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Tuesday night of Diva Las Vegas

It is Tuesday evening and we have just got back from golfing which was so much fun, Thanks Cassandra for coordination that. Now tonight we are doing a parry bus bar crawl which I am not sure about as I don’t drink but I think it would be fun to go around and see some of the places. We got back to our rooms and wanted to relax a little. It was about 5:30 and I decided to touch up my makeup and then go down to the casino for a little while before we mat at 8pm to go out. Now this is the one bad thing about getting up and ready so early. I fully understand what woman go through on long and busy days to try and look your best. Now with the long wear lipstick it still looked awesome but there were a few areas of my makeup that needed help. I started touching it up and it just got worse and after about 10 minutes I knew I could not fix it and would need to redo it so I was starting from scratch. I had to remove the long wear lipstick and then take a shower so needless to say it was not a fast change. It was about 7 when I was all ready and choosing my dress for tonight. I figured for a bar crawl my little black dress was perfect.

Cassandra was almost ready so I talked with her while she finished. By the time we were both ready there really wasn’t time to hit the casino as we had about 30 minutes so we just relaxed till it was time to go. We met downstairs at 8 to drive over to the Flamingo. We got to the Flamingo and it took a little time to figure out where we were meeting. The big issues with the casinos on the strip is there size, they are so big it is hard to get around especially in heels. We found Robyn who is coordinating this event, again she doesn’t live here but set this all up on the phone and through e-mails, thanks Robyn. We had about 25 and Robyn passed out the schedule1 ½ hours at the Voodoo club at the Rio, 1 ½ at the Golden Tiki, and 1 ½ hours at the Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan. Must have been my blonde hair but I thought this would be about 3 hours we will not get back to the flamingo till almost 2 am.

We got on the bus and over to the Rio. The Voodoo club is on the roof and I do mean roof they have a patio up there and you get a wonderful view of the city which at night is awesome. It was a little chilly but I look cute in my dress and that was all that mattered. Now we all took a lot of pictures out on the roof with the city in the background. It really was a wonderful place to go even for those who don’t drink. I don’t know what drinks cost here but I do know they charge a cover charge at 10pm Woman $10 and men $20, I guess being female is better but we got there early so no cover. Now I usually don’t talk in my blogs about using the ladies room as I only feel it is important if there is an issue which I really have not had issues with but I did se the ladies room here and before you get excited there was no problem but you can tell you are at a high-end place when they have bathroom attendants. The ladies room was immaculate, probably cleaner than my house and there were 1 ladies working in there, one cleaning and one to help you. I went to wash my hands and she was right there to put soap in my hands and when I was done she handed me paper towels to dry my hands. I felt like a prince, this was a first for Susan, the life style of the rich and famous. I threw $3 dollars in the tip jars as I really have no idea what to tip someone for this, if it was too little well I am a blonde and new to this life style, if it was to much well who cares I felt like a prince and that was worth the money. We sat inside for a little while and talked mainly as with my heels and the walking we had done my feet needed a rest. This was a wonderful place to go.

We left here and the next stop was the Golden Tiki which is a local spot off the strip. It was really nice but pretty dark inside and I really think it is a place locals go to meet others. It was mostly young people in their 20’s and the girls were all really pretty, thin with really pretty dresses or outfits but the one thing they all had in common was no heels. Seems I haven’t learned that yet. Again no one paid any attention to us. We got a table with of us at and I did order a coke. Most of the girls got big girl drinks and a few came to the table on fire. It really was a nice place and they all said their drinks were wonderful. We also got an appetizer which was really good. Cassandra, Laura and Veronica took an Uber back to the car and called it a night. Julie and I hung in and stayed. We had a nice time talking with some of the other girls, Melissa and her wife were also at our table as was Jamie, not the one I met golfing today but the one I met at the Bahama Breeze. It was nice to talk with them all. It Was almost midnight and getting close to time for bus to pick us up so even though my feet were dead we got up and walked around and looked at the place. It is a nice locals place to go and worth it as a change to the strip.

Instead of getting on the bus and gong to the next stop, Julie and I were getting tired s Julie ordered up an Uber and we thanked Robyn and said our goodbyes and then took an Uber back to our hotel. it was about 12:30am when we got back so it was right up to our rooms to go to bed. I actually did have a good time though which considering I don’t drink means it was a fun event.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new on my most recent blog.


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  1. I don’t drink either, Susan, so it is good to know that it is a good event for non-drinkers. I plan to be at DLV next year because I should be moving to Las Vegas this summer. Perhaps I’ll see you on the party bus next year!

    xoxox Sami from

    Comment by samibrowncd | April 20, 2018 | Reply

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