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Wednesday and the Diva Las Vegas Golf Tournament, day 9 of my vacation

It is Wednesday and we are having our Diva Las Vegas Golf tournament at Wild Horse golf course. Now if you read my blog from Monday you saw I didn’t get to bed till 5:30am and then I slept till around noon on Tuesday now the problem with that is Tuesday night I was not tiered and had a hard time sleeping so when my alarm went off at 5am I was not rally excited. We need to leave for the golf course by 7as Cassandra is in charge and needs to be there early. Now in my male life I would have gone back to sleep till 6:45 as I could have been ready by 7 but not Susan she needs at least and hour and as the week has gone on I am a little slower, it really does take a lot of work to be a girl yes I will spend an hour getting ready and doing my makeup to look just perfect to go to the golf course. It was just before 7 when I was ready to leave, I met Veronica and Cassandra in the garage as they were already in the car waiting for me.

We got to the golf course and got everything unloaded and set up and waited for the other girls to show up. Now we had 12 girls playing, 3 foursome and we do a 4-person Scramble so it doesn’t matter how good you play it is all about how cute you look on the course. Ow of course I had to start on the driving range to loosen up. Now I am not a long ball hitter so for me to have a good game I just have to not try to outdrive the other girls. I did pretty well on the driving range.

We had all our girls here and were ready for are tee time at 9am. Now one of our girls who is here for her first Diva Las Vegas, she flew in on Tuesday and was really looking forward to the golf. The problem is it turns out her luggage didn’t make it so she showed up as her male self. That is really sad to think you are coming to Diva Las Vegas to be your female self and the airlines losses your luggage, now they did give her some money I guess to buy stuff she needed till they find her stuff but really would be hard to replace your girl stuff at a last minute in Las Vegas. I felt bad for her but she went a head and played and had fun.

Now as I said we had girls Cami, Treena, Tori, Lisa (team 1) Bev, Katie, Linda, Ann (team 2) Cassandra, Veronica, Renee, Susan (Me) (team 3). Now normally we play on Tuesday but there was a scheduling issue and had to play Wednesday this year and it worked out wonderful as on Tuesday it was really windy and today there is no wind and it is in the low 70’s. now of course we had to get pictures. We were the last group to tee off as we were the ones that would collect the markers for longest drive, longest put and the KP’s. yes, Cassandra had so many opportunities to win a prize and yes money. She really does a wonderful job putting on this event. Really all the girls who coordinate events do a wonderful job. They put these things together usually from out of town and they are responsible for the events including if people don’t pay so they take kind of a chance that people follow through.

We started off and had a wonderful day as I said the weather was perfect. I brought a hair clip and never needed it. For those of you who have never golfed as a female it is a lot more challenging, from the long nails, breast, and hair blowing in your face it really adds to the game.

Now this year I did a good job just focusing on my game and not on how others were playing and probably had my best game as Susan. I had some really good shots. Here is a picture of a long put I just barely missed. Now on our team as with all the teams we mixed it up, we tried to have each team with a really good player and some not so good. I kind of fall in the average range. I did really have some good shots one was from about 180 yards out from the green and I put it right on the green in high about 14 inches from the cup. Probably the best shot I have had in a long time. We had a great time.

We got done with the game and went to the club house for our lunch and awards. Now my team finished in second place which was good but as I said we only had teams. Cassandra gave out the rewards for the longest drive, put and KP’s and then we had a drawing for money. We each put in $20 and had 3 drawings. On the front 9 everyone who hit the green on a par 3 with their first shot was in the first drawing, everyone who hit the green with their first shot on a par 3 on the back 9 went into the second drawing and everyone who sunk a put from more then a flag length went into the third drawing.

The first drawing had 5 people in it and Cami’s name was drawn. The second drawing had 7 people in it and again Cami’s name was drawn. The third drawing for the longest put had 9 people in it including me as I had a ling put and I was hopeful but once again Cami’s name was drawn. She actually won all 3 drawings. With that luck I hope she has been gambling. Now there was one guy here in the club house that was a little loud and annoying while we were eating and as he had more and more to drink, he got very loud and Obnoxious and I think some of the girls were a little put off by him

We got back to the hotel about 3:30 and went to our rooms. I took an hour nap as I was really tied before I got cleaned up to go out. Cassandra was doing the bar crawl so at 7 I drove her down to met the other girls going on the bar crawl and then I went back to our hotel. I am not a bar person and I don’t drink so going to 3 different bars was not something I was interested in so I texted Veronica to see what she was up to. She was just getting ready so we agreed to meet for a late dinner at Magnolias so as I waited, I found a blackjack table and played till she came down. It was the only bad part of the day.

