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Possible issue with our group at the P-club, still a fun night.

Well Friday night we all met again at the P-club for our normal group outing. Y the time I got there several of the girls were already there and in heavy conversation. Seems the girls working there mentioned that the owner was looking at the numbers on the nights we come in to see how or if we are affecting business. So we talked about this for awhile. This kind of put a damper on the evening for a while.

I was thinking back to the first night we went there and can really see no difference in the number of people there as a matter of fact last night seemed busier than normal. It makes you wonder if with the down economy they are just looking for some reason why business is down and may have nothing to do with us. Now the employees have been just wonderful to us and always treat us great. As a matter of fact we had several people come up to our group last night and talk to us and tell us how they liked us there which made me think the girls working the bar may have told some of the other customers about it and they wanted to make us feel welcome. As far as I know there has never been any complaints, and no one has said anything to our group in a negative manner although I guess if someone did not like us there they may not say anything to us and go to the owner. Any way we plan on giving it a few weeks and see what happens. Well enough of that.

We had a good turnout probably about 12 to 15. I finally got to meet Bobbie; she belongs to our group but lives in Idaho. She comes over every once in a while but has never been on a night I could get out so that was nice. Her wife came with her but couldn’t make it out Friday, they will both be out Saturday night but of course I can’t make it so will have to wait to meet her wife.

About 9 we all moved up by the pool tables so some could play pool and shuffle board. Peggy and I played Shuffle board against Cassandra and Michelle. We lost but had a lot of fun. Later we played a second game, this one was really close but in the end we lost. A few of the other customers (Catherine and I couldn’t even begin to guess at how to spell the other two girls names) came up and asked about playing so at the end of our game we gave them the table so they could play. They were so awesome and asked me to help them as they had not played before, so I explained how the scoring worked. Two of them had me take pictures of them and even wanted pictures with me and you all know how I like to have my picture taken. We all had a blast. I even filled in for a couple of them when they had to a break. They had no problems with me or any of our group.

Later on I got pulled out on the dance floor, now I am not a dancer and feel very awkward on the dance floor and feel everyone is staring at me. Now I know this makes no sense, that I would be worried what people thought of my dancing but not the fact I am crossdressed. I can’t explain it either. Now I had on my 4″ heels so I only lasted a couple songs but it was fun and good exercise which this girl needs. It was so funny as it was Brooke, Barb, Jennifer, Wilma, Peggy and me from our group and maybe 8 other girls from the club on the dance floor. At one point one man did come out to dance but it was defiantly a girl’s dance party. Now there were pictures taken I picked out one just to prove the fact I can dance, just not well. I look so stiff but maybe in time I will get better at dancing. If I am going to dance more I need shorter heels on those nights.

Later on the girls that I helped with shuffle board came back and talked to us. They were so fun to chat. It is so nice to have some of the regulars come up to us as it made us feel welcome and part of the bigger group. If there is a problem with us being there I have to believe it is a small amount of people but as they are probably the ones who speak up. Now I did get a few pictures with Catherine before we left, and of course just have to include one. Wish I had gotten pictures with the others.

Saturday night our group is going back to Harvey’s Comedy club but unfortunately I can’t make it. So sad as we always have a wonderful time there. I think there are 12 going and I know they will have fun. Well I hope to get back to Starbuck’s Wednesday this week so that may be my next posting and of course again next Friday with my awesome friends.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week.

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