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Day 8 the last full day of Diva Las Vegas

Today is the last full day of Diva Las Vegas and again we all slept in. The ear plugs we bought yesterday worked great last night so we got good rest. Kim and I went down to get breakfast while Petra and Cassandra were going golfing again, this will be there 4th tome golfing this week.

Kim and I went next door to the flamingo to their buffet again. They have a really good buffet and the price was basically the same as just going and getting breakfast in their restaurant and you get a much better selection. We had an awesome breakfast and it was just so much fun.

After breakfast we decided to go downtown Las Vegas to the Freemont Experience, Kim has not been to Las Vegas in a long time and most of the strip has changes since she was here last but the downtown casinos are pretty much the same and we both wanted to go down there as it really is a pretty cool place and reminds you a lot of the old Vegas. We had a blast down here walking around, we even went into one casino and the pit bosses were all dressed up in black suits with hats on and looked like a gangster from the movies.

We went into Bensons casino and were walking through and they were just opening a blackjack table and it was a $3 table which is really cheap for Las Vegas, normally you have a hard time even finding a $5 table and for me I enjoy playing but look at it as entertainment and not a way to win a lot of money so the cheaper the better. Any way we sat down while she was shuffling the cards. A couple others sat down also. Well as the dealer was dealing the second hand they changed the table amount to $5 but let us stay betting $3 because we were there before which was cool. Any way we played for about 10 more minutes and yet another pit boss came over and changed it to $10a hand but again said we could stay with our bets as we were there already, now that is inflation. We played here maybe 45 minutes to an hour before we cashed our chips in and went back out to the pedestrian mall and walked around some more.

Now one thing they have a lot of down here and even on the strip they have people dressed up as different people like Michael Jackson, Show girls I even saw transformers walking around and they do this as a way to make money. They will take pictures with you for tips. They can’t actually charge you but they do expect a tip. Last year I got pictures with the show girls so this year I didn’t need to get a picture. We spent a couple hours down here before we caught a cab back to our hotel to clean up for dinner tonight.

We were having our final Diva Las Vegas dinner tonight at a place I think was called Carmin’s which was across the street from our hotel at Caesar Palace in the forum shops. We all met at 6 and walked across together. The dinner was really good. Julie, Kim, Brenda and I all sat together for dinner and of course we had to get a final picture. It was a fun night.

It was after 9 when we got our bill, Km and I were the first to leave as Kim flies out early tomorrow, her and Cristine are on the same flight at 7 am so they need to be to the airport by 5 am. We got back to the casino and stopped at a blackjack table to play for a while.

The table we sat at had a guy who had been drinking and he was playing between $200 and $500 a hand and he was actually winning. We played maybe an hour and had fun and I won a little money. I am not sure as I have spent a lot more cash this year but I think I am ahead on the gambling a little. It was probably 11 pm when we got back to the room to go to bed and will get up at 4 am. I am driving Kim and Cristine to the airport and hopefully be able to get a couple more hours of sleep in the morning. It has been such a fun and fast week and having Kim here made it so much more fun and special as I got to share it with her and spend time with her.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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  1. Hi Susan, always an interesting read and it seems you have had another great DLV. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | April 6, 2014 | Reply

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