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Day 9 we leave Las Vegas after wonderful week

Our week in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas comes to an end, well this year’s Diva Las Vegas is all over and it went by so fast but was so much fun. Now Petra and Laura flew out last night and today Julie, Brenda, Cristine and Kim will fly out. Veronica will leave in her truck and Cassandra and I will make the drive back to Long Beach to go out Saturday night before we head home.

I got up at 4 as I was taking Kim and Cristne to the airport and we needed to leave the hotel by 4:45, it will be sad to see her go as we have had so much fun. Anyway last night I did not take my makeup off and just slept in it so this morning I could just use a little powder and fix it up instead of doing the whole makeup thing as I was just driving them to the airport so it would just be walking through the hotel lobby to and from the car and I figures anyone still up at this time wouldn’t notice how pretty my makeup was thy would just think I had been up all night. As I was walking back into the hotel some of the dealers from the night shift were leaving and they all told me goodbye and how much fun we were and they looked forward to next year when we come back.

Cristine was already downstairs waiting for us so Kim and I went down and I drove them to the airport and dropped them off and then went back to my room and since it was only 5:15 I decided to go back to bed till 7 before getting up and ready for the drive to Long Beach California. We got all our stuff down and loaded into the car, thank god for bell hops and we were leaving the hotel by 11:30. Now the good thing about Diva Las Vegas is we arrive on Sunday from LA while everyone else is going back to LA and today being Saturday we really hit no Traffic till we got close to LA so the drive was not that bad, of course Cassandra did all the driving while I sat like a princess looking out the window.

We got to Long Beach and found our hotel and then drove down to Hamburger Mary’s to check it out and see what parking looks like. It is only about 4 miles from our hotel so should be easy to get back and forth tonight. After this we went and checked into our hotel and while Cassandra took a nap I caught up on e-mails, posted some pictures to Facebook and updated my blog as I had been so busy I had fallen behind. It was about 5 when Cassandra started her transformation from her male self to her female self.

It was funny as on the drive we were talking about how much easier this DLV trip was compared to our first one and how much more at ease we were. I was thinking about it and for the most part I very rarely even thought about the fact I was dressed as a girl as Susan has become just as much a part of me as my male self and both feel so natural and right that most of the time when I was out I just thought about what we were doing and who I was with and how I was dressed never even entered my mind. We tried to think back over all the last 5 DLV’s and we could not think of one time someone left a table we were at because we were there. I think people just accepted us as who we were a person.

We really met some wonderful people here at the tables and had so much fun with them, some of them even came back on following nights and played at the same tables we were at as they had so much fun with us and we really are a fun group to be around. This has just been such a wonderful week and now that we are leaving Las Vegas I am starting to think about it coming to an end.

We will be home late Monday night and Tuesday I will have to have my beautiful nails removed and then back to being my male self. Now I love being Susan but after 12 days living this way, makeup every day, always worrying about how I look, how my makeup is being careful of what and how I eat not to mention having to get that close shave on my face every day (my face needs a break from shaving) it will be good to be my male self again although I really wish I could keep my nails. Too bad men can’t have long pretty red nails so unfair.

We are going to Hamburger Mary’s tonight for T-girl Saturday which is always the first Saturday of the month at the Hamburger May’s in Long Beach California and is probably the biggest T-girl night out in the area. It was about 7:20 when we left our hotel and it only took us 10 minutes to get there and they have a huge parking garage right behind which was nice and well worth the $12 to park there. Now we were meeting Melissa tonight and we were really looking forward to seeing here again as she moved down here back in November, she is still about an 1 ½ had a little bit of a drive but we were glad she did as it was great to see her again. We got a table not far from the dance floor and had a chance to talk and catch up, we were so busy talking we didn’t order for maybe 30 minutes even though we were all hungry.

We finally ordered and we each ordered a personal pizza well maybe just a little bigger than a personal size. Now people didn’t really start to show up till about 9. The lady that host this does a wonderful job, she even has a photographer there and you can get your picture taken for free and she will post it on her web site and of course Cassandra, Melissa and I had to get our pictures taken both together and by ourselves.

Now by 10 this place was packed, it holds 700 people and I would bet they had at least 500 and probably 200 were t-girls. Now this is a dance club and if you like to dance it is the place to go. The one drawback is the music was so loud it was impossible to talk, you had to almost scream in the person’s ear and even then they may not hear you.

It was after 12 and Cassandra went up to get another drink and she ran into Laura a girl that was at Diva Las Vegas that lives down here even though she doesn’t get to go out much so she came over and joined us at our table for the rest of the night. It was so much fun. Now the show got over at 1:45 and they immediately started pushing people out the door and it only took them 15 minutes to get everyone outside. Now how safe is that as there were about 400 outside and all walking to park to the parking garage so it was really a safe way to leave the club. What a fun night but sad to say goodbye to Melissa but we hope she comes to Portland in May for a visit.

What a fun night. Tomorrow we will leave and go up by San Francisco and we hope to go to dinner on the Warf and look around down there. Thank for reading

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