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Day 3 in Las Vegas

We got up late and got a late start again today. Our plan was to start off with a late lunch or early dinner at Margaritiville at 4 with all the girls that are here, even Teresa is here in Las Vegas and going to meet us. We all got ready and it was about 3:30 when we left to meet we got over to Margaritiville only to find out that the open air patio overlooking the strip is only open on Friday and Saturdays so we had to eat inside so we got a table and waited for the rest of our group to get here. Veronica, Teresa, Cassandra, Peggy, Renee, Renee yes we had 2 Renee’s and to prove it here is a picture Renee, Susan & Reneeof me between them and a couple other girls. We actually have 7 of us here this year from Portland. We all had our cameras out and took so many pictures that the waitress had to come back a couple times before we were ready to order.

we spent probably 2 hours here having a nice dinner and talking. the food here is really good and the atmosphere inside is awesome, it really is a must see in Las Vegas. after dinner we went out on Las Vegas Strip and a couple of the girls got pictures including Peggy who was so cute as she got her picture taken with Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen.

after dinner we went back to the LINQ and they did have a few $10 blackjack tables so we sat down and played some blackjack. I was up and down and at one point I was up over $100 but then the table turned cold and I should have quit but we had some really fun people at the table. 2 woman and their husbands and they were a blast to play with. it really is fun when you can interact with others people and have fun. well needless to say I lost my $100 dollars so I decided to take a break and maybe find a Pai Gow poker table which is a lot slower game and your money last longer.

Veronica and I walked around the LINQ and all their Pai Gow tables were full so we decided to walk over to the Flamingo and check out their tables. we found a table that only had one lady at it so I sat down to play $15 a hand prices have gone up for Gambling here. I did okay for a while but then started losing. Veronica even played a few hands and didn’t do well so we quit. It was almost midnight so we called it a night. a few of the girls are golfing tomorrow and Peggy, Michele, Teresa and I are going shopping and as we want the car I am getting up early to drive them to the golf course. they need to leave by 8:45 and so I need to be all ready and dressed by the time Cassandra gets back from running at 7:30 so she can have the bath room to get ready so I will be up at 6:30. I am really looking forward to shopping tomorrow, not sure I will buy anything but just fun to go and who knows maybe I will find a really cute pair of heels.

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