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A cold night out for the girls here in Portland.

Well it was another Friday night out for Susan, our group was meeting at the P-Club again as we all really like this place as they have so much to do and the staff is just wonderful to us. The weather has been cold with a little snow midweek which is all gone now but it is really cold out. The temperatures were going to be around 17 over night so I decided long pants and a sweater top was the way to go especially sense Susan does not have a really warm coat. I got there around 7:40 and just the walk from the parking lot around to the front door I was cold, I think it was the wind that really did it.

There was already about 10 girls already there at which point I knew we would have a good turnout. It just amazes me that we can get so many T-Girls to go out to a straight club at one time, I really think it is wonderful and gives us all a chance to interact with people who may never have a chance to meet a T-Girl. Every week now it seems someone from the club comes over and talks to us and tells us they like us being there; now I know those who don’t like us there probably will never say anything to us so we won’t know that. But the positive feedback we get is wonderful. Well I sat down nice and warm and started chatting with the girls and it wasn’t long and my feet were cold, didn’t stop to think to wear warmer shoes and I guess with the cold weather open toed heels were not the best choice but they do look cute.

There has been a lot of talk in our group, the Rose_City_T-Girls about putting a calendar together with some of our pictures on it. Maybe even trying to sell them for a charity. Not sure if anyone would really buy them but it generated a lot of posts to our group. Well Cassandra put one together just to see what it would take and how it would look. Back at super bowl we all voted on the best pictures from the group over 4,000 pictures in the group I guess we all like having our pictures taken. She used the top 12 vote getters. I was lucky enough to have one of mine in. The pictures were voted not so much how you looked but the overall look of the picture. My picture was from last Year’s Diva Las Vegas trip, I don’t normally drink but while we were in Las Vegas I promised Peggy and Cassandra I would have a couple drinks with them. The picture that made it was me at the NASCAR café with a beer in one hand and a shot in the other.

Jennifer and I got a chance to talk about her shopping trip last weekend, her and Barb went shopping for the day, her first time out shopping as Jennifer. She had so much fun.

Peggy showed up so we chatted for awhile about her new job, sounds like it is going well for her which I knew it would. She couldn’t stay long but it was great to see her again.

Melissa was there also and had a smile from ear to ear as she has a job interview this coming week and is so excited about it. She is working part time and this job will be full time and more responsibility. Just like Peggy I know she will get the job.

Later on we started to play shuffle board which is always fun and getting up on my feet warmed them up. I played several games and my team won them all. A couple from the club came over and wanted to play so they played the winners which was my team. Their names were Lori and Brian and they were so awesome. My team won again so they got back in the list to play again and we also won the second game against them. The third game Brain wanted to switch partners so he and I partnered up for the game and again we won. They were just wonderful.

We also had a new girl, her first time out in public, she drove up from Eugene. Her name is Misty and what is cool is she was looking for some place to go and came across my blog here on WordPress and read about us going to the P-Club so she just came up to join us. I started my blog as a way I could keep track of what I was doing never really thinking it would reach others. Any way I got a chance to talk with Misty and she seems really nice and we all hope she can come out with the group more. Misty if you read this in the about Susan section on the right of the main page you can find links to my yahoo, facebook page or the Rose_City_T-Girls group. Get a hold of me or the group and we will send you information on joining the group. The main rule is you have to have a picture either in a yahoo profile or the group and sense there were many pictures taken last night I am sure you will have a picture in the group.

Well I think we left around 1:30am so it was another late night, it just seems to go by so fast that you don’t realize how late it is. It was even colder out when we left then when we got there but the wind had died down so it didn’t feel as cold but I was glad when my car finally heated up and I could turn on the heat.

I hope to get out to Starbucks this week but at this point not sure which night or even if I can but if I do I will blog about it. Have a great week everyone.

One last note is that I have had almost 1700 views this month, wow I never thought my little blog would do this. Thanks to all who stop by and read and please feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question.

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  1. Great blog as always, Susan! And yes, Misty already has some photos on the group page. I posted them last Saturday. So she has several of them posted on there, as a matter of fact. Good job of “finding” her, Susan! She is so much fun! Also, it’s not surprising that you get so many hits on your webpage(s). Norma and I were talking about your webpage and blog this past Sunday night, and we were discussing how great we think it is and what a good job that you do. We stop by and read it on an almost daily basis to see updates. Keep up the great blogging!


    Comment by Jennifer | March 2, 2011 | Reply

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