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Day 9 the last day of Diva Las Vegas

Well it is here the last official day of Diva Las Vegas, wow this week has gone by so fast. We are staying here in Las Vegas till Monday so our fun is not over yet but I know the end is coming. We slept in again today so we got another late start. it was about 2:30 when Peggy, Cassandra and I were all ready and left the room. we walked down to the LINQ Pedestrian mall between the LINQ and the Flamingo and waited for the 2 Renee’s to get here. It was a nice warm sunny day again and we had fun people watching for a while as so many people walk by.

The Renee’s got there about 3:20 and we walked up to a Chayo Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar to have a drink and so Cassandra could watch part of the NCAA game. we ended up having snacks here and stayed here till 5 talking. I know what you are thinking me in a Tequila bar but they did have a really good lemonade. Veronica finally got there as she had things she needed to do.

At 5 Cassandra had to take a couple girls to the airport that were flying home tonight as their vacation is over. Peggy, Veronica and I walked across the street to Caesars and into the Forum shops to look around as we were having at Trevi. it is amazing how many people you see walking through the mall but not that many in the shops, of course most are high end shops. I always wonder how many people actually buy something at these shops, I guess they must or they couldn’t stay in business.

Susan at the Forum shops Las VegasWe took a break and sat down for a while and of course had to get a picture inside the Form mall. While we were sitting there I saw 3 girls by the fountain trying to take a picture of themselves so I walked over and asked them if they would like me to take their picture. They all said yes and handed me all their phones. It is funny as a few years back I would never have thought I would be walking around the Forum shops in Las Vegas and walking up to strangers but it really is fun.

We sat here maybe 10  minutes and then continued down the mall to the moving Statues and watched a little of that.Susan in the Forum shops Las Vegas it was pretty cool. there must have been 400 people in there watching this and taking pictures. we walked back down and found the restaurant but we still had time so we were only a short way from the casino so we walked down and sat at a penny slot machine and I put $5 in to say I Gambled at Caesars Palace, I lost my $5 but had fun.

We walked back to Trevi and Cassandra was just walking in. she got here faster then we thought so the 4 of us walked in together. we had the upstairs reserved for our farewell dinner. There were already about 25 girls there so we got a table and ordered drinks. this gave us a chance to sit and talk and of course talk to the other girls and get some Susan & Valorie at Caesasrsmore pictures. This is me with Valorie, I met her back in 2011 on her first trip to Diva Las Vegas.

It was well after 7 when we ordered diner. I ordered a Caesar salad as I had steak fries earlier and wasn’t really hungry plus I wanted to save room for desert. We had a wonderful dinner and it went by so fast. For desert I ordered a chocolate gooey cake and it was so good and so big that I shared with Peggy and we still couldn’t finish it. Cassandra ordered a Banana split and I bet it was close to a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, she was only able to eat about half of it so the tip of the day if you eat at Trevi’s split a desert.

After dinner there was more socializing and pictures. this is Cassandra, Cami, Me and Sue. it is funny the friendships you make and even though you may only see them once a year you can keep up with them on Facebook and Cassandra, Cami, Susan and Sueknow what’s going on in their lives and they really do become like your extended family.

Now the only bad part of the dinner was the check, they would only do one check per table so we had to sit down and divide it up ourselves. We only had 5 at our table so it was easier but still took us a little while and of course they has a banquet fee on the bill and a 16% tip which we had to divide out. I just don’t see why they couldn’t do separate checks, what ever happened to customer service, you shouldn’t make you customer have to work just to pay their bill. the other thing I don’t like is when they ad the tip for you, first you may miss it and double tip. The other reason is most of our group tips at least 20% but my feelings are if they add the tip in that is what I am going to tip so they only got the 16% they put on the bill. okay that’s enough complaining about the bill.

After dinner we walked back to the LINQ, Peggy went up to the room and Cassandra, Veronica and I found a Blackjack table. Now it is Friday night and the casino was busy so the tables were $15. I bought in with $100 and we started playing. I was the big winner of our group. Cassandra played for a little while before going to the room up just a little. I was actually up about $500 when the table got cold and at $15 to $25 a hand with doubling down and splitting it doesn’t take long to loose money. I had put a few chips in my purse but I finally wanted to take a break so Veronica and I walked over to the Flamingo and found another table.

I took out 4 $25 chips and got and we started again. I was up and down for a while but I just couldn’t get going. I have my $100 buy in and $20 so I bet the $20 and was not going to spend any more if I lost it was was done. Somehow the gambling gods knew that as I got a 6 & 5 for an 11 against the dealers 6 and you have to double. I put another $20 out and the dealer drew to 20 and I lost so I was done for the night but it was a good night. when I cashed in my chips I had $455 dollars of which $100 was what I started with so it was my best night gambling and probably got me back to even for the trip give or take $100 so for a full week in Las Vegas that is pretty good.

Tomorrow most of the girls will be gone and it will be Just Peggy, Cassandra, Veronica and me till we leave Monday Morning for home. Tomorrow we are going downtown to the Fremont Experience and going to spend time down there and we are planning on a dinner buffet, can you believe it we have been in Las Vegas for a week and not one buffet yet. The weather this year has been the best we have had, Sunny every day and 75 to 80 and no wind. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Now I am already thinking about Tuesday and having to get rid of my nails, so sad.

Thanks for reading

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