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Super Bowl Party

Well Sunday I went to an awesome Super Bowl party. Cassandra and Peggy hosted the party for our group the Rose_City_T-Girls. It was the second year they have opened their home to for this how cool is that. They are so great to do this as it let us all go and not have to worry if someone drank too much as they could crash at their home. Big thanks to them both for being so wonderful.

Well I am not much of a football fan but I was so looking forward to this as it was a wonderful chance to get out with my friends. But the time I got there, there were already about 20 people there and Chris was making Clam Chowder, his secret recipe. He spent several hours cooking and made so much and it was so good. There was plenty of food and lots to drink and everyone had a wonderful time. I am not sure how many were there but would guess 30 to 40. Some watched the game and some of us just spent the day talking, did catch part of the game and some of the commercial which was probably what interested me most. Loved the Volks Wagon commercial.

Melissa tried on a couple of Cassandra’s wigs; the first was a long dark red wing and looked really cute on her. At half time Cassandra got her a pink wig so later on I traded with her just to see what I would look like with pink hair. You know girls must play dress up every now and then.

This is Melissa and me (with the pink hair), Melissa has my wig on. I had several pictures but this was the only one I thought looked good enough to post. I think pink hair is a hard look to pull off but was fun to try.

Any way we all had a good time and I think I finally left about 9 pm as I had to get up early Monday morning for work. It was truly a fun day and I really want to thank those who made it possible. Cassandra & Peggy for hosting the party, Chris for making his Clam Chowder, and Dan and David for playing bar tenders all day. You all are awesome.

Well that is it for now, been a busy week so that is why this post is a couple days late. Hope to make it to Starbuck’s Thursday night but will definitely be out on Friday so I should have another post this weekend.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for stopping by.

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