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Sunday, we finally did top golf, day 6 of my vacation

We got up a little later, yes we are sleeping in till about 9am so I took some time to write my blog from Saturday. We have not been getting ready till around noon as we hope our makeup can last the whole day that way. Well while I was writing my blog I was also talking with Casandra and we were looking for things we could go here and that is how we came up with top golf. Okay just a fun fact I found out while we were searching Las Vegas online. The city of Las Vegas actually only goes to Sahara Ave, seems back in the 50’s the city tried to annex the strip for taxes and the 5 main casinos formed an unincorporated township called paradise and that is where the Las Vegas Strip is located so if you go to the Las Vegas Strip you really are not in las Vegas. Anyway, our plan was to be ready by 1pm and on our way. I was ready just a few minutes before 1 Cassandra and Veronica were just a few minutes after.

We got to top golf about 1:30 and went in. they were not as busy as last year but we still had a wait, the lady said we could get the bottom floor in about an hour or the second or third floor about 1 ½ hours. Now they had a gigantic big screen TV with college basketball playoffs on so Casandra was fine with waiting so we signed up for the third floor and went and found a table to watch the game. Now I was hungry so I ordered food as did Cassandra and Veronica. Now our waitress was awesome, now what I noticed is all the wait staff here are woman, very petite, pretty ladies and that seems to be the standard for a lot of places here in Las Vegas. Now as we sat there another waitress stopped by our table and told me how beautiful my nails were and that are nails were the same. She held her hands to mine and I kid you not, she had the same color and shape although mine were just a little longer. I thanked her of course and after wards thought I should have gotten a picture of our nails together. It was just about 3 when our golf spot was open. Now I have really wanted to try this since Melissa first told us about it but the biggest reason is, I wanted to see if I could golf with my nails as they are lot longer than I have had before and I know the first year I had a hard time gripping the club. Well there was no problem with my nails and even though they are longer, I am thinking the narrower shape helps.

Now if you have never done Top Golf it is really just a driving range, usually 3 stories high but where it differs is there are giant holes (targets) you aim for and the golf balls all have RF chips in them that track them, speed, distance and yes where you hit in the targets and you get points for what part of the target you hit. Now there is a lot of luck involved in this but it was fun. You pay a rental fee for the golf bay you are in and it varies depending on the day, time of day and level you want, night time is always more. You can have up to 6 people at a time. We played for two hours and got 3 games in, a game is each person hits 20 balls, it does go a little slower as you watch the TV screen to see where your ball went, like an instant replay. Cassandra won the first game, I won the second game and Cassandra won third but we all had a blast.

We left here and stopped by the Flamingo to pick Robin u and then back to the Four Queens. Cassandra wanted to completely redo everything, I needed to make some minor touch ups on my makeup. We also met up with Terri, she is a girl that Casandra has known online for probably 15 years but never met. Terri’s wife has known about her dressing in private but it was more don’t talk about it and pretend it doesn’t happen. Anyway, they had a long talk a while ago and although she doesn’t understand why she needs to be Terri she is supporting it somewhat now and has even seen pictures and let her move her girl things into the house which is a big step. Well any way Terri is here for here first Diva Las Vegas. This is her first time out in such a mainstream public setting. Well Robin and Terri went and got dinner while the rest of us cleaned up.

Later we all hooked up and walked up the Freemont Experience to the D which is the casino next to ours and found a little bar to sit in and talk. It was nice as it gave me a chance to get to know Terri, she was having a lot of fun and you could see the excitement in her face. I can remember my first Diva Las Vegas back in 2010, where has the time gone. We talked for a while before going back outside. We made a quick stop in the Freemont casino and Veronica played a little blackjack as we talked more. Then it was back to our hotel, it is nice downtown as the hotel casinos are not so big and easier to get around. Cassandra

and I sat down at a table to play some blackjack. There was a man at the other side of the table and then a couple next to him and I sat next to the one guy’s wife and they were fine with us. Cassandra didn’t last long and soon I was by my self at the table with the other people. Now the couple next to me were in their early 30’s I guess and they had been drinking. The lady next to me kept telling me how pretty I was and how she loved my nails which I always love hearing even the dealers compliments me on my nails. Now I never really got a head of the $100 I bought in with but I would win some and lose some and basically just float between $50 and maybe $120. Soon they left and other came into the table and I would talk to them and it was a lot of fun. Finally, a young lady sat down a few chairs over and it turns out she is in college. Now of course one of the things everyone askes is where you are from as you get people from all over the country here. It turns out she grew up a couple miles from where I live. She was just back home to visit her family as her sister just had a baby and from the way she talked I am guessing her parents live about 2 miles from where I do and her sister less than a mile. What are the odds. Well the table finally turned cold and I lost the last of my $100 so I figured it was time for bed. I was shocked when I looked at my phone and it was almost 2am. I had played for long time and it was so much fun as pretty much every one who sat at the table was very friendly and talkative. Yes, I lost another $100 today but am still up from when I got here.

Okay I have had my nails for 5 days and I am really loving them and I am getting use to them. Still small things are hard like picking up a single chip or coin or opening a ketchup packet for the hot dog I had yesterday. I did eat my hamburger today without to much trouble at least till I git down to the last few bites. I am already thinking about when I will have to remove them in a little over a week and how sad that will be, I really will miss them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life and keep up on my Las Vegas Vacation.

