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Thursday and we are going to tour the Hoover Dam

Our big thing today is going to the Hoover Dam for a tour and of course pictures. Over the years I have come to Las Vegas many times and have gone and looked at the Hoover Dam and always wanted to take the tour, well this year we are going to do it. Julie, Cassandra and I are going to meet Melissa and her wife at the Hoover Dam at 9am so that means getting up early again. A fun vacation but late nights and early mornings. We were ready and in the car by 8am and on our way, takes about 40 minutes to get there.

As we were getting close Cassandra saw a sign so of course we had to stop and get pictures, have to wonder what the cars going by thought. We each took several pictures here and I really liked the way this one turned out, I actually have a cute pose. We were only about 10 minutes from the Dam here.

We got to the Hoover Dam and parked, Melissa and her wife arrived as we were getting out of the car so perfect timing. We had to wait a little as they don’t open till 9 so we looked around a little from the outside. It was also a little windy. I really think the wind is the thing I hate most about being female as it messes up my hair.

We went inside the visitor center and had to go through a security check and medal detector. Another new experience for Susan but it is just like it is at the airport so good practice for when we take our cruise this fall. We got tickets for the 10:15 tour so we had a little time to watch a short movie about the building of the Dam and go through their exhibits. Now they were really busy and so many people but I really didn’t think about how I was dressed, as a matter of fact we were all just being ourselves and not thinking about anything else, how wonderful is that. None of us even noticed if people were watching us. We actually did two tours as there is the powerhouse tour and the Dam tour, each takes about 30 minutes. Now the tour is informative and I would say if you get the chance to go you should. That being said once you have gone on it you don’t need to go again as you really don’t see anything from inside. This is a selfie of me inside the tunnel in the Dam but they do give you some history and information that is kind of fun. I think the best pictures were outside in the wind of course.

You really do get some great views from the Dam so by al means you need to go and walk the top of the Dam and look at everything. We were her a few hours as it was almost noon when we left. Now they built a new Bridge about 10 years ago to get traffic off the top of the Dam and you can walk out on the bridge and look down on the Dam, wonderful views. It is hard to find this but I have been here a couple times as my male self so I knew where it was. I told Cassandra where to turn and she was convinced it was just a parking lot which really is what it looks like. We did park and climbed the hill and walked out on the bridge and the view was spectacular. Of course, we got some wonderful pictures. This is Susan with the wind-blown look. There were lots of people here also doing the same thing we were, getting pictures and no one seemed to give us a second look.

We didn’t spend a lot of time here but the view was wonderful and worth the stop. We left here about 12:30 and we got back to our hotel right about 1 pm and had to rush to get ready as we are doing top golf at 2 and it will take aboutv30 minutes to get there but that will be the next blog. There are a few more pictures below.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what is knew with Susan on her most recent blog and also what I did at Diva Las Vegas 2018.

Yes, it has been a great week but is coming to an end way to fast as I knew it would. I have had my beautiful long red nails now for a full week and now I am already starting to think about Tuesday when I will have to have the shortened and the red removed, it will be so sad.


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Wednesday of Diva Las Vegas 2018

It is Wednesday of Diva Las Vegas 2018 and we are having a blast although we are getting a latter start today as it was a late night again last night. I slept in a little so it was a late start getting ready I texted the girls and most were not getting ready yet. Laura and I agreed to meet at 1 and figure something out went casual with leggings and a cute top and was downstairs right at 1 and met Laura. It was a nice day so we walked out onto the Freemont street. We just strolled around talking and being out with the people and the warm weather and of course taking pictures. It was amazing how fast the tome went as we really didn’t do anything.

We got back to our hotel and had a quick snack as we waited for Veronica and Cassandra. We had time before we had to leave for dinner so into the casino we went. I did better today as I actually got to play for over an hour and only lost $45 so compared to the other day it was a big win, all kidding aside it was fun though as I got to meet some nice people and have a good time.

