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Monday of Diva Las Vegas

It is Monday of Diva Las Vegas 2018 and tonight is the opening dinner at Bahama Breeze which is always one of the most fun things we do, other than that we really have no plans for the day. I got up at 9am and wrote my blog from yesterday and then started getting ready. I knew Cassandra would not be out till 3 so I texted the other girls to see what they were doing. I was ready by noon and had herd from Laura and Kate and they were out walking the Freemont Experience so that was where I was going. I got downstairs and met them in the lobby. We went in and I showed them how to play Blackjack, Kate was the big winner as she only lost $5. That should tell you all you need to know about how I did. Kate had something to do for a little while so Laura and I walked out onto the Freemont street which is a pedestrian mall now and just walked and talked for a while.

Kate caught up with us and we decided to walk down to the Container mall, it is a shopping area with all the stores well mostly food stands made out of shipping containers stacked on each other. We checked out some of the shops but really it was more about just being out. We did get lunch well a snack and sat out on the patio and talked and of course a few pictures. It was a really nice warm day just a little windy. It was about 3 when we walked back to our hotel, Cassandra had texted me she was at the tables so we walked in to find her. We walked around the tables but didn’t see her. It had only been about 15 minutes since she texted me so I figured she was still upstairs so we headed up to change. We ran into Cassandra as we were getting off the elevator. Seems the tables were still cold as she had gone down, lost and came back up to get more money all in 20 minutes. She went downstairs and the rest of us went to change

Now I had my dress all picked out for tonight also the heels s it didn’t take me long to get ready I went back downstairs and found Michele, Julie and Cassandra at the Blackjack table and joined them. Tables were still cold and again I lost, the dealer was on a hot streak. It was almost 5 and we wanted to go to dinner early so we headed to the lobby to meet up with all the girls going and of course we had to take a few more pictures. I really love this dress as I think it is an elegant look. Also took the opportunity to get a picture with Kate as we both had on cute dresses. It is nice as they let you take pictures inside the casinos now.

We all left and went to the Bahama Breeze for dinner. As I said always a fun night and a lot if not all the employees who work tonight taking care of our group actually ask to work it, how awesome is that. Now this is probably the biggest get together and the one you will see the largest number of girls at. Now tonight from 5 to 6 was the first-time attendee get together, happy hour from6 to 7 and dinner at 7. We got there about 5:30 and got our tables. It was Cassandra, Veronica, Julie, Laura, Kate, Melissa, Tara, Kay Mechie, Kimberly Melissa and her wife that we tried to sit together. Brenda was also here from Portland so we had a huge group.

We went up and met the new girls that were here for the first time and tried to make them feel welcome, I remember my first time. I had Cassandra and Peggy with me but it was still intimidating with so many new people. I talked a little with all of them. I got to meet Jamie which was nice, she has followed my blog and we got to meet in person. She has been going out where she lives. It really is fun meeting new people but can be a little intimidating as she has followed my blog for a while so she already knew a lot about me. She is really nice though and I hope we get to get together and talk more

Also met a girl named ShanShan and this was her first Diva Las Vegas, she was a little nervous but she was doing really well and she actually flew here as her female self. Something I have not done yet but when we go on our cruise this fall I will get to fly as Susan than. She was really nice also as all the girls are. I met a few other new girls and of course got to talk with some I have met at other Diva Las Vegas. I think this is my 7th time her and I really have met some wonderful friends. I was sad Beverly couldn’t make it this year as I was really looking forward to seeing her again.

We ordered dinner and of course I had to get a selfie and a picture with Julie. I had a steak tonight which was really good, all the food is good and I would recommend coming here for dinner. It really was a wonderful night and amazing how fast it went by. Of course, we did our big group picture which will be on the Diva Las Vegas web page later this summer as will so many pictures as everyone will send them in over the next few months so if you didn’t make it you will still be able to see pictures of what went on.

It was after 9 when we were done with dinner and ready to leave. Of course, we still walked around and talked with people. I got another chance to talk with Jamie and told her when she comes to Portland let me know. There were so many pictures taken tonight I am really looking forward to see them all.

We left and went back to our hotel, we went into the casino to see what was going on and it was really busy. Julie and I sat down at a Blackjack Table Veronica was playing at to play for a little while and that was all it was. About 20 minutes and my money was gone. It was not my day for gambling today. 3 times and I lost all 3. So, we headed up to our rooms to get some sleep as we have to get up early tomorrow for Golf. Now I always tell people this, it is not how well you play golf but how cute you look playing golf.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in my life on my most recent blog

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