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Sunday in Las Vegas, day 3 of Diva Las Vegas vacation

It is Sunday, Day 3 of my Vacation to Diva Las Vegas 2018 and our first full day in Las Vegas. Now we really have nothing planned for today so we slept in and got a late start. I got up about 9am and worked on my blog from yesterday as our plan was to start getting ready around 11. It was a relaxing morning. I started getting ready, taking my time and enjoying every minute. I really do love my time getting ready although Tuesday may be a little different as we have to leave for the golf course at 7:30am which means I will have to be up by 6am to get ready. My male self could have rolled out of bed at 7:15 and been ready. Now I have been doing a good job on daytime makeup although I have been going with more of a matte red lipstick, not real bright but still a red butt hey its Vegas.

Now I knew Cassandra would wear a dress so I texted Julie to see what she was going to wear as I was leaning towards a skirt and top. Julie texted back she was wearing a skirt also so it was decided, my Black skirt was what I would wear. I was close to being ready and Cassandra asked how long I would be as Robyn was here and wanted to go to lunch, I told her 10 minutes and that was fine as she still wasn’t ready. Now Robyn had just got here and her room wasn’t ready so she was in her male mode. I texted Julie and she was ready so she was going to meet us downstairs. Now I think I met Robyn last year here at Diva Las Vegas.

We all met up and decided to go to Chicago Brewing here at the casino, 3 beautiful ladies with their male escort. We got to the restaurant and got a table where we could watch the NBA finals and also the Dodgers game on another TV so Cassandra was happy. Now we talked about what we should do and decided we would go to the Buffet at the Golden Nugget next door for dinner at 7pm. Cassandra sent out a text to the girls from our group telling them where we would be for dinner and they all said they would meet us there. Now doing a big buffet for dinner I just had a small Caesar salad for lunch. We had a relaxing meal and good conversation. It was about 3 when we finished lunch.

Robyn went and checked into her room and said she was going to take a short nap before getting ready for dinner, Cassandra was going to go play some Blackjack and I wanted to walk down to Walgreens and get some Dove soap as that was the one thing I forgot. Julie said she would walk with me as she also needed something. It’s only a block away so not that far and it was nice just to be walking outside in the sun with all the other people.

Julie and I got back and joined Cassandra at the Blackjack table and it was not like last night, money went fast. Now I did manage to get back some of what I lost so when we quit I was only down $50 but still up overall. Julie went up to her room to relax before going to dinner as we are meeting at 6;30 to walk next door for dinner. Cassandra wanted to walk outside and get some pictures and of course I was all for that, she also asked how far Walgreens was as she wanted to go and pick something up so I made two trips there today and we had a good time walking outside with all the people and yes, I am sure we got some looks but I really just don’t pay attention.

We got back and went to our rooms to freshen up for dinner. Now the good thing bout getting ready so late this morning was my makeup just needed some touching up instead of a complete overhaul, its hard being a girl as you are always thinking about how you look, how is your makeup, eating very carefully as not to mess up your lipstick, things men never think up or have to worry about. My male side if I get food on my chin I just wipe off with a napkin if Susan does that she also wipes off makeup or smudges her lipstick.

At 6:30 Veronica, Cassandra, Robyn, Julie, Michele and I met downstairs and walked over to the Golden Nugget. Melissa and her wife are staying at the flamingo so they would meet us there, Laura and Kate got in late and although they are staying at the Four Queens they were still getting ready and would meet us. We got there and got a table for 10 and talked as we waited for the rest of our group and sure enough they showed up right at 7. Now Kate and Laura are doing the trip as I am, all female no male stuff other than their ID. It really is a fun way to travel. Now the Buffet was really good wonderful food and desserts. It is $23.99 for dinner; the $5.99 buffets are long gone but it would have been just as much to go someplace else. My dinner last night when I had my Chicken Parmesan ($13.99) bread pudding ($3.99) and my coke ($3.99) yes, I looked at my receipt was just about the same price and not nearly as good. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. It was a fun night.

After dinner Cassandra, Veronica, Julie and I decided to play a little Blackjack here at the Golden Nugget. The table we were at had a really wonderful dealer, she was awesome and fun to play with although we only played a short time at her table. As I said she was awesome but she was also on a very hot streak. I don’t think she went broke once. I burned through $100 in a really short time and that was it for me. I have learned over time when gambling if the tables are cold take a break, limit your losses.

We got back to our hotel and Veronica went to her favorite table as it has side bets, Cassandra wanted to play the $25 table so I went and found a $5 table I could play at. Again 8 years ago if you told me I would be in Las Vegas out as a lady and go off on my own to play Blackjack I would have thought you were crazy but it really is the most natural thing now. The Table I was at was really fun as I had a flight attendant(her name was Susan) at the far end and her friend next to her, a former marine who is going through the police academy here in Las Vegas. It was a fun table and I did okay, didn’t win and didn’t lose just played and had fun. After a while Cassandra came over and played at the table for a while before she headed upstairs. I kept playing as my chip stack was growing ever so slowly.

Now my funny story, I was sitting there and having fun when an older guy, probably in his mid-60’s walked by and stopped. He came over and sat down next to me and smiled and said I haven’t played with you mind if I sit here. I said sure and soon he was talking none stop to me. I found out everything about him. Now I honestly believe I do not pass and that everyone knows but I am not sure he did. One he had been and was still drinking, ad to the fact my biggest giveaway is my height and size which sitting at a table you can’t see. The reason I say this is he kept coming back to 3 things, he was divorced, he was here with his daughter and she had gone to the room early to go to bed. Now sitting next to me he was also looking at me from the side and my hair covered part of my face. I was really feeling a little uncomfortable as I am not the least bit interested in men so I just kept focusing on my cards. He asked who I was here with and I just said some friends as I really didn’t want to give to much information which probably was a mistake as now the conversation focused on me as he said oh so you are single and very beautiful. Now I love being called beautiful but it just felt strange coming from him. Then came the questions of how long I was in Las Vegas for, what I was doing tomorrow. He even offered to get me a drink a couple times which I thanked him and said no as I didn’t drink.

He sat and talked with me for almost an hour before he left. I still don’t know if he knew I was transgender or not. I probably should have said something but I just assumed he knew and by the time I realized he may not have I was in that area where if I said something and he truly didn’t know how he would react. Dealing with men is the one thing I am not fond of about being Susan. I played for a little while longer as I wanted to make sure he was gone before I stood up and left the table. I colored up my chips and went and cashed them in and to my surprise I had won back most of what I lost today. I started with $350 and had $320 so in all I only lost $30 today and am still up for the trip

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep up with me on my most recent blog and of course my blogs for Diva Las Vegas 2018


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  1. That is quite a story, Susan, about the guy hitting on you. I’m not sure how I would have reacted either!

    Glad you are having a good time. I hope to be living in Las Vegas for next year’s event, so perhaps I’ll get to meet you in person then.


    Comment by samibrowncd | April 16, 2018 | Reply

  2. […] fun things we do, other than that we really have no plans for the day. I got up at 9am and wrote my blog from yesterday and then started getting ready. I knew Cassandra would not be out till 3 so I texted the other […]

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  3. This is awesome!

    Comment by Jason | October 31, 2018 | Reply

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