When she got there, I was u $5 so I quit and we went and had a nice dinner. It was amazing how many people were there at 9pm to eat dinner. After dinner we went back to the blackjack tables and played for a while. I played till 11pm and then I was down as I was so tired. Besides we had talked about going to the Valley of fire state park in the morning as Mellissa and her wife were going and that would mean getting up early again. When I cashed in, I had won $21 so I finished the day up just a little.

It was a fun but long day. thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what in new in my life and also keep up on my Las Vegas vacation this year.

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Monday, welcome dinner at Bahama Breeze, day 7 of my vacation

It is Monday, the 7th day of my vacation and tonight is the welcome dinner at Bahama Breeze which is the biggest dinner of Diva Las Vegas and also the best. This is the one dinner that will have the biggest attendance of those attending this year. Now they have wonderful food and the staff is awesome, I know in years past talking to some of the staff a lot of them ask to work the night we are there. Now that being said and as we have been getting up late the plan for Cassandra and myself was to just relax till it was tie to get ready for dinner. I kind of thought it would be silly to get ready a couple hours early and then have to come back to the room to change for dinner as I am going to wear my little black dress and didn’t want to wear that during the day. Plus, after the first couple days winning at blackjack the last couple have been not so good, I am still ahead on my money but only about $100 instead of the over $800 I was up after the Friday. I wrote my blog from Sunday and watched a little TV and played on my computer till about 3 when I started getting ready as we wanted to leave for dinner at 5. As I said this is the best event of Diva Las Vegas and I really wanted to look my best. Cassandra and I were ready a little before 5 and went downstairs to wait for Veronica. I really love this dress I just wish I looked better in a full pose. I also took a selfie sitting at a slot machine.

Veronica came down just as we finished taking pictures and we were on our way, it took about 20 minutes to get to the Bahama Breeze. Now they were doing a new attendee get together between 5 and 6 to give them a chance to meet others in a smaller group and get information on how Diva Las Vegas works and answer questions. It looked like we had about 20 girls who are attending their first Diva Las Vegas. Now Beverly was already there as she was helping with the new attendee greet so it was awesome to see her again. I met here at the very first Diva Las Vegas I came to in 2010, it was also her first Diva Las Vegas that year. I talked with her a little and I will see her again on Wednesday when we golf. I did take a selfie in the car on the way over, yes, I am slowly becoming the selfie queen.

It was still early and they had finished with the new attendee greet and so a few of us that were there and have been at several Diva Las Vegas went and talked to the new members and meet them to help them feel more comfortable which I think is wonderful. I remember my first Diva Las Vegas there were a couple girls that I met that made me feel so welcome and it really does help. This really is a wonderful even and the people who attend are so supportive.

About 6pm more started showing up as this was the happy hour to meet people and catch up with girls you met at previous Diva Las Vegas. Renee showed up, she lives here in Las Vegas and I have known her for several years, I actually met her online, of course that means getting a picture with her. She really is a wonderful person and so much fun, I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. We talked for a while an had a great time. Now it is funny as a few girls came over to see my nails as they seem to follow my blog and have been reading about my nails, yes, I love my nails. I so wish I could have nails like this all the time but it would be hard in my male life as I don’t think a man with long pretty nails is acceptable yet. Here is a picture from the day I got them for those first time readers. It really is a shame a man can’t have long pretty nails.

Now we put several tables together so we could fit more people together. We had Renee, Michele, Robin, Veronica, Wanda and her wife Susan, Melissa and her wife, Tonya and her wife Nell, Cassandra, Teri, and of course myself. Wanda and her wife went on the Mexican Cruise Cassandra put together. Now looking around I was amazed how many wives/girlfriends were here this year, that is so wonderful. Now I walked around and met a few other girls as more showed up I even met a girl who I have been friend with on Facebook for several years her name is Deborah Renee Smith.

Dinner started and we had a wonderful time talking as we ate. They really do have wonderful food here and awesome staff. If you come to Las Vegas Bahama Breeze is a wonderful place to eat and it is only a little way off the strip. We stayed here after dinner talking for a while and catching o with old friends and meeting new ones. It was about 9:40 when we left, now a lot of the girls were going to a club called Rush and it was in the Golden Nugget which is right next to our hotel so we decided to go. Now I decided to keep my heels on as we walked from our hotel over on the Freemont Experience. I was glad when we got there and could sit down. They had live music and 3 blackjack table in the club so something for everyone. A few of us sat at the Blackjack table and played. I played for a while but my luck has not changed, after about an hour I had lost my $100, I did last longer than Cassandra. It was about midnight when we left here and went back to our hotel. We got to our room and I locked my door as I was going to go to bed. Now Cassandra and I have connecting rooms and Cassandra found she had not lost as much money as she thought so she wanted to go back down to the casino. Well I decided to go but I did put on flats and we left and went to the casino.

We found a table and sat down now I did okay, just u and down, not really losing and not really winning but having fun. Cassandra on the other had blew through her money, yes, she is a bigger better than me. She was just about ready to quit as she had just $10 enough for 1 bet and then things changed. Now I wish I had upped my bet but after the last few days I didn’t but Cassandra did and about a ½ hour later she was up about $500. She stopped and cashed in and was going to call it a night. I decided to play a little longer. By the way one of the cocktail waitresses here who’s name is TJ came over. She is awesome and remembered us from last year and even though she was not our waitress she would stop by and talk to us. She is just so cute I had to get a picture with her.

Well Cassandra didn’t go to bed and son she was back and wanted to see if I wanted to go to another casino. Now I was up a little so I decided to quit and go with her. We walked over to Binions and found a blackjack table. Now they are $10 here instead of the $5 I was playing but I figured I could put another $100 in. We sat down and we had the same luck not really winning and not really losing. We played for a while and I as down to my last $40 and since Cassandra was playing 2 hands, I figured I would give it a try. Well I started wining and you do win more with hands of $20 than 1 hand of $10 of course you can also lose it faster but we were on a little winning streak. My stacks were growing and of course now we are both having fun. I was getting tired though and having a hard time concentrating so I finally decide it was time for bed besides I was ahead and wanted to quit a winner. I put my chips out and color them up and to my surprise I had $405. I went to the cashier and cashed in. wow it was 4:30 am. I walked back to the Four Queens and cashed in my chis from earlier and got $140. I had a good night and broke my 2-day losing streak.

Now the funny story as I was tired and I got to my room and neither of my keys worked so back down to the lobby to get new keys. Now back up to my room and the keys still didn’t work. I was not happy so back down to the front desk. the lady assured me the keys should work, she said the only reason it would flash yellow is if someone was in the room and had put the security lock on, then I would have to wake them up to get in. the moment she said that I realized I had been going to bed and had not only put the security lock on but the door bolt before Cassandra said she wanted to go down to the casino and I left with her through her door. So now I had to go find Cassandra and get a key for her room. Luckily, she had come back to our casino but she could not find her key so she had to go to the front desk and get keys for her room. She gave me one and I got into my room through her room while she went back to the casino. It was now 5:30am. I have not stayed up this late in a long time but it was a fun night.

Sorry this blog was a little long and if your read the whole thing you get 4 stars. Remember to read my most recent blog to see what is new with Susan and also my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2019

Thanks for reading

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Sunday, we finally did top golf, day 6 of my vacation

We got up a little later, yes we are sleeping in till about 9am so I took some time to write my blog from Saturday. We have not been getting ready till around noon as we hope our makeup can last the whole day that way. Well while I was writing my blog I was also talking with Casandra and we were looking for things we could go here and that is how we came up with top golf. Okay just a fun fact I found out while we were searching Las Vegas online. The city of Las Vegas actually only goes to Sahara Ave, seems back in the 50’s the city tried to annex the strip for taxes and the 5 main casinos formed an unincorporated township called paradise and that is where the Las Vegas Strip is located so if you go to the Las Vegas Strip you really are not in las Vegas. Anyway, our plan was to be ready by 1pm and on our way. I was ready just a few minutes before 1 Cassandra and Veronica were just a few minutes after.

