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Going out in public to a club, so much fun.

Well as normal now on Friday nights our group all met at the P-club here in Portland. It really is a nice place with good parking and a wonderful staff, I can’t say enough about the girls and even the guys who work there and how wonderful they are to us. They also have so much to do there that everyone has fun and can find something to do. As I posted in one of my previous blogs there is the question to if we are affecting business well last night was one of the busiest nights I have seen there in a long time so I have to believe we are not driving away business.

We always have a fun time and Friday night we had a huge turnout, I tried to count but as I said there is so much to do we had girls all over the place so I could not get an accurate count but would guess 25, maybe a couple more.

It was really nice as Diane was in town and made it out with us. She lives in North Carolina. She gets to town maybe once a month for work and always finds time to come out with the group. She is so fun to hang out with and all the girls love her, I think that is why we had such a great turn out as everyone wanted to see her again. It is funny a girl (GG) named Evie was there, we met her and her friend Lisa back in December when we were there, you can see a picture of us on my flickr page. Any way I have seen Evie there several times and she always remembers my name but always asks where Diane is. Well when she saw Diane her and her friend came over and talked to us and then her and Diane sat for maybe an hour talking.

Melissa showed up with a new wig, long brown and she looked so cute in it. She has such a bubble personality and is so fun to hang out with, she is a GG that just loves our group and goes out with us all the time. It is so nice to have accepting people around you; it just makes you feel good.

Alicia also made it out which was nice as I can’t think of the last time we have been out on the same night so it was good to talk to her again. She brought a friend (GG) with her and I think her name was Vera, I really hope I remembered that right as I joked with her that we would have a test on all our names and she really do a good job throughout the night remembering us by names and she had a lot more of them to remember than I did. I guess I can always use the I am Blonde excuse if I got it wrong.

Christie also made it out for her first time to the P-club which in a way is strange as she lives only a couple blocks away. But she has been so busy that the time she has to get out is limited and as she works Saturday morning Friday nights are hard to get out. I really know how that goes as that is why I don’t go out with the group mid week. It was nice to get to see her again.

Any way we all had a great time and I played many shuffle board games some with Diane as my partner and a couple with Robin. Robin and I beat Cassandra and Christy which was so fun as Cassandra is so competitive so any time you can beat her it is a good night. Diane and I won several game till we lost to Cristine and Michelle. Wow this was such an upset as Diane and I were way ahead, won’t say by how much (20 to 4), well I guess I will. We only needed 1 point to win as we play to 21. Can you believe it we could not get that 1 point, we ended up losing 21 to 20. They suddenly got hot and we couldn’t score.

Again it was a late night and we closed down the club again leaving at 2 am. That is late for this old gal but once a week I can still handle.

Well now on to Diva Las Vegas. It is getting closer every day now and I am so looking forward to it. I have been looking at hotel rates and they have some pretty good ones. So far the cheapest (nice) hotel I have found is the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino which is just a couple blocks off the strip right now they have rates as low as $28 + tax & resort fee, for the Sunday night through Friday night (6 nights) it is $220 + tax & fee, which is really a good rate. This is where Cassandra, Peggy and I were planning on staying. It is not one of the recommended hotels but we are free to stay where we want and there may be others from Diva Las Vegas staying there. The other choice I have found is the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino, which is right on the strip. There rates are a little higher $340 + tax no resort fee for the same 6 nights. Now this is a recommended hotel for Diva Las Vegas and it has been used every year sense Diva Las Vegas started in 1997 and from the postings on the Diva Las Vegas group this looks like the place most will stay.

As it stands now it looks like I will be the only one from Portland going so I am leaning towards the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino, it may be a little more but I know there will be others there attending Diva Las Vegas so I am willing to spend a little extra for that. I still have it posted in the group and a couple have said they might go but won’t be able to confirm till the first part of March. I don’t want to wait that long to make reservations so I think that I will make my reservations this week and then if others go it will be up to them to make reservations for themselves, of course my reservation will be for 2 so if only one other wants to go they can always split the room with me.

Now originally we had planned on leaving Friday April 1 and Driving to LA and spending 2 nights there and probably one night in LA on the way home. If I go on my own I may not do that. I think I would leave Saturday and drive to Reno and spend one night there and do the same on the way home. This will add 2 more nights in Reno on a Saturday which will be a much higher rate, I have not checked those hotels yet but would guess $100 a night being Saturday night. Going through Reno is the shortest distance driving and it happens to be a little over the half way point. It is about a 9 to 10 hour drive to Reno and about 8 hours to Las Vegas from Reno, both drives I can do by myself very easy as several years ago I made the drive to Reno by myself. I am still planning on doing the whole trip as Susan as I did last year. I know it will be a fun trip though and can’t wait for it.

They have over 160 registered for Diva Las Vegas now and I am sure more will sign up. If you have ever wanted to go out in public and have fun this is the place, remember what happens on Vegas stays in Vegas unless you are in a picture with me then it will probably get posted some place unless you tell me not to. Oh yah you also may be in my blog.

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  1. Susan, you will be much happier at the Imperial Palace. Gold Coast is fine, but it is on Fremont which is old Vegas and a taxi ride to The Strip.

    We will be in Vegas next Friday for my birthday! I can’t wait 😀


    Comment by Penelope | February 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks, I will have a car as I am driving down but just seems more from the Diva Las Vegas group will be at the Imperial Palace. Have a Happy Birthday

      Comment by susanmiller64 | February 19, 2011 | Reply

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