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Shuffle board, Pool and Dancing at the P-club

Well it was another fun Friday night out with friends at the P-Club. Our group really seems to like this place because it really offers so much to do. We have such a big group going out now on Fridays it really is nice as it keeps us all busy. I got there at 7:30 and their parking lot was full, found one spot on the back end so I figured they would be busy but when I got inside there really weren’t that many people there. There were about 5 from our group already there including Melissa who brought her mom (Andrea) and one of her mom’s friends (Staci). It was amazing how much Melissa and her mom looked alike, at first I thought it was her older sister. Turns out I am older than Melissa’s mom by a few years; boy does that make someone feel older.

Any way soon more girls started to show up and we once again had 4 tables. Peggy made it tonight, she has been out of town for awhile so it was nice to see her and talk. She has a job interview Saturday and she really wants to get the job and it sounds like a great job. I really hope she gets it even though this will change our plans for Diva Las Vegas. Starting a new job I doubt if she could get over a week off to go. I still plan on going though as I had so much fun last year. We are a little over 2 months away if you are thinking of going ( )chek out their web page.

Well about 9:30 Andrea (Melissa’s, mom and Staci) were getting ready to leave they came over and sat down by Maya and I and we started talking. This was all new to them and they had few questions. Turns out Staci and I talked for about an hour more, she had some questions and soon we were just talking. They were both so awesome so of course there had to be pictures taken as you can see. God I look so pale compared to them, I really need to get out and get some more sun. Maybe we can get some warmer weather and some sun shine so I can get some much needed sun.

Alice showed up about 10 pm which was great as I have not seen her sense last spring. She doesn’t get out that often so it was great she could come join us. We talked for a bit which is always nice. Soon it was my turn to play Shuffle board and Maya was my partner in doubles. We had so much fun and the two of us were on fire. We won 5 games in a row two of which we blew the other team away. The table was in really good condition and very consistent which made it nice. Of course I had worn my 4″inch heels and by the end of the fifth game I really needed a break so we gave up the table so I could sit down. So we finished the night undefeated.

The rest of the night I sat around and talked with the girls which is also fun to do. I got a chance to talk with Penelope for a while. We both tried to figure out when the last time we saw each other and we think it was over a year. Jennifer and Brook were out on the dance floor for a bit but they said the music wasn’t as good this week. As I am not a dancer I couldn’t tell so just have to trust them. Jennifer was taking all kinds of pictures so I hope to have more to post later once she uploads them to the group.

Again Alice and I got a chance to talk again and this time I bet we talked for 45 minutes or more. I was trying to think when we first met but this old girls memory is not that good anymore but I know it has been several years. She is my oldest friend that I am still in contact with and she was the first girl that I e-mailed to. Wow will have to look back through some old pictures and see if I can figure it out. I think she is one of the girls who helped me start going out more.

Well we had a great night and I would guess 20 to 25 girls were there so we had a really good turnout. We again stayed till they were closing and then we all said our goodbyes and headed home. I think we had about 10 of us still there at closing. Such a fun night. I hope to make it out to Starbucks either Wednesday or Thursday night this week if things work out but will for sure be out with the group next Friday at the P-Club. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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