danielle who is in town for a few months, Mandie and Jamie who have not been out for a while and Nadine and Wendy, now Nadine and Wendy did come out a couple weeks ago but Wendy was in boy mode but tonight Wendy was there. It was so great to see and talk to them again.

Diane was in town, she is one of our members who lives in North Carolina now but still comes to Portland once a month for business and always comes out with the group so it was great to see her again. She and I played partners in shuffle board and we did awesome. We won four games in a row, in one of the games Diane scored 12 on one turn and the next game I scored 13 on one turn which is awesome as normally if you score 5 or 6 it is a great turn. Well after fourth game we took break so we were undefeated for the night.

Later on we got Peggy and Siobhan together and got some pictures of them as they were the birthday girls and the whole group sang happy birthday to them, nothing says party like 40+ T-girls all singing happy birthday you could hear us through the whole place. Then it was time to cut the cake. The cake was awesome, big thanks to Melissa for baking them. Now the good thing was with so many of us there the pieces were small so all us girls could have a small piece.

After wards we got all the GG’s together, now normally GG refers to genetic girl but in this case we also included genetic guys as we had 3 of our male admirers there. Now I am going to make my best guess at the name of all of them but again with so many I am sorry if I miss someone or worse get a name wrong but after all I am blonde. We had Peggy, Melissa, Heather, Kristen, Kate, Nadine, Darla, Penelope, Rita, Lynn, Bob, Dan & Jim. I know I missed someone as I think I counted 15 GG’s there. It is so great that they come out and not only support our group but actually enjoy coming out with us, how cool is that. They are all so awesome and we love them all.

There were 3 college girls who came to the P-Club last night. They had never been there before but stopped in. They spent most of the time they were there with our group, they thought we were great. They all really loved Diane as they were always with her. We even taught them how to play shuffle board and of course got some pictures. They were so awesome and we had a great time.

Later on as the night wound down and people started to leave I was finally able to sit as we had so many of our group there not everyone could sit if you wanted to stay with the group. This was nice as I got a chance to talk to Robin and Kate as they were at the same table, Kate is Robin’s wife and comes out with her every once in a while. Penelope also was by the table so we all just talked for a while and had a good time. Jamie came over and joined us also. Jamie and I talked about Diva Las Vegas and how much fun I had. I tried to talk her into going but she still has two more years of school so she can’t make it next year but maybe in a few years she can go. Of course once I sat down then I really started to get tired but was having too much fun to let a little sleepiness get in the way.

The whole night was so much fun and we were all sad to see it come to an end. Even Peggy stayed till after 1 am which is late for her but it was her birthday so why not stay and have fun. Well it was finally time to call it a night and we all wished Peggy a happy Birthday one last time and then we all headed home. What a super fun night

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Friday night with friends at P-Club.

Well I have been looking forward to Friday night with my friends all week as I had to miss last week because of work so I was ready and out the door a little early. I got to the P-Club about 7:20 and was the first one there. I was only there about 10 minutes by myself before others started to show up. The first were Sophia and her wife Lorna. Sophia joined the group a couple weeks back and last Friday was her first time out with the group but of course I was not there so didn’t get to meet here. The three of us sat and talked and got to know each other. They are really nice and Lorna is totally excepting of Sophia which is awesome.

I ordered dinner as I was hungry and they really do have good food there. I ordered the chicken strips which I like. Jan was giving me a hard time about the fried food and not being good for you. So I explained to here why I chose that. As a guy my main reason I choose the food I do is because I like something and although Susan does the same but there is one little added decision that really dictates what I order. Can I eat it without messing up my lipstick to bad. So when I order I only look at things I can eat with grace and not mess up my lipstick, the and only then do I look for what I like. Susan has priorities. Everyone thought that was funny. The best part is when Jan’s order came it was a hamburger and fries so she also didn’t pick the most healthy items either.

Siobhan showed up. She is one of my friends but she has not been able to get out for over a year so it was so great to see here again. She will be able to get out a couple more times the she will be out of town do to her work for several months so it was great to see her again and talk with her. She is even more of a photo girl then I am so of course we had to get pictures. She is so photogenic and always dresses and looks perfect. She always wears these cute high heels with the thinnest spiked heel I have ever seen, she loves shoes and I would bet she has more than most GG’s do. The ones she had on were 5″ heels .I have some 4″ heel I love but I don’t think I could do the 5″ but maybe someday I will have to try. I have included a picture of her you can see all her pictures on her Facebook page. Everyone was happy to see her again and she got to meet some of the newer members. I had really hoped she would get to meet Jennifer as she is so much fun but Jennifer was unable to make it.

Some of the girls played pool and shuffle board and even a few danced. I was so busy socializing and chatting with people I didn’t play one game of shuffle board. I can’t remember the last time I was there and didn’t play at least one game of pool or shuffle board. I still had a great time just chatting. Well as I said I got lots of pictures last and went through them and some were really good so I also have to post one of me, my blog so my picture. I got 8 pictures with me in them, 7 just me and one with Rita and me and what I noticed is that although I look good in all of them when it is just myself in the picture I tend to look a little stiff but when there is someone else I tend to look more relaxed and not sure why. Not sure if it is just me thinking this and being too critical or what. So I guess I will put 2 more pictures the one I like the best with Rita and me and then the next best with just me.

Well as it got later a few more girls showed up including another new girl, her name was Danielle . She is up here in Portland for a couple months. She had gone to Esprit and then came to Portland. She looks so natural looking I really don’t think anyone could tell. I got a chance to talk with her for awhile and she is so nice. I hope she comes out again with the group while she is in town. In all it was a great evening with friends.

As it was getting late and close to closing time one of the customers, a GG came over and talked to me, well stared right at me and told me how pretty I was. It really caught me off guard as she was just staring right at me. I felt like I was under a microscope so I felt a little uneasy and don’t know why. After a couple minutes she went back over to the guy she was with and they left. Cassandra and Robin both looked at me and told me she really liked me. Now I know she had been drinking so not sure if it was the alcohol or not but she was gone so there wasn’t anything I could do. Anyway about 10 minutes later she came back by, I didn’t even see her come back in but she stopped again, she took my hand and told me how pretty I was again and then she left but in my hand was a piece of paper with a phone number on it, no name though. How good does that make s girl feel.

Well it was late and we all paid our bill and then we left. I think there were still 8 of us there at that time. What a fun night we all had.

Well Saturday Susan has a BBQ to go to. Still not sure what to wear as it looks like it will be cool and wet. I will post again tomorrow about the BBQ.

Have a great week.

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Great idea for fast beautiful nails

Well over the last few months I have had several people ask me about how I do my nails. I try never to go out without long pretty nails as I think that is the most feminine thing you can have. Now nothing can beat going to a nail salon and getting acrylic nails, one of my favorite things to do but as most of my life I am male except for a few hours a week I had to find a new way to have long beautiful nails that was fast and easy to put on and also take off without damaging my nails or leaving traces that people might notice when I am not Susan.

The first problem was finding nails that would fit my fingers. Now I am lucky as my fingers are not really that much bigger so I started looking around. For the most part I have used the KISS brand nails and what I found was the largest 5 sizes fit each of my fingers. I was walking through Wal-Mart one day and they had a box of 200 nails in 11 sizes for $7 so I bought it. I have also seen them at Walgreens and Rite-aid stores about the same price. Now out of the 200 nails I was able to get 8 sets of nails which works out to less than $1.00 a set.

Once you have your nails you need to paint them. Right now I have 5 set done in 4 different colors, my favorite color I have to sets. Now there are two ways to paint them, the easiest and fastest is to get a piece or ½ dowel, which you can get at Home Depot or Lowes. You can attach the nails to the dowel with mounting clay from any craft store. Works good as you can line up 4 sets at a time down the length of the dowel, this way you can paint one color, roll the dowel and do the next color and by the time you get back to the first set you can start the second coat or top coat. Now the best way but slower is to put the nails on (see how I do this below). Once you have them on you can paint them on your fingers while watching TV or a movie. This is a really fun way to spend an evening. Once you have several sets in different colors you are all set and you can easily change nail color depending on your outfit or look.

