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Why do I like to go out Dressed as Susan

Well it is my usual night out at Starbuck’s and I thought I would take time to answer a question I seem to get asked a lot in e-mails. Why do I go out, especially to Starbuck’s by myself? I have thought a lot about this and this is what I came up with.

For years I would dress and stay in the privacy (safety) of my own home. It was all about dressing up, seeing what I looked like. Didn’t matter what I did while at home, if I was Susan it was fun. From watching TV to cleaning the house. It was all about being Susan.

What I found was as time went by Susan grew. She wanted to experience the real world. As I started going out more and met others and made some wonderful friends. This gave me the chance to go out on a regular basis and I became more comfortable as Susan. There is something so fun and relaxing to be out and interact with other people as Susan. The more I did this the more I realized I wanted to be able to go where I wanted. Starbuck’s is a very relaxed and comfortable place to go. I have been too many different Starbuck’s and always been treated great. Now I do go to the same one when I go out each week as I have gotten to know the girls who work here and they are all so great. They always ask how I have been and if I miss a week they notice. Really a nice feeling.

The other reason is GG’s don’t only go out in groups. Most nights here at Starbuck’s it is about equal the number here alone or with others. It is fun to people watch when I am out. Starbuck’s is a really good place to do this as you get such a wide range of people from young to old. Tonight there are 3 teenage girls at the next table and they have really paid no attention. It is strange but I find it so relaxing to be out now and it really gives me a chance to catch up on my e-mails as there are none of the distractions I have at home. It really is peaceful and fun. Most of the time when I am out I forget how I am dressed and just enjoy myself. It truly is a wonderful feeling when you don’t have to think abouthow you are dressed and can just enjoy the time out.

So I guess going out as Susan is just my way of growing and experiencing new things as Susan. I have a perfect balance between Susan and my male side. I really think that is the key for me.

So I guess the reason I go out as Susan is she is as much a part of who I am as my male side and with that I can’t just leave her bottled up at home. If I did that I would only be living half of my life and that would not be healthy.

Well as I said I am at Starbucks tonight. They are not real busy tonight as there are only a few who have been here sense I got here. Most seem to get their drinks to go. So I have had a good chance to people watch. It always amazes me how fast the time goes while I am here. Well I must get on with my e-mails. I will be out tomorrow with the group so I will post again on Saturday.

Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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