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Well I am back at Starbucks on a Wednesday night

Well I was able to get out this week on Wednesday night so I headed off to my favorite Starbucks for a couple hours of Susan time while I catch up on my e-mails and some other things I have been putting off. Seem strange how even the normal things in life just seem more fun when I am out as Susan. Any way tonight Susan was out of the house a little faster as I was able to start getting ready earlier so I was to the Starbuck’s a little before 7. I found them really busy with only one open table and luckily it was by an electric outlet so I could plug in my computer which is good as my battery only lasts a little over an hour and I would hate to cut my night short because of a dead battery. I think the fact it is cold and rainy is why they are so busy. Any way I got my nice warm drink and took care of some of Susan’s e-mails as that is what this night is all about. I also have a lot of e-mails for my male side which I had to go through. Wonder what they would think if they saw the way I look while answering their e-mail?

Tonight I have a web cam going while I am here. I got it as a Christmas present so I can take little videos of me now. I may try to put something on Youtube if I can think of something to do. A couple of the girls in the group post to Youtube so it might be fun.

Last week was so much fun as it turned out Susan made it out a lot. I had such a great time and Friday night was such a blast, I wish I had not had to work Saturday morning as I would have loved to stay out with my friends and see the new Year come in. they all had such a fun time. I think this Friday we will be back at the P-Club as we always have such a fun time.

They are also getting a group of girls to go to a roller derby game here in Portland. The Rose City Rollers our local team have their opening game on January 15 and so far about 15 girls from our group have bought tickets. They are hoping to get 30 to go. I am not sure I can get Saturday night off but it would be so much fun. Just think about it, 30 T-girls walking around the Memorial Coliseum with all the other people there for the game. How much fun would that be? I may have to try harder to get it off. I have never even watched a roller derby game but I am sure Susan would like if it involved being out and about.

Well it is still busy here, no open tables. Tonight it is almost all women here kind of a woman’s night out. There are 2 guys on their computer in the back and then 12 women, a group of 4 at the table to my right, 3 at the table in front of me, 3 at the table next to them and the other two are at tables by themselves on their computers so I fit right in. it really is fun to come here and people watch.

Any way I must get to the stuff I need to get done so I will end it here. I will post again Saturday morning about my Friday night out with my friends. One last thing we are less than 3 months away from Diva Las Vegas. So if you are thinking of going mark your calendars for April 3 – 8 and check out their web page at


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