Now there are many ways to attach nails glue being the easiest and the way most do them but this is really hard on your nails especially if only for a couple hours and can damage your nails really bad if you do this a few times a week. What I use is really simple and allows me to put my nails on or take them off in less than 5 minutes and I can reuse the nails many times. Now I would love to take credit for this idea but I think it was Barb (member in our group) who came up with it and told Cassandra who in turn told me. We use Scotch 1 inch indoor outdoor mounting tape which you can buy at Home Depot, yes girl beauty supplies now available at Home Depot. The tape is a little think so it leaves a little gap on the edges but unless someone looks really close they won’t even notice and it really holds the nails on tight. You cut little squares about and place on each nail, peel the tape off and stick to your nails. It is just that simple. The tape holds really well even in water. The one drawback is if the nail comes off the tape won’t stick again so you need a new piece of tape. Now I have been using this method twice a week sense March and only once have I lost a nail, Cassandra has lost a couple but it works really well. When you want to remove the nails just pull down on the tip and while slipping a wood cuticle stick in from the base of the nail and gently lift up till the nails come off. Once off scrape the tape off and put your nails away for the next time you want to use them. If you buy the big roll of tape, about $15 for 37 feet it will last you over a year and sense you can reuse the nails many many time. What a great way to have long beautiful nails that any girl would love. Have fun and I hope you find this helpful. Will not work on French nails or really light color nail polish as the tape is gray and will show through, Reds and darker colors work really well, Pinks if you put on several coats.

Should be back out at Starbuck’s on Wednesday night so will post again then.
Big Thanks to Cassandra for telling me about this and for Barb with coming up with the idea.

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Out at Starbucks

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s tonight. At first I thought I wouldn’t make it out at all this week but now it looks like I can also make it tomorrow night for a couple hours maybe. Not sure what I will do as going to Starbuck’s 2 nights in a row might be a little much of course I could try another Starbuck’s also. Any way I had a wonderful Christmas as most of my family came to town. It was really nice to see them all and spend time with them even though Susan had to hide as none of them know but as I don’t see some of them very often it was nice to just relax and talk with them plus there were some young, nephews and nieces and that makes Christmas so much more fun as little kids have such an excitement about Christmas. For me it was good as I got some nice gifts but the best part was a couple gift cards which now belong to Susan so she can go shopping for her Christmas present.

It was sad not being able to go out with my friends though last Friday and again this week I will have to miss as I have to work on Saturday morning, extra pay so really can’t pass it up. The group I belong to Rose_City_T_Girls are all planning on going to the P-club and they are making sure we have several designated drivers as there are several girls in the group that do not drink. I am so proud of all are girls as they are so responsible. They will be able to go out and have fun and party and still have a safe way home. Cassandra has made sure the last few years to arrange this before hand and has done an awesome job this year coordinating it again. I think she has 5 or 6 girls that have agreed to be designated drivers that cover any direction you need to go home that night. It really should be a fun night.

Starbucks is a little quiet tonight especially after last week when they were so busy with people getting last minutes Christmas presents. It may also be the fact they are forecasting possible snow showers tonight although they don’t think it will stick but it is cold out about 35. I really like the snow so much more than the rain so it is fine with me.

Well I will have to see what I can come up with to do tomorrow night, maybe I will just go shopping for a couple hours and then next week I will be able to get back to going out on Friday nights with my friends. I also may mix up my other night out. For so long it was every Wednesday but the last month or so I have been out on Tuesday and Thursday and it was kind of nice to break the routine and mix it up a little. Don’t like to be too predictable. But whatever I do it will end up in my blog.

I am starting to look forward to Diva Las Vegas as it is only 3 months away and I have my vacation time all set at work so I am going for sure again this year along with Cassandra and Peggy. We had such a fun time last year and I hope more of the girls from our group here in Portland can go. If you have ever thought about going out in public and having an awesome time you really should think about it. Check out their web page at They just sent out the registration for those who have been there before so I am now all registered.

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and left comments. It looks like this will be my best month ever for readers as my blog has been viewed 1109 times so far this month with 2 more days and my old record was 1124. I never thought I would get more than a few readers each month.

Wow in the last 20 minutes Starbucks has really gotten busy and now all the tables are full. Seems strange to get here 30 minutes before they close.

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Starbuck’s on a Thursday night

Well it turns out I made it out this week after all. I finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday and got all my presents wrapped this afternoon so I am all ready for Christmas so I decided to go out tonight to Starbuck’s. I was really behind this year and even doubted if I would be ready for Christmas so Susan did not get any presents yet as I had to shop for others so after Christmas Susan will get a day of shopping and something really cute I am sure.

