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Day 5 the Diva Las Vegas golf tournament

Well today is our annually Diva Las Vegas golf tournament and I have been looking forward to this. The weather today is supposed to be perfect. We were all dressed and on our way downstairs by 7:45 and I was wearing my new cute pink skirt and white top.

We got to the Wild Horse golf course and there were already most of the girls there as our tee time is 9 am. We are playing a 4 person scