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Susan time again.

Well Susan found some time for herself Friday night. It always seems the summer is so busy and this year has been no exception. For a girl who gets out twice a week to go a month with only 3 times is hard. And it looks like the next several weeks will be just as hard for Susan to get out. I really like the summer as it is so nice and warm and one can wear all the cute summertime cloths but I will be glad to see fall come and things slow down so I can get back into my normal Susan time out.

Well as I said Susan has been out so little she was really looking forward to Friday night so I took extra time getting ready which is always so relaxing. It is strange how in normal life we rush through things like getting ready in the morning and I if we all slowed down and took the time to enjoy the little things how much happier we would all be. Now I admit for men there is not a lot of things we do to get ready and I think that is why I so enjoy being Susan.

I got to the P-club right at 7:30 and Chris, Amy and Norma were already there so I joined them. We all ordered something to eat and just enjoyed some quiet conversation for a while. Soon Cassandra, Cristine, Bobby and Robin showed up so we had a small little group. The P-Club really is a nice place to go because it has so much to offer. It has a dance floor, (not always the greatest music), ping pong, two pool tables, lots of TV’s if you want to watch one of the games and shuffle board plus it is big enough inside that even with the music you can still carry on a conversation without yelling. The staff that works here also is wonderful to us and really even the customers for the most part have been great and make us feel welcome.

Well a couple of us played pool and shuffle board, I played two games of shuffle board and lost both. Amy was really hot last night and was always knocking my puck off if I put it close to the end to score a point. Still a lot of fun though as it was all about being out with friends.

The P-club had a live band last night and once they started playing about 10:30 it did get a little loud inside. The music really wasn’t to my taste but it did bring a lot of people in which is good for the club. There were lots of girls there that were really dressed hot and we would check them out both for how cute they were but also what they were wearing and how we would look in the same outfit. It would be so cool if I could wear some of those outfits but I have to realize with my height and size some things just won’t work on me and that is okay.

Later on we started talking about different things we as a group have done and could do in the future, Cassandra is always looking for new ideas as our group has grown so much and not everyone likes or wants to do the same thing. We have 219 members now and I would say about 25% of them go out on a regular basis which really is amazing.

We also talked about Transgender people and who they are and the differences that make us such a diverse group. It is strange as some are so hung up on the term they are called such as transgender, t-girl, transsexual, crossdresser and these terms can be important as they define who we are but what I have found is those outside our community really do not understand or know the difference. Most people do not know the difference between the terms. In other words if your only exposure to our community is through a drag show then if you see a guy in a dress you will think they are a drag queen. Now for me I am a croddresser. I like to dress and present myself as female. I do not want to be female full time or change my body to be more feminine but if someone refers to me as a drag queen or transsexual I do not take offence. Now if I get the chance I will tell them and explain the differences but I cannot fault them for not knowing something but yet some T-girls get so upset over this. There are members in our own community that don’t fully understand everyone.

I had a transsexual woman e-mail me who could not understand how I could want to dress and look so pretty and not want to be female. The best I could do is say it was what I wanted and how I felt. Even I don’t fully understand transsexuals, and what I mean by this is I can understand the belief they are female in a man’s body or their desire to be female full time but the emotions they go through.

T-girls as a group all share a common bond, we love femininity and being female in some way be it one piece of cloths to fully dressed but we are all individual in why. The reasons I dress may not be the same for you, what is right for me is not for you and what is right for you may not be what I want. That does not mean one way is more right or better. I do what is right for me and I expect others to do what is right for them and as long as we all look at it this way and except the person for who they are then we really do have the best community around.

I have got a couple emails where people state they always wanted to ask but were afraid of offending someone. Now I believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. Now the only way you will learn something is to ask and as long as you ask in a respectful way (no name calling) then ask away. It is a shame that people have this fear about offending someone simply by asking a question, I guess we have become too politically correct. Yes we have the right to dress how we want and we expect others to respect that but that does not take away your right to ask us why. Who knows by talking to us you may find we are no different than you and we may become friends.


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