I got to Starbuck’s just a little later than normal and even though they are really busy not many are spending time here. Mostly just coming in and getting something to go but fir the first time I had to stand in line behind 9 people to get my drink. Even now there are about 8 people waiting to order and another 5 waiting for their drinks. You almost can’t move through the store. It is really good for them because there have been time I have been here and wondered if they would make it. The guy right in front of me ordered several gift cards, 3 glass coffee cups and a bunch of coffee beans, his order came to $209 and change. I guess people are spending more this year for Christmas which hopefully will help the economy turn around. Any way it is still a fun night out.

Well with the holiday I think things will be quiet in my group as several of the girls are going out of town for Christmas and even more have family coming in for the holiday like me. Some of my family will be here tomorrow and the rest early Christmas morning so I have had to put all my Susan stuff away except for what I am wearing now and that will be neatly tucked away when I get home tonight. I can’t take the chance of someone in my family stumbling across my stuff as I really would have no good answers. I will really miss spending time with my friends Friday night because most of them are more like family to Susan.

Next week will be just as busy as I have to work New Years Day so I again won’t make it out on New Year’s Eve which means I will miss two Friday nights with my friends and won’t see them till next year. I may try to make it out twice during the week, once to Starbuck’s and who knows maybe shopping or dinner. Either way whatever I do will end up in my blog.

Well as it is the Holidays and always a good time to reflect on the year past as we move into a new year. I think back on this year and I am amazed at how much Susan has grown this year. With the help of the wonderful friends I have made over the past couple years. I really hope they know how important they are to me as I would not be where I am today without them. They truly are some of my closet friends almost like sisters.

They are a big reason I get out as much as I do and why I was able to do Diva Las Vegas last year totally as Susan. I have wanted to go to Las Vegas and gamble as Susan for probably 10 years, I was going through an old blog where I talked about going and never made it till this year. I was planning on going this past year but would have never done the whole trip as Susan if I had gone by myself but with Cassandra and Peggy going with me it was really easy and really boosted my self confidence. We will be going again this year to Diva Las Vegas and yes I have my vacation all set. I can hardly wait 3 months and counting.

I want to thank all my Sisters in the Rose_City_T-Girl group you are all so wonderful and have a special place in my heart. I would also like to thank all those who have read my blog and left comments. They are really appreciated and helpful as they help me.

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

Hugs to all my wonderful friends I have met and yet to meet.

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Friday night at the P-club

Well it was another fun night at the P-club which was so nice as I will not be able to make it out for the next two Friday nights. Next Friday being Christmas Eve I will spend it with my family and they know nothing of Susan. The following week being short handed at work I will be working very early New Years day so I will have to be in bed by 8 New Years Eve so again must miss that night which is okay as I get double time in a half for working New Years Day so the extra money will buy Susan some nice Christmas presents, Susan is by far the easiest won to shop for on my Christmas list as I know just what she likes. It is so strange to look back a few years before I started to go out regularly, this was the time of year I did all of the shopping for Susan as with everyone buy gifts no one even gives you a second no matter what you are buying as they just figure it is a gift for a girlfriend, wife, or sister. It makes it so much easier shopping if you are not going out regular.

I decided to wear my black dress which is nothing new as I like it a lot but tonight I wore black panty hose which I had just bought and my black knee high boots with the 3″ heels. I really like the boots the only reason I don’t wear them more is they do not breathe well and my feet get really hot but as it was a cold night with the forecast of possible snow they were perfect.

Any way I got to the P-club at 7:30 our normal time and their parking lot was full so I had to park on the street about a half block away, this was the first time I think this has happened. I went inside and they had a big group at the tables by the dance floor. Kind of looked like a party and with Christmas a week away that is what I would guess. Michele, Melissa, Norma, and Chris were already there so I joined them and we put 3 tables together as we knew more would soon be there. I saw Cassandra pulling in as I was walking in. we had no more than put the tables together when Cassandra, Peggy and Maya came in. Peggy, Chris, Melissa and I were all at the one end of the table and we had such a nice chat about just about everything. There is something so fun about good conversation while you are eating. It is really a fun way to spend an evening.

