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Rose City Rollers

Well Saturday night our group went to watch Roller Derby at the Memorial Coliseum. One of our Members Victoria Sinclair got a bunch of tickets as her daughter plays on one of the teams. Turns out the girls on the teams pay dues and buy all their own equipment and also sell tickets to keep their league going. So about 25 of us from the group each bought tickets so we could go. It was a chance to go out in a very public place with lots of people and also support the teams. Turns out the Rose city Rollers is the league named and they have several teams, Victoria’s Daughter plays on Guns & Rollers. Now I knew nothing about Roller derby but thought it would be a fun night out.

We were all going to meet downtown Portland at 4:30 by Embers as we all know where that is and then go to the game. I left with plenty of time to get there and wouldn’t you know it there was a wreck on the freeway and I got caught in it so I ended up meeting them at the Memorial Coliseum. Cassandra said she knew a place to park for free so we met up and I followed her to where we parked. It was about 8 blocks away and walked. We got to the doors and some of the girls went in, Cassandra had tickets for a couple girls so she had to wait for them so Jan and I stayed out with Cassandra. We were all surprised how many people were there to see the games. I would guess 3 to 5 thousand so they had a good turnout. Finally the last few showed up and we went inside.

Something I had not thought about was that they checked all bags including our purses so this was a first for Susan. Inside we met up with the rest of our group and had to walk half way around the inside to get to where our seats were. The whole way no one really even paid any attention to us. We had really good seats about the midpoint of the track and maybe 30 rows up so we had a good view. Before the start Chris, Bobbie and I went to get drinks and food. They went and got the beer while I stood in the food line. Took about 10 minutes to get up and get the food, 5 hotdogs and a pop for me and no, only 1 of the hot dogs were mine. When I got back in they had already started.

Now it turns out they had 4 bouts or games and each one is 30 minutes long. Now it took me the first bout just to figure out what was going on and how they scored as I said I have never seen a Roller Derby match before. Some of the girls knew a lot about them so of course I was asking questions. By the second bout I had an understanding of it. It was pretty fun and I enjoyed it. The first bout was a blow out as it turns out the team is almost all new members who have only been playing together for a couple months. The Second bout was really pretty close and very good match. The third bout was also a blowout but we were all having a good time. During the fourth bout we decided to leave as Victoria’s daughter’s team had played both their bouts and some of the girls wanted to go out afterwards. On the way out we stopped and chatted with one of the volunteers and she was so nice. She answered all our questions. Turns out the ticket money goes to cover the cost of involved such as renting the Memorial Coliseum. The league only has one paid employee and the rest are all volunteers. Any money they have left after expenses they donate to woman’s charities, every 3 months they pick a new charity. Right now it is the YWCA. I thought this was really a good idea. We probably talked to her for 15 minutes. She even walked with us all the way to the main doors talking to us. In all it was a really fun night.

One other thing I almost forgot. When we first got there some guy from the league came over and interviewed some of us and they recorded it. He said it would be on their web page if we wanted to see it so once they post it I will put a link to it here in my blog. That is if I look okay in it.


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  1. Hi Susan

    Sounds like a fun day or night out. I so admire how your group gets out together for these mainstream events. But I still don’t know what a roller-derby or a blow-out is, lol!!

    Tina xx


    Comment by TinaCortina | January 16, 2011 | Reply

    • Simply put you have 5 people on each team going around an oval track on roller skates. One is called a jammer and every time they laps someone on the other team they get a point. The other 4 try to block you or knock you down or out of the track. You can use your shoulders, body or hips but you cannot use your hands, arms elbows or trip them or you get a penalty.
      As for a blow-out I will just give you the score and that should explain it. The one team lost their first game by a score of 136 to 24and the second game they lost 147 to 22

      Comment by susanmiller64 | January 16, 2011 | Reply

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