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Day 8, golfing and the High Roller observation wheel

Wow that was a short night, Cassandra actually got up at 5:30 to go run and I went back to sleep till 6:30 after all it was 2 am when I went to bed. I will be tired tonight. I drug my self out of bed at 6:30 and went and took a nice long shower to wake up as we were not meeting till 8:45 to leave. I finished my shower and was ready to start my makeup when Cassandra got back to the room. I have been trying all week to be all ready so she could have total use of the bathroom to get ready but that would not happen today so we had to share the bathroom doing our makeup.

Now sleeping in a little more meant we were rushed more so I only had time to write part of my blog from yesterday so I will finish it when we get back from golfing. We were on our way by 8 am to the golf course, we are playing Badlands today. This is a really hard course as they actually have three nine hole courses that go from what they call easy to hard. the 4 of us got there about 9:30 and the other 3 girls from Diva Las Vegas that were golfing with us were already there.

We were able to go off right away so we paid and went right out on the golf course so we had the easy and medium courses which really weren’t what I would call easy. This is a link style course  with narrow fairways and rocky desert all around and on some of the holes the desert split the fairway so you really had to hit the ball right where you wanted if you were long, shirt, right or left if you didn’t lose your ball it was still a drop and penalty.

It was funny the one guy from the course still has pictures on his cell phone from 20150326_094347last year with the girls. as we were teeing off a lady came by and took our pictures which she would be selling us later but I had to get  a picture with her.

We teed of and the weather was awesome, a little on the ho side as there really is no shade but no wind so it was good. I played much better than I did on Tuesday too, my shots were straight which I really needed to do here. After the first 9 I was in the lead by 1 in our foursome and the only one to break 50 barely as I shot a 49.

The second 9 was even harder but it was a fun day. I had some really good shots one I put 2 feet from the flag from abut 140 yards out. on the second 9 though I finished 2nd 3 strokes behind Cassandra but I was good with that as she can out drive me on every hole, I am not a long ball hitter. For the 18 holes we played I got second with a 103 2 strokes behind Cassandra. now this is not a great score but I must have had at least 10 penalty strokes from balls that had there been wider fairways I could have played so I was happy.

On our way back to the club house we ran into the girl who took our picture and I broke down and bought one for $20. It is a good picture but after I bought it I realized I can’t really set it out in my house or show friends that don’t know so I guess I shouldn’t have bought it. After golf we met up with the other 3 ladies and had a nice lunch.

We got back to the hotel about 4 and Cassandra was going to take a nap which I probably should have but I still had my blog to finish from yesterday so that was my plan but of course that plan didn’t work out as Peggy was getting ready to meet Teresa and walk down to the Bellagio Hotel casino and asked if I wanted to go and of course I did as I love walking down the strip and checking out the hotels. so I took about 15 minutes to freshen up and we were on our way.

We met Teresa at the bar downstairs and then we were off. Now walking around Las Vegas is fun as there are thousands of people out walking and it is fun to people watch and I am sure I got many strange looks but who cares. We walked through the casino and then into there little garden area which was so beautiful. they really spend a lot of money here making this hotel look nice. We then decided 20150326_174159to walk to the City Center Hotel casino which is a massive hotel casino complex. as we were leaving we all got pictures out font by some flowers. This is the best of the 3 o me and n all of them my necklace is messed up.

We walked over to City Center and went into the Aria Hotel which is just one of the hotels that is at this casino and checked out some of their shops. we also walked through the casino before making the long walk back, you would think walking 3 casinos down would not be that far but these are all huge Hotel casino complexes and I bet it was a good mile. We walked the other side of the strip on our way back past Planet Hollywood, The Paris, Bally’s and of course the Flamingo to get to our hotel.

We sat at the Bar and played a little poker slot to get a free drink which really didn’t turn out to be free as I lost $20 in the slots. By now Cassandra was up and getting ready for the evening so Peggy, Teresa and I walked out into the LINQ 20150326_205049pedestrian mall between the 2 casino’s to get something to eat and found this nice place that sold pizza by the slice so we each got one and stood at a table out side talking and watching the people walk by. we are actually riding the High Roller (the worlds largest observation wheel at this time) to get a view of the city at night.

Once we had our group ready we got our tickets and headed for the wheel, we had 7 of us going. Cassandra, Peggy, Michele, Veronica, Keri, Teresa and me. It takes20150326_210227 about 40 minutes for the wheel to make one full rotation and you really do get a great view of the city. we took so many pictures from the wheel of the city and of course we had to get some of us with the city in the background. If you are in Las Vegas and want a good view of the city it is worth the price.

After the wheel Cassandra, Veronica me and a couple others walked over to the Flamingo to check out their black 20150326_210811jack tables but they were all full so we walked back to our casino the LINQ and found a table. I did okay and I was still betting bigger tonight, $10 to $30 a hand and had some good wins and some bad losses but I was having fun. I played about 2 hours maybe a little more and at one point was down over $100 and up over $100 and in the end I I had only lost $75 playing but had fun.

It was a little after midnight when Cassandra and I got back to the room and I was really tired. Peggy had just started watching a movie so I broke out my computer and finished my blog from Wednesday and then was going to go to bed but as I was doing my blog I got interested in the movie Peggy was watching so I stayed up till almost 1:30 watching it with her. I am sleeping in tomorrow though as e have nothing planed early in the day.

It has been a wonderful trip so far but we are more then half done now and I keep thinking it will come to an end soon and I will have to remove my beautiful nails. But still a memory I will have forever.

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