We got to top golf about 1:30 and went in. they were not as busy as last year but we still had a wait, the lady said we could get the bottom floor in about an hour or the second or third floor about 1 ½ hours. Now they had a gigantic big screen TV with college basketball playoffs on so Casandra was fine with waiting so we signed up for the third floor and went and found a table to watch the game. Now I was hungry so I ordered food as did Cassandra and Veronica. Now our waitress was awesome, now what I noticed is all the wait staff here are woman, very petite, pretty ladies and that seems to be the standard for a lot of places here in Las Vegas. Now as we sat there another waitress stopped by our table and told me how beautiful my nails were and that are nails were the same. She held her hands to mine and I kid you not, she had the same color and shape although mine were just a little longer. I thanked her of course and after wards thought I should have gotten a picture of our nails together. It was just about 3 when our golf spot was open. Now I have really wanted to try this since Melissa first told us about it but the biggest reason is, I wanted to see if I could golf with my nails as they are lot longer than I have had before and I know the first year I had a hard time gripping the club. Well there was no problem with my nails and even though they are longer, I am thinking the narrower shape helps.

Now if you have never done Top Golf it is really just a driving range, usually 3 stories high but where it differs is there are giant holes (targets) you aim for and the golf balls all have RF chips in them that track them, speed, distance and yes where you hit in the targets and you get points for what part of the target you hit. Now there is a lot of luck involved in this but it was fun. You pay a rental fee for the golf bay you are in and it varies depending on the day, time of day and level you want, night time is always more. You can have up to 6 people at a time. We played for two hours and got 3 games in, a game is each person hits 20 balls, it does go a little slower as you watch the TV screen to see where your ball went, like an instant replay. Cassandra won the first game, I won the second game and Cassandra won third but we all had a blast.

We left here and stopped by the Flamingo to pick Robin u and then back to the Four Queens. Cassandra wanted to completely redo everything, I needed to make some minor touch ups on my makeup. We also met up with Terri, she is a girl that Casandra has known online for probably 15 years but never met. Terri’s wife has known about her dressing in private but it was more don’t talk about it and pretend it doesn’t happen. Anyway, they had a long talk a while ago and although she doesn’t understand why she needs to be Terri she is supporting it somewhat now and has even seen pictures and let her move her girl things into the house which is a big step. Well any way Terri is here for here first Diva Las Vegas. This is her first time out in such a mainstream public setting. Well Robin and Terri went and got dinner while the rest of us cleaned up.

Later we all hooked up and walked up the Freemont Experience to the D which is the casino next to ours and found a little bar to sit in and talk. It was nice as it gave me a chance to get to know Terri, she was having a lot of fun and you could see the excitement in her face. I can remember my first Diva Las Vegas back in 2010, where has the time gone. We talked for a while before going back outside. We made a quick stop in the Freemont casino and Veronica played a little blackjack as we talked more. Then it was back to our hotel, it is nice downtown as the hotel casinos are not so big and easier to get around. Cassandra

and I sat down at a table to play some blackjack. There was a man at the other side of the table and then a couple next to him and I sat next to the one guy’s wife and they were fine with us. Cassandra didn’t last long and soon I was by my self at the table with the other people. Now the couple next to me were in their early 30’s I guess and they had been drinking. The lady next to me kept telling me how pretty I was and how she loved my nails which I always love hearing even the dealers compliments me on my nails. Now I never really got a head of the $100 I bought in with but I would win some and lose some and basically just float between $50 and maybe $120. Soon they left and other came into the table and I would talk to them and it was a lot of fun. Finally, a young lady sat down a few chairs over and it turns out she is in college. Now of course one of the things everyone askes is where you are from as you get people from all over the country here. It turns out she grew up a couple miles from where I live. She was just back home to visit her family as her sister just had a baby and from the way she talked I am guessing her parents live about 2 miles from where I do and her sister less than a mile. What are the odds. Well the table finally turned cold and I lost the last of my $100 so I figured it was time for bed. I was shocked when I looked at my phone and it was almost 2am. I had played for long time and it was so much fun as pretty much every one who sat at the table was very friendly and talkative. Yes, I lost another $100 today but am still up from when I got here.

