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Last day of my vacation and back to my male life, hard work being a girl.

Well I got up at 8 am this morning for my last day as Susan, by 7 tonight I will be back to being my male self and in a way it will be a nice break as it is hard work being a girl and always looking good or at least trying to look good. I crashed at Cassandra and Peggy’s house last night and it was so wonderful of them to let me stay. it will be strange after basically living with them for the last 12 days to not have them around as they really are like family. I got all dressed up and said my goodbyes and was on my way a little before 10 so I had a little time till my nail appointment at 2. It is funny as in a way I am looking forward to being my male self again for a while as it has been a lot of work to live full time as a lady but I will really miss my nails.

I was trying to think what I could do other then just go to Starbucks for a couple hours so I decided to stop at Burlington Coat at Janzen Beech as I was going right by there. I usually go to the one by Hwy 217 in Beaverton but the last few times I have been there they have not had much of a shoe selection in my size and after 12 days as Susan some of my shoes are really looking bad especially my wedges which are really comfortable and I am embarrassed to say I have super glued them back together a couple time.

I went inside and they were not busy as it was still early so I went back to the shoe section. they actually had a good selection of size 10’s and even 11’s and I fall somewhere in between depending on how wide the toe is. Well I found a cute wedge that is a slip on with a stretch material over the toes so they fit really easy and are really comfortable. they had them in 3 colors, brown, navy and tan so I had to decide as to what would go better. I went with the tan but as they were only $15.99 I thought about buying another pair till I saw these really cute open toe spiked heels with ankle straps and a zipper heel in the same size so I tried them on and they fit perfectly. seems there size 10’s here are all wide toe’s and they were on sale for $18.99. I decided on the heels I should try both on so I leaned on the rack on the other side and tried the other one on and it fit so I had 2 pairs I was going to buy. as I looked where I put my hand there was another  pair of spiked heels, open toe with all kinds if straps across the ankle and foot and a zipper back so I tried them on. with all the straps took a little more work getting my foot in but they fit to and were only $19.99 so ho could I pass them up. I bought all 3 and it was just a little over $50 what a deal. Wish I had had these in Las Vegas.

I got in the car and put the wedges on and they are so comfortable to ware. I drove to a Starbucks across from Dream Nails and figured I would spend a couple hours here till my nail appointment catching up on my blog, e-mails and maybe some work. now as I said before Dream Nails the nail salon I have been going to is only a couple blocks from my house and yes this Starbuck’s is between my house and the nail salon so I am really going out closer to home and yes I have even been in this Starbucks a couple times as my male self. I guess I am really starting to push the line between Susan and my male self.

I got to the nail salon just before 2 as it was pretty much right across the street. Anna asked if I wanted a pedicure too and I said yes as I hoped it would take my mind off of having my pretty nails removed. Now I really think this is the way to go as she trimmed my nails down and then I soaked them while she gave me a pedicure which made it a lot easier to remove the acrylic. Now Anna asked what color I wanted so I told her a nice bright pink or purple so she picked out Flashbulb Fuchsia fro OPI and then started my pedicure. We pretty much talked the whole time as she asked how my vacation was and then we talked about Las Vegas and when she was there 5 years ago. It was really nice.

Once she was done with my pedicure she asked if I wanted the same color on my fingers which I really did but I couldn’t go to work that way tomorrow so I told her just a clear coat. I moved over to the manicure table and she started on my fingers and gave me a full manicure. it really is a fun experience and so enjoyable. When she was done I decided to go with gel polish as it stays on better and will make my nails a little thicker which the need now after the acrylic’s. that is the only thing bad about getting acrylics, when they are removed your nails are thinner and damaged. Now they have a high gloss shine and look great but I also have a mat clear polish at home I can put on to cut the shine down so they don’t stand out so much. This was really enjoyable and I was there till 3:30. Anna did a great job and if you go to Dream nails I would recommend you ask for Anna.

After this I didn’t want to go straight home and I was hungry so I drove out by my favorite Starbucks’s and there is a Panda Express not far away so I went there and got something to eat. Now I no more than got inside and it started to thunder and lightning and then the hail came down so hard you could hear it hitting the cars outside so I guess I timed that just right. I sat there and ate and watched it hail and pour down rain. After I ate it was time to go to Starbuck’s which is where I am now having a warm drink and catching up on my blog and work. I will probably head home about 6:30 or so as I have to park outside tonight as my garage door broke right before I left. leaving home was not that bad as I could look out before I left. going home tonight there is nothing I can do. I will drive down my street and park in my drive and get out and walk in as once I get to my house there really is no way to back out even if people are out on the street so it is kind of good it is rainy today as hopefully they will all be inside.

This is the last post from my vacation and trip to Diva Las Vegas. Thanks for reading.


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