Soon Brooke, Cristine and Bob shoed up and our group filled the three tables we had but with a couple playing pool we were still okay. Cassandra’s pool game was off and she did not dominate the pool table which is really rare but we were all having a great time. Soon a few of the girls started to play shuffle board and soon the group had moved more up to that area. Peggy and I played a couple games and even won once. The group was having a great time.

Maya talked me into playing her ping pong which is fun even though she is really good and I knew I wouldn’t win. Not having 4″ heels help my game as I could move better. The first game she won easily but the second I did pretty good. I even had the lead a couple times but in the end she won 21 to 19 but I really had to work for it and she didn’t. The biggest issue was my hair which kept getting in my face. I am thinking had I had short hair and flats on I might have just beat her but it was still way to much fun.

It was back over to the shuffle board table to sit down and cool off as this girl worked up a little sweat. Susan does not like to sweat as it just ruins ones makeup and I work so hard on it to look as cute as possible. Lynn and Jan showed up and joined us and now sense most of us were around the shuffle board table we moved all our stuff from the other tables up to where we were. I already had my purse up there as that is my biggest fear, losing my purse when I am out. Strange when I was first going out I was always so worried about forgetting my purse as I was not use to carrying it so I never let it out of my sight, now that I go out more I am way more use to having it so not so worried about forgetting it but I do tend to leave it on the table with the other purses and go off. I am just more comfortable with the group but really this is a bad habit and I need to be careful as at one point last night no one was at the table wear our stuff was between playing pool, shuffle board and ping pong. Anyone could have walked by and grabbed something off our table and possible none of us would have seen it.

I played a few more games of shuffle board, won a couple lost a couple but had a great time. It was strange to see Cassandra up playing shuffle board instead of pool as she is such a pool player. It was strange how many from our group and the GG’s that were there in general were wearing boots, I guess I made a good choice in footwear tonight and there were some really cute boots. Lisa, the GG’ we talked with last week was there again and came over and chatted with us for a little while. She is really nice and so friendly. As a matter of fact several GG’s stopped and chatted with us. I think what helped it the shuffle board table and the table we were sitting at was right by the bathrooms so anyone going to the bathrooms had to walk right by or should I say through our group. All it takes is to tell them how cute their boots are or compliment them on their outfit and most will stop and chat for a minute. Probably the funniest point of the night was when Brooke told a GG how cute her boots were and she stopped and talked to Brooke for a while. The guy she was with finally came up to see what was going on and she just told him it was okay they were just talking about shoes and purse. He smiled and walked away, I guess he didn’t want to get into that conversation.

It was a really fun night and again we closed the place down, that is two weeks in a row. As we left the wind was blowing and there was a rain sleet mix coming down and it was cold and even though I was heading home I was still worried about my hair and makeup so I held my hair so it wouldn’t get messed up and walked as fast as I co ld to my car. I am such a girl, when in boy mode this would have been no big deal. Any way it was a fabulous night out with all my great friends.

Not sure f I will make it out this week or not as the only nights I might be able to are Wednesday or Thursday and I still have Christmas shopping to do. If I do make it out I will of course post it to my blog, if not I would like to wish each and every one of you a merry and blessed Christmas.

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Tuesday night out at Starbuck’s

Well this week it was Tuesday night I could make it out. I cannot believe how busy I have been the last few weeks. Christmas Is almost here and I have not even started my shopping. I guess this weekend I will have to get busy. I thought about going tonight but by the time I would have gotten to the mall I wouldn’t have had much time plus as Susan I would probably spend more time looking for me than others on my list. I guess I will have to do my shopping in boy mode so I can keep focused. Anyway I got to Starbucks right at 7 and their parking lot was pretty full but not as busy as I thought it would be about 10 people here. It again this week is raining really hard so roads are really wet so I chose to park at the end of the building, a little farther to walk but all covered so Susan won’t get her hair wet.

Last week was so fun as I went out three nights in a row and the last night at the Holiday gala was way too much fun. I was looking at some of the pictures others in the group took and they were so great. I guess the party went till after 3 and everyone had such a wonderful time. Kathy and Mandie did an awesome job and it is so wonderful that they and Cassandra and Peggy both open their houses to host these fun get together. I really hope they know how special they are. So many of us keep this side of our lives a secret and even though they try to keep a low profile they still do these parties.