Okay I have had my nails for 5 days and I am really loving them and I am getting use to them. Still small things are hard like picking up a single chip or coin or opening a ketchup packet for the hot dog I had yesterday. I did eat my hamburger today without to much trouble at least till I git down to the last few bites. I am already thinking about when I will have to remove them in a little over a week and how sad that will be, I really will miss them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life and keep up on my Las Vegas Vacation.

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Saturday, 3rd full day in Las Vegas, day 5 of my vacation

It is Saturday, our 3rd day in Las Vegas and the 5th day of my vacation and yes that means I have had my nails a full 4 days and I am loving it. I got up and wrote my blog from Friday, I am typing pretty well with my long nails now. It was about 11 when I started getting ready. I was ready by a little after 12. Now Robin comes to town today and Cassandra and I are picking here up at the airport about 1:45. I went down to the little café and got a hot dog for lunch as I waited for Cassandra to finish dressing. It really does amaze me how at ease I am walking around here as Susan with all the people. I was just finishing when Cassandra came down and we were off to pick Robin up.

We got to the airport and only had to wait about 10 minutes. It was great to see Robin again. Now it took a while to get her to her hotel, she is staying at the Flamingo this year. We dropped her off and drove down to Planet Hollywood and parked as you can still park there for free. This gives us a chance to walk through the mall and look around and then down the Strip with all the other people as we waited for Robin to get checked into her room and ready. Well we had no more then got and Robin texted Cassandra she was in the bar at the Flamingo by the sport book. So, we left and walked down the Strip to the Flaming to find Robin. Cassandra wanted to watch the college basketball playoffs. We found Robin and the two of them went to the sports bar to talk and watch the game. I decided to try my luck at the blackjack tables by the bar.

I found one and sat down to play. Two other young men sat down to play also and the girls with them stood behind them to watch. We started playing and I was doing okay winning more then I lost which always makes it more fun. Now the two guys were really bice and we were all talking and having a good time but I kept noticing one of the girls kept looking at me and I was wondering what she was thinking. Finally, she came over to me and told me how awesome my nails were and asked to see them. She said she wished she could have nails like mine. Now in the back of my mind I am think why would she not have them if she wanted them? Now even the dealer told me how awesome my nails were, I really love getting compliments on how I look as Susan but especially on my nails. Well I told her I knew how she felt as I would love to have my nails all the time and explained about Diva Las Vegas and how I couldn’t have these pretty long nails in my male life. I played for over an hour before my luck changed and I quit, I was up a little $125 when I stopped.

I went and found Cassandra and Robin, robin was just heading up to her room to change and re do her makeup for dinner so I joined Casandra to watch the college basketball. Now they had been sitting next to another couple and talking with them and we continued talking with them. Their names were Lauri and Bubba, I think that is his nick name. they are here from Colorado and they were awesome. We had a wonderful time talking with them of course it helped they all wanted the same team to win. We had a great tine with them. Veronica finally showed up, now right at the end the team they were cheering for lost. Robin came back down and it was time for dinner.

We walked outside in the pedestrian mall between the Flamingo and the LINQ and found a nice restaurant. It was called Chayo Mexican, we have eaten here in past years. We had a wonderful dinner as we all talked and yes, we did get a picture of our little group. After dinner we decided to go play some blackjack.

We went into the LINQ and found a blackjack table in O’sheas. We sat at a table that had young lady playing at and she was having a good time. We played for a while and I was not doing well. I got down to my last $15 bet and got ns 11 against a dealer 6 showing so I had to double down so I broke out another $100 and I lost. I kept playing and my luck didn’t get better. I actually lost here and it was my biggest lost this week $195. We all lost here, Cassandra was the biggest winner as she only lost $40

We walked back over to the Flamingo and Veronica went and played blackjack while Cassandra, Robin and I went and sat and talked for a while. We talked for about an hour and then we decided to go try our luck at the blackjack tables. We played for a while and my luck was not any better, I never did get a head and soon I lost my $100 so I quit. Today I finished down almost $300, I am still a head for the week so far but not as much fun when you lose. I want to blame it on being a Saturday night but I know that has nothing to do with it, just wasn’t my day.

Cassandra and in walked back to Planet Hollywood and got the car and came back and picked up veronica and the drove back to our hotel the four Queens. It was after 11:30 and as I have not been lucky at the tables I decided to go up to my room and go to bed. It was still a wonderful day.

Be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new and also my blog from Diva Las Vegas this year. Thanks for reading

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Friday, the second full day in Las Vegas, day 4 of my vacation

It is Friday and day 4 of my vacation, our second full day in Las Vegas. Now before I get on with the day’s events an update on my nails. I am getting more use to them, still having issues picking some things up, especially small things and chips but I am liking them more each day, and I have gotten several compliments on them. Really liking the length.

I got up this morning and wrote my blog from yesterday, I am getting better with typing with the nails. Once I finished my blog I started getting dressed. I am not sure what time I was ready but it was before noon. Cassandra was also ready so we decided to go and check out the other side of the Strip. Veronica had a few things she needed to do so Cassandra let her take the car and we took an Uber to the New York New York casino. We went in and found a Blackjack table and started to play. Now yesterday we did this and we all did well, well Veronica and I won money, Cassandra lost a little although she won at 7 of the 9 casinos but for her the two casinos, she lost at were the two she bet bigger at. Now our luck was with us again as we both left with more money then we started with. Now what we are doing is when we get a head and start losing, we quit. When you play blackjack most of the time at some point you will win some money the problem is you tend to keep playing when your luck charges. Doing it this way a lot of time you don’t play for long at one place. We left here with our winnings.

We walked over to the Excalibur and went in. Cassandra wanted to check out the restaurant we went to the other night, Dicks last resorts to see if they had enough room for a big group incase we can get a Diva Las Vegas dinner set up here for next year. After we did that, we found a blackjack table and sat down to play. We played for a little while and it took a little work but eventually we were both winning so we quit and once again had more money than we started with.

We left here and walked up to the Park hotel casino, formerly the Monte Carlo. We looked around and found a blackjack table. There was an elderly lady sitting alone at the table playing so we sat down to play. It turns out today was her 90th birthday, her name was Sasha. Well we introduced ourselves and talked with her a little. She said she was going to leave till as she said us lovely ladies sat down. She was s fun to play with and when we gave the dealer our player cards and the pit boss gave our cards back, he used our male names as that was what was on the cards and they all do it but he wished us ladies luck. Anyway, Cassandra made the comment we looked a little different then our names, didn’t seem to faze Sasha she just said it sure is fun to get dressed up sometimes. The dealer also commented on how awesome my nails were and wished she could have her nails like mine. We played a little longer here as we were enjoying playing with Sasha and sharing her 90th birthday. We finally quit and yes, we were both 3 for 3 as we left with more money than we started with. As a matter of fact, I was up over $200 by now.

We walked to the Aria and went in, this is one of the newer resorts on the strip and really big and higher end. Now they did have a few $15 tables but they were all full so as we were feeling pretty good on how we were doing today we sat down at a $25 table. We played for a little while and I did better than Cassandra. Which sound pretty good but it really wasn’t. Cassandra lost 6 hands in a row, not one win or push. I actually won 2 hands and had ne puch but it was only a few minutes and Cassandra had lost $150 and myself $100. We were still both up for the day but it was a letdown.

We were a little hungry and wanted a break so we walked across to the Planet Hollywood casino and went to a restaurant in the miracle mile mall called Blondie to eat. We got a table and Veronica texted us to see where we were so we waited for her to catch up with us before we ate. I did get our waitress to get a picture of Cassandra and me as we waited for Veronica and of course a selfie. Veronica got there and we had a nice late afternoon dinner as we watched some college basketball. After we ate, we went into the casino and all 3 of us played blackjack. My luck was not good so I quit before I lost to much, I was down $50, I think Cassandra won $5 and Veronica also lost.

We walked next door to the Paris and found a blackjack tale. We were working our way back down the Strip again. Now my luck changes as did all of ours. We played for a while and all left winners with more money than we sat down with and for the day I still had more money than I started with.

We walked down to the LINQ and went in to pay Blackjack as we all did well here yesterday. It started off bad and soon I was down to mt last $15 but then things turned around. By the time we quit I had won $95, I had got back a lot of what I lost at the two casinos I lost at. We once again all walked away with more then we started with.

We went next door to Harrah’s and found a blackjack table. Now our dealer here was awesome, we really did have great dealers at all the casinos but the one here, Sarah was so much fun, she was high fiving us and joking with us and really wanted us to win, she was awesome. The sad thing is she was on a hot streak and I was the first one out, we actually played for a while but I never got a head. I would get down to my last $15 and then win a couple and then lose again and finally my $100 was gone. We had played at 7 casinos and I lost at only 3 so it was a good day. Even though when I lost it was bigger than when I won, I was still up about $160 for the day.

We caught an Uber back to our hotel the Four Queens. It was only about 9:0 so we went into the casino to play Blackjack. We all started at the same table but soon we were all at different tables. I played a little over n hour and just steadily kept winning. It was a $5 table and that is what I was betting. I had bought in with $100 and when I quit a little before 11, I had $223 so it was a good way to end the day, up almost $300 for the day. I know this won’t happen every day but so far, I am doing pretty good.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new and also my blog from Diva Las Vegas 2019 this year to follow my vacation and 12 days of living as Susan full time.

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Thursday evening of Diva Las Vegas

We got back from the Hoover Dam at 1 so we were rushed as we needed to be to Top Golf at 2 so we were in a rush. We went to our rooms just long enough to make a quick change and we were on our way. We got to Top Golf at 1:45 and they were packed. Now being so busy they would not take reservation without a huge deposit so we took our chances and as in all things in Las Vegas the odds were not with us. They said it would be at least a 2 hour wait so now we had an issue as the farewell dinner started at 6. We decided to go to the bar and have a snack as we have not eaten yet today and see if something opened early.

There were about 12 of us so we had a few tables put together so we could all sit together and talk. Now we had a nice time and stayed here till after 3 but nothing opened up. Cassandra, Julie, Veronica and I talked and we decided to skip the farewell dinner and go get a nice steak dinner. Veronica wanted to try Gordon Ramsay pub and grill at Caesars Palace. We went back to our hotel and cleaned up and changed as I wanted a dress for tonight. Cassandra had made reservation for 7 so we ad to rush a little as it was not just the getting to Caesars Palace but parking and then walking to where the restaurant is as the resorts on the strip are huge. We got there right at 7 and went in. now I have never herd of this place but it is kind of like Ruth’s Chris.

We all ordered and I went with the Prime rib ($55) as I love Prim Rib. Now I don’t go to place like this, high end but every once in a while, it is worth it. Our food came and I will say it was a really good dinner and I would say it was every bit as good as Ruth Chris and not as expensive so I would give then a better rating. We really did have a nice dinner and great conversation. After dinner we had to walk through the casino so to keep my players card active I put it in a slot machine with $5, I am not a fan of slot machines but it works. Luckily for my $5 I walked away with almost $25 it was a good night

We got back to the hotel and we all went into the casino to play a little Blackjack. I got to sit at a table with anther T-girl and her wife, the funny thing is she was not here for Diva Las Vegas. They were just on vacation and saw Cassandra in the casino last night and she decided to come to the casino today as her female self, Candy. They were both really nice and I enjoyed talking with them and we played for several hours. And I only lost $40 so it was a good night.

It was about midnight when I stopped playing and went over to see how Veronica was doing as Julie and Cassandra had already gone up to bed. Veronica has her favorite table and she was easy to find. She was doing okay so I stood behind her and we talked a little as she played. Now I was on my black and gold dress and my flat sandals and just standing there when a man came by and asked if he could by me a drink. I thanked him but said no. Wow this is twice this week, still not comfortable with this. It was almost 1 am when I got to bed, another late night. We are going golfing again in the morning so it will mean getting up at 6:45am again. I am going to need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep up with what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog and also my blog for Diva Las Vegas 2018. Here is one of my favorite pictures from this week.

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Fun night with friends.

Well it was another awesome Friday night, I so look forward to them as I get to spend time with some of my best friends. I have said it before but to me it is not really where we are or what we are doing as long as I am with friends. Well I started getting ready at 5 pm as I wanted a little extra time to get ready and enjoy myself. I really enjoy the whole art of being Susan and that includes the getting ready as well as the getting undone at the end of the night although that part is always a little sad. I don’t want to be Susan all the time but I do wish I could be her a little more than I do at times especially when I have to miss one of my chances. Well I left my house a little after 7 and was to the P-Club before 7:30.

