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Diva Las Vegas here I come.

Well On Friday night I went out to the P-club to meet all my friends for a fun night out. I so look forward to it all week long but more on that later. I thought I would start off with Diva Las Vegas.

Diva Las Vegas starts on Sunday April 3 through Friday April 8 2011 if anyone is thinking of going. I went last year and had such a fun time, you can check out all of my photos including a ton of golf pictures on my Live profile. I spent the whole trip from start to finish as Susan so much fun. The last numbers I saw was they were up to 140 registered for this year and they are guessing between 180 and 200 this year, last year was a record attendance with I think 178. Now unlike other transgender events this is more of a vacation. Registration is free, yes you heard right free and you only pay for what you want to participate in, go out to dinner you pay for yours, go golfing (so much fun) you pay for your round of golf, go out to a club you pay for you drinks. It truly is no different than going on vacation with friends accept you can dress and go out with others as much or as little as you want. Also as this is really out in mainstream the whole group is never together all in the same spot, they have so many things that you can choose to do or you can do as little as you want and spend the time on your own or with those you went with. Wow the girls who came up with this idea were light years ahead on getting out. Also this attracts transgendered (and supporters, admirers) from all over the world. Your only real costs are for the trip, Plane fair if you fly and hotel and food. Last year we stayed at the Sahara and I think the 6 nights we were there Sunday night through Friday night was about $300, we have priced a few hotels (Gold Coast, Sahara, Imperial Palace) and it looks like somewhere between $280 and $350 for this year. I think for me last year I spent about $700 between my share of gas going down 6 nights in Las Vegas, 3 nights in LA and one show we went too plus food was in addition as I couldn’t track that expense. Well that is my little sales pitch.

Last year Cassandra, Peggy and I went and had a ball and planed on going again this year. I am defiantly going again but Peggy got a new job which is so great as she has been out of work for a long time, way to go Peggy. Well with that she will not be able to go with starting a new job, kind of hard to take a week and a half off just starting to work and with that Cassandra may not be able to go. a couple other girls in the group are thinking about going so I hope they check out the links to Diva Las Vegas and my pictures from last year. It is truly a wonderful time. Right now the plan is to leave Portland on Friday April 1 and Drive to LA and go out there on April 2 and then on April 3 drive to Las Vegas. Spend the whole week April 3 – 8 in Las Vegas and then on Saturday April 9 leave Las Vegas and head home, probably stop again in LA for Saturday night and then drive home to Portland on Sunday the 10. Now the LA part may change if I go by myself but the Las Vegas part will stay the same.

Well back to Friday night. we had a good turnout again about 15 of us from the group. Some of us had dinner including me as I didn’t get a chance to eat as I was running late when I got home from work. This was nice as we all sat around and chatted. Later on we all moved up by the pool tables and some of the girls played pool, some played shuffle board including me. I really like the shuffle board as we are all new to the game in the group so we are all pretty evenly matched so no one really has an advantage. I think I played 7 games and by the end my feet were ready for me to sit down, I wore my 4″ heels again as they are my favorite shoes really cute. Jennifer and Brooke were out on the dance floor a lot more this week so I guess the music was better for dancing than last week. Everyone had a great time and we are already looking forward to next Friday night

A couple of the regulars came over and talked with us again which is always nice as it means we are becoming more accepted there. First was Cindy, we met her a couple weeks ago, she was very nice and I even got a picture with her that night. The other was Lisa and I think we met her a couple months ago. Now I know what you are all thinking how can I remember their names and when we met, one word blog. That is part of the reason for my blog, to record for myself what I do and who I meet as Susan. A few pictures and post in a blog and there you have it, I can look back on things I have done.

Okay I am going to point out the differences between my male and female side again. It is strange as a male I have no interest in doing a blog (diary), don’t know what I would write or say and it just seems such a waste of time. Now Susan loves to post to her blog (diary). As a matter of fact even before I started a blog I kept a dairy on my computer of times I dressed up as Susan, then when Yahoo 360 came along I started there. I really liked yahoo 360 and when they closed it was sad but now I think it was good as it forced me to look around for a new blog and I found WordPress. I really like WordPress, and I did try a few others but WordPress just seemed better to me for what I wanted on a blog. If you have never tried doing a blog I would recommend you give it a try. It is a great way to express yourself.

Well must get ready for work now. I will post again soon as Susan has a Super bowl party tomorrow to go to. I will updaste my blog when I get a chance and let you know how the party was. Have a great week.

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