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Day 11, Sunday our last day in Las Vegas

Well it is Sunday, our last day in Las Vegas before we head home. It is hard to believe we have been here for 8 days already. We got up a little earlier today as we wanted to spend the day downtown and also go next door to the Flamingo Fountain area and get some pictures. we were all ready and out the door before noon so we were doing well. Peggy, Cassandra and I walked over to the Flamingo and to the fountain area and the sun was really bright so it turns out the pictures Susan by the fountains at Flamingo (2)in the shade were better as you can see.

There were lots of people here doing the same thing we were doing as it really is a beautiful place to take pictures. I almost didn’t include this picture because I am not happy with it but it had the pink Flamingo’s in the background so I had to put it in. Right after this a lady walked up and took a couple of pictures of the flamingo’s so I offered to take her picture if she wanted one and she didn’t even hesitate and handed me her phone. I think I took about 6 or 7 pictures of her and she thanked me for doing that. trust meSusan by the fountains at Flamingo (3) the rest of the pictures are better.

We walked a little further down and found a shady area to get a picture, see how much better it looks. Peggy had her good camera with her and took a lot of pictures which she will send me but these I have on my phone and ready for my blog now.

Just around the corner were the waterfalls in and a Susan by the fountains at Flamingo (1)perfect place for pictures. You can see the waterfalls behind me and it is a beautiful spot. If you are ever in Las Vegas you really should check this out as it is open to everyone for free.

we spent about an hour here before heading back to the LINQ to meet Veronica to go downtown. As we were walking through the casino there was a group of 9 girls taking pictures by the slot machine so I again offered to take their picture so they could all be in it and they were thrilled and handed me 3 camera’s. I think I found the easiest way to walk up to people. I took several pictures and they thanked me and then I caught back up with Peggy and Cassandra. Veronica caught up with us and we went to the car and drove downtown.

We found some parking a couple blocks off Freemont so we had a little way to walk in the hot sun but it was fun. Our first stop was the Buffet at the Golden Nugget, we ate here 2 years ago and it was good. We got to the buffet and went in, they had all kinds of wonderful food from Breakfast, lunch and dinner so we had our choice which was nice as we got here about 2. Our table overlooked the pool area which was nice.

After lunch of course we stopped at a blackjack table to play. it was fun and what we found out all the casino’s downtown have double deck Blackjack and the pay 3 to 2 on blackjacks still so the odds are a little better. We actually gambled here for an hour and a half and we did really well. I was up over $200 at one point and then they brought a new dealer in and things changed so we quit while we were all still ahead. I finished up a little over $100 so I was happy. After we cached in our winnings we walked back out to the Freemont experience.

Peggy really wanted to go on the zip line so Peggy Cassandra and I decided we would do it. I have actually never done one so I was looking forward to it. We walked down and bought our tickets all the time wondering if our hair would stay Susan before riding a zip lineon as we zipped down the line above everyone. The tickets were only $20 so it was worth it. We got our tickets and then went out by the entrance and I had to get a picture to prove it.

Now luckily I wore my low heels as you see the stairs I am standing on, well there were 6 more of those we had to walk up. We got to the top and I watched Cassandra step into her harness in her dress and realized it wasn’t just the hair I had to worry about as I had on a skirt. We did our best and I think we were successful at getting into it with the least amount of exposer. Once we were all strapped in we walked to the edge and sat in the harness and the guy opened the clamp and we were on our way. I don’t think the hair would have come off as it wasn’t that fast but I was taking any chances as I did not want to be walking around downtown as you see me in the picture except with my short boy hair. It was really fun if you have never done it before.

After this we went to Binion’s casino and found a blackjack table and the 4 of us sat down to play. the first table was bad as the dealer was hot and I dropped $100 in know time so we moved to another table and played for a while and I got managed to get my money back. We walked next door to the Freemont casino to play some more. I really like the double deck blackjack downtown. I lost the $100 I won at the Golden Nugget here so I was I think $5 up for the day. Our last casino we stopped at was the Four Queens.

We weren’t really looking to play here but they had a game called Blackjack switch. You have to play 2 hands and the last 2 cards you get you can switch. So if you are dealt a 5 on your first hand and a 10 on your second hand and then the next cards are an 10 on the 5 and a 6 on the 10 you would have a 15 and a 16. You could switch the 10 and 6 and have an 11 you could double down on and a 20. now the draw back is blackjacks pay even money and if the dealer hits 22 all hands are a push which sucks as I had a bad hand with a 13 and a 15 and managed to get lucky draws and get both to 21 and the dealer hit 22 and we pushed. I dropped $ 50 playing this and then got back up to $50 so I bet 2 $25 dollar hands and 3 hands in a row I won one and lost one breaking even. the 4th hand I got lucky by switching a card to get one hand to 20 against a dealers 8 and the other to a 10 and doubled down and got a 5 so I figured I would win one and lose one again but the dealer busted and I won both  so I got almost all my money back. I only lost $15 dollars here so for the whole day downtown gambling I lost $10, not bad and we had fun.

It was getting late and Peggy and Veronica wanted to go to a show at the Flamingo, Cassandra wanted to get some things packed so we can leave in the morning at 6 am for home and I wanted to be in bed earlier tonight as I will have to be up by 4:30 so I can be ready to leave by 6 as it takes Susan longer to get ready as Cassandra will be in male node for the drive home.

Thanks for reading and sharing my Las Vegas vacation.

It is hard to believe we will be back in Portland tomorrow night and then Tuesday I will have to get my nails removed, how sad is that. I will miss them I really wish I cold keep them, men should be able to have long nails I think.

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