Well there were no parking spots in their lot and I found one on the street at the end of the block. I went in and they were packed, it turns out one of their regulars was having her 50th birthday party. Now I was a little over dressed compared to the other woman there as I worn one of my favorite black dresses, 4″ heels and my red lipstick. Well I walked through the club up to our normal tables which 2 were still open and sat down; I was the first one there. I was also very careful to walk as feminine as I could in my heels as I am sure people were watching. I waited about 10 minutes and still no one else had arrived so I walked back through the crowd and stood in line at the bar to order a drink and food again very careful of my walk. Now what I means about my walk is you can walk in heels but woman can do that walk where they place one foot in front of the other with a little swing to their hips which does take practice in 4″ heels and I can do it but I have to be thinking about it as it does not come naturally to me. While standing in line Michelle a GG I met here a while back came over and gave me a hug and said how nice I looked tonight. We chatted while I got my drink and then I was back to my table.

Soon other started showing up, Cassandra, Bobby, Cristine, Robin, Amy, Samantha, Sophie and her wife Lorna, and even Monica, sorry if I missed someone. We all ate dinner and had a great time. The lady celebrating her 50 birthday brought over some cake she had left over for us which was very nice, we all wished her a happy birthday and chatted for a bit.

Amy and I played a game of shuffle board and this week I won which made up for her winning last week. Some of the girls would dance and a few played pool but I was just having fun sitting and talking with my friends which is funny as my male self is not that big on just sitting and having a conversation. Veronica and I talked for a bit and I got to hear about her job as a truck driver and what she has been doing.

Robin and I also talked and got to find out about her transitioning to full time. She has told a few key people where she works and will go full time the end of the month. She is also changing her name and she has chosen Victoria which is very lovely but will take time to get use to calling her Victoria.

Soon I was at the table with Victoria, Monica, Sophie and Lorna and we were all talking. Lorna and I are not dancers so we really got a chance to talk as the other 3 kept going out to dance. Lorna has some great stories and so wonderful that she is supportive of Sophie.

This lady came over and wanted to compare heels as she was worried w3e may have hotter heels then she did. She was really fun and really had these bluish 5″ heels with platforms, they were really cute. We talked a bit before she left to join her friends.

A young girl came over and started talking, she thought I was so beautiful which again made me feel great, what girl does not love hearing that. We chatted for a bit and I could tell she thought we were all gay so I worked it into the conversation that we weren’t and that for me I just like to be Susan sometime but most times I am my male self. She thought that was great and I even got a picture with her. I really loved he eyes as she has the little wings that give that cat eye look that I just can’t seem to get the hang of.

Another couple came over Lisa and Frank, Lisa had been dancing with Robin, and Amy and sat and talked with us. Frank wanted to play some pool so Robin played him first and he won than Cassandra played him and won 3 games in as row. They were both really nice but Lisa had had a lot to drink so I think she may not even remember us being there last night.

A little later this guy came up and wanted to know if we would take a picture with him and well you all know how I and most T-girls feel about our pictures being taken. We could not get out of are chairs fast enough and pose with him. His girlfriend took a couple pictures and he thanked us and they left.

It was getting late and Tawny came back to say goodbye and gave me a hug and asked if we could get a group picture so again out came my camera and several of us posed with her, Veronica, Susan, Tawny, Robin and Cristine. This was great as it gave me a chance to take a couple pictures which I have not done for a while. It was a really fun night and We left the P-club about 1:30.

Veronica had taken a cab to the club as she had planned on drinking and didn’t want to drive which is very responsible. I think all the girls in our group are very good about not drinking and driving which is awesome and I have always told them I would drive them home if they needed as I don’t drink. Anyway I gave Veronica a ride back to her hotel and we stopped at Shari’s as Veronica was hungry plus I thought it would be fun to stop there and it gave us a chance to chat some more. It was also fun for us to walk into Shari’s in our short dresses and high heels. We did get some looks but no one said anything. I had a piece of pie and Veronica had breakfast and we sat and talked for maybe 40 minutes before leaving. Veronica’s hotel was just the other side of the parking lot so I dropped her off and then went home.

It was a really fun night and all because of my awesome friends. I am one blessed girl that way. Any way have a wonderful week and I am sure I will make it to Starbuck’s this week but probably Wednesday or Thursday night.

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