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Day 6 Kim arrives for a few days as we hit the halfway point.

Well I got up early to get all ready to go to the airport and pick up Kim as I wanted to look extra pretty for her. I have really been looking forward to today even though it means my vacation is half over. I got to the airport and got Kim and we went back and put her stuff in the room and then we went to get breakfast. The Quad no longer has a buffet so we walked next door to the Flamingo and went to their buffet. We had a table right by the window that looks out on a courtyard where they have duck’s, pink Flamingo’s very lovely. We had a great breakfast and talked about blackjack as Kim has not played blackjack in a casino before.

After breakfast we walked back to the Quad and stopped at blackjack tables where they have the Dealertainers and they were not busy at all so we sat down to play so she could practice and I and could help her. We played for maybe a couple hours and she walked away with more than started with which was good.

It was now time to meet up with the other girls so we went and found Cristine, Cassandra and Petra by the bar and we decided to walk up to the Venetian as Petra wanted to see it with all it canals yes take a gondola ride around the outside and actually they have one inside the shopping area you can take gondola rides through the shopping area which looks like city streets inside.

Veronica came with the car to pick Cassandra and Cristine up as the walk here was to long for Cristine and she was going to drive them to PF Chang where we will have dinner tonight and then take the car back to the Quad where Petra, Kim, Julie and I will drive over to meet them after we walk back and get cleaned up.

Well Petra, Kim and I walked through the shopping area here at the Venetian for maybe 40 minutes before we headed back to the Quad to get ready for dinner. We all just wanted to freshen up a little and of course change my shoes to my low heels was about 5 when the 4 of us drove over to Planet Hollywood for dinner. Now these places are huge if you have never been to Las Vegas. We parked in a huge parking garage and then had to walk to their mall. Then you have to walk around the mall just to get to the casino, then you have to walk all the way through the casino to the other side to get to PF Chang. Needless to say it took us in traffic 15 minutes to drive the 4 blacks to get there and then another 20 minutes to walk to the restaurant. I think we could have walked from our hotel the 3 blocks down the Las Vegas strip and got there faster if it was not for the cool weather and the wind.

We did not have as good of turn out this year here but then last year some of us went to an afternoon show here and then dinner so that may have been part of the reason. I bet we only had about 20 here tonight which is a shame as they have really good food. We ordered dinner and then talked and of course took pictures. I had to get one of me and Kim as I think we make such a cute couple, both when I am Susan and also my male self but I will not post the male pictures as this is Susan’s blog and she would get jealous if I put my male pictures here also.

We had a great dinner and just an awesome time with my friends. Now it was time to go back to the hotel and instead of making two trips we did the clown car thing, how many T-girls can you fit in one car. We had a Ford Bronco with golf clubs in the back so all we had was the front bucket seats and the seat in the back. Well Cassandra drove and I sat in the front seat with Kim on my lap. In the back seat was Petra, Julie, Cristine and Brenda so you can fit 7 people in but wow you would not want to go more than a couple blocks.

We got back to the Quad and we all went into the casino for a little blackjack. The tables were a little busy tonight so Kim and I sat at one table while Petra, Julie and Cassandra were at another table. Well it looks like Kim and I picked the right table as it only took about 40 minutes and Julie ad Cassandra were over with us as the dealer at the other table cleaned them out.

Now as 4 of the girls were going golfing in the morning at 8 way too early for a girl to get ready to golf they went to bed earlier than the rest of us. By about 10 our table was now all from our group, Veronica, Cristine, Kim and me all playing together and having a fun time. Kim and I were doing pretty well and when the new dealer came in our luck changed. We had had so much fun tonight and we were still up from what we bought in with and we were both really tired we called it a night and went and cashed in our chips. Kim was happy as she had won money both times she had played. It has been such a fun day so far as I love having Kim here for a few days.

Tomorrow while Julie, Cassandra, Petra and Veronica go golfing again Kim and I are going to explore the Las Vegas strip and checkout some of the casinos. This will be so much fun.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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