Well Diva Las Vegas has posted their recommended hotels for 2011 event and for the first time the Sahara is not on their list. Now this does not mean you can’t stay there it is just not in their top 5. Cassandra, Peggy and I are going for sure again this coming year and we have talked about trying a different hotel even before they posted their list. We are thinking about the Gold Coast which is also not on their list but Cassandra and Peggy have stayed there before and really liked it. It is not on the strip but still close enough and sense we will have a car it should be fine. Come the first of the year I will have to do some more shopping for Susan for the trip. I am already looking forward to I even though it is still 3 months away. There are a couple girls in our group that are thinking of going this year and several girls in our group that would love to go but just can’t this year but they are planning on 2012. It looks like 2012 we could have a really good turn out from the Rose_City_T-Girls. It really is a fun vacation for Transgender people and we had so much fun last year. If you are looking for a good place to go, check out their web page if you would like more information and be sure and check out the pictures from previous years.

Well it is still pretty quiet here but a few more people have come in. it is really kind of fun to just sit here and people watch while catching up on my e-mail and blog, so much better than just sitting at home. I will again be out Friday night but not sure where we will be going. There is talk of trying someplace new which would be fun. There is comfort in going to the same places but new experiences are always so much fun and help increase our group to more people helping to build tolerance. I really think that is what makes going out so much fun. Any way with the holidays coming up this will be my last Friday night out this year as I have family things going on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve I will be home in bed as I have to work New Years day early. Hope to get out during the week though if only to come here to Starbuck’s for a couple hours. There is just something about being Susan even if only for a couple hours. It is almost therapeutic for me.

Have a great rest of the week and thanks so much for reading my blog. Please feel free to ask questions if you like and I will do my best to answer them all.

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Holiday Gala for our group

Well Saturday night was awesome. We had our holiday gala for our group the Rose_city_T-girls. Kathy and Mandie put it all together at their house with the help of Danielle how wonderful they are for doing this, you three rock.

I started getting ready for the party at 4:15 as I needed to leave my house by 6 to be there by 7 and I wanted to take a little more time getting ready to look my best, I am such a girl. I didn’t get a chance to go shopping for a new dress so I decided to wear my little black dress as it has been a while sense I wore it last and I like the way I look in it. I also really enjoy the getting ready and doing my makeup.

I got to the party just a few minutes before 7 and went in. they were collecting food for the Oregon food bank at the party which I thought was a wonderful idea. They put these parties on and don’t ask for anything to come, the amount of food and drinks they had must have cost a small fortune and I am sure everyone would be willing to throw in some money to help offset the cost. Any way they had so much food and it was all so delicious and I am sure I put on a few LB’s, really need to start exercising and watching what I eat more, guess that will be my New Year’s resolution.

There were so many people there I will not even try to name them all, some were new to the group and some I have not met before but I would guess we had 40 to 50 people at the party. I think I talked with everyone at the party at least for a bit as I really wanted to meet everyone. It was so much fun talking with everyone and getting to know everyone a little better. One of the t-girls brought her wife who had a birthday on December 12 so a little after midnight we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Some of the girls had on such beautiful dressed and everyone looked so great. I think it made it nice to have a place we could all get dressed up for a night. We go out all the time but really don’t go anyplace we can get all dressed up. I think that is one of the most fun things about being Susan. Women are so lucky as they have all the pretty clothes and style. Teresa had on a beautiful long black dress so I had to get a picture with her as I also had a black dress, just such a cute picture.

It was so much fun to spend the evening with all my wonderful friends, we talked about everything from nails to makeup tips to how we got the names we have all chosen. Cassandra and I talked to several girls on how we do our nails using mounting tape we buy at Home depot, who would have ever thought you could get beauty supplies at Home Depot. I can just see that in their next commercial. The funny thing is most of use picked our names from someone we knew, a girlfriend or a girl we liked or thought was pretty but however we chose our feminine name the one great thing about being transgender is we all got to pick our names

It was amazing how fast the night went I stayed till 1:20 even though I planned on leaving no later than 1 as I had to be to work Sunday morning at 7 am but I was having such a wonderful time and Brooke called and was almost there so I stayed long enough for her to get there  so I could see here and her dress. We took lots of pictures. I have posted one on my Flicker page and the rest in my live profile (they have a lot more room for pictures).

I just want to give a big thanks to Kathy, Mandi and Danielle for a wonderful time. You three are awesome and we all are so grateful for all you did.

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