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Manicure and Pedicure today

Well I have always wanted to get a pedicure and today worked out to fit right in. I needed to redo the nail polish on my toes and I had the day off so I made an appointment at Glamorous Nails. I first went here two years ago when I got back from Diva Las Vegas to have my acrylic nails removed and they did a fabulous job and treated me wonderful. This was the third time I have gone there because it is a bit of a drive as they are way out in Beaverton.

I left a little early because I wasn’t sure how traffic would be that time of morning and it wasn’t bad so I was over there by 9:20 and they didn’t open till 10 when my appointment was. So what is a girl to do, I stopped at Walgreen’s as I needed some Concealer and mineral makeup (use this for contouring). Well they had a buy one get one 50% off so I also picked up a couple eye shadows in more earth tone colors suitable for daytime.

I got to the salon just before 10 and they were open so I went in. there were already 2 other woman there but they have 5 woman working there so there was no wait. I picked out a pretty red color for my toes, and planed on a clear coat on my figures. They filled the foot tub with warm water and I had a seat. The chairs give you a back massage. The lady doing my nails today is the same one who has done them the last 2 time, her name is Thuy (pronounced Twee), I had to ask her.

The pedicure was awesome; they soak your feet, put oils on your feet and lower leg and then massage your feet and leg, so relaxing and felt wonderful. It took about 45 minutes to do my feet and finished off with a pretty red nail polish. My feet and legs have never looked better. The whole time customers were coming in and soon 4 of their 6 pedicure chairs were being used and a couple more ladies waiting guess they didn’t call for an appointment.

Well it was now time to do my manicure so we moved over to another table and she started on my finger nails. This also includes lotion and an arm and hand massage. The manicure only took 20 minutes and time for nails to dry so the whole thing start to finish about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cost was $40 plus a tip; I guess a little spendy but really worth it. I can see why woman love going there. I think even men would enjoy this just get a clear coat polish. I think I will try to make this a somewhat regular thing as so much easier and relaxing then trimming and painting my own toe nails.

Well after I left there I stopped at Fred Meyers and looked around at their clothes but didn’t find anything I wanted. So I headed back home and stopped at a Starbuck’s for an apple fritter and a hot chocolate as I was a little hungry. The one I stopped at I have been to before as a matter of fact it was the first Starbucks Susan went to a few years back. It is a couple miles away from the one I regularly go to. I picked this one for two reasons; first I was at the other Starbucks last night and didn’t want to go there two days in a row. The second reason is this is the one Katie came to to be the Assistant manager, Katie worked at the one I go to all the time and was always so nice to me so I was kind of hoping she still worked here. I haven’t seen her yet so will ask on my way out about her.

Well from here I think I will stop at one more store on my way home as I am not quite ready for my day to end. I am planning at this point at least to go out to the P-Club for a couple hours tonight to spend some time with my friends. Diane is in town from North Carolina and as she gets to town so little I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see her plus I want to hear all about her trip to Southern Comfort this year, she posted some wonderful pictures and one has her and Maryanne who I met at the first Diva Las Vegas. She is also wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing her at the next Diva Las Vegas.


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  1. Hi Susan,

    All that pampering sounds like so much fun. Looking forward to seeing the final result 🙂

    Don’t work too hard, Anna x

    Comment by Anna Arendt | October 1, 2011 | Reply

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