We were leaving for dinner at 5 so about 4:45 we all went upstairs, I wanted t touch up my makeup and put my black skirt on for dinner. We left right at 5 for dinner at PF Changs. There were 6 of us going and we all squeezed into Cassandras car so we were a little cozy. We got to Planet Hollywood which is where PF Chang was and Cassandra dropped us off out front and went to park. This is one of the bigger hotel casinos on the strip so it was nice not to have to walk so far although I did have flats on today.

We were early so we went to aa bar in the casino for a while to wait and to give Cassandra a chance to catch up with us. It is funny how comfortable we have all gotten. A few years back we would have all stayed in a group but Cassandra was fine walking in by herself and it is a long walk. We talked for a while before going over to the restaurant a little after 5. We were the first to arrive. Which was surprising as we were meeting at 5 with dinner at 6. Now we had 20 I think signed up but 11 were from our group. A smaller turnout which was strange as this has always been one of the better dinner turnouts at Diva Las Vegas. It was closer to 6 when more girls showed up and of course we were all taking pictures. This is me trying to make a cute pose which for some reason is harder then it looks when other girls do it.

Other girls started to show up and of course some were new and on there first Diva Las Vegas and others had been to several. It was good to talk with some of the girls I met in years past as this is the only time I get to see them and talk to them. We all ordered dinner and of course talked and took way too many pictures. It was a lot of fun.

Dinner arrived and we all had to sit back down to eat. Now the food here is really good and kind of a group style as the plates you order are way more than one person can eat. So, we all picked out things we wanted and ordered them and then we passed them around with others to share. It worked out really well.

Kate showed up and had her girlfriend with her. Now her girlfriend has known about Kate and even seen pictures but today was her first-time meeting Kate. Now that would be hard enough now ad to it going out to dinner in Las Vegas and meeting all of us. Even I was nervous as I wanted to make a good impression. They sat down and ordered food and I gave them some time to let them get comfortable before I went over and joined them. Now Kate’s girlfriend was really nice and seemed really okay with Kate which was awesome. We talked for a while and I got to know a little about her and she got to know a little about me. Once I started talking with her I felt a little more at ease and we all had a great time.

Melissa and her wife also came over and met Kate’s girlfriend ad the 5 of us talked for quite a while. It was really nice. Kate’s girlfriend was every bit as wonderful as Kate had said she was and I know this must have been a little nervous for her also. Julie also cam over and met her and it was nice as we didn’t all descend on her at one time giving her a little bit of a chance to meet us.

It was after 9 when we left the restaurant, Cassandra went and got the car and picked us up out front. We all went back to the casino and of course went to the Blackjack table. I sat down and started playing and had a really fun couple next to me, Rosy and her husband Joshua, and of course I had Veronica, Laura and Cassandra on the other side of me. We played for a while and soon Cassandra went on to bigger betting tables, veronica to her favorite table and then Laura to find her slot machine so it was just 3 of us at the table but not for long. Another couple sat down at the other end and their names were Denise and Jim. Now the only reason I know this is Denise was well let’s just say she was celebrating all night and she kept asking everyone’s name and of course introducing them.

Now other than the first day where I just had a really good day at the tables it has been slow and although I was not winning big I was winning ore then I lost so my stack of chips was growing. Now tis was a fun table as everyone was cheering for each other and so we were high fiving when we won it was just a lot of fun. I had a great time. I sat and played for a long time as it was 12:30 when I had to call it a night as we are once again getting up early tomorrow as we want to go to Hoover Dam and take the tour and get pictures. I knew I was up as my stack was bigger than when I sat down but when I cashed in I had $235. So, I got back what I lost today and some of what I lost yesterday. I am guessing I am pretty close to being even on gambling which for 4 days is pretty good. I went up to my room and got ready for bed. It really was a great day and I was so glad to meets Kate’s girlfriend as I have been looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in Susan life on my most recent blog.

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