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Diva Las Vegas updates

Well I made my hotel reservations today for Diva Las Vegas. I am staying at the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino. I was able to book a room from Sunday through Friday, 6 nights for $380 total tax included which is a really good deal. I really can’t wait, as of Saturday morning they had 170 registered and we are still 6 weeks away. I really think they will have over 200 this year. I have posted to the group and so far it looks like most are staying at the Imperial palace so that will be nice. The room is for two so if someone else from the group here in Portland wants to go with me they can just share my room but at this point I think that is not very likely.

My plan at this point is to leave Friday morning and drive to Reno which is a little over half way and I am going to stay 2 nights in Reno. I got a really good deal on the room for both Friday and Saturday night. Still working out the trip home and which way I will go but I have time to figure this out.

This week I hope to get to Starbucks on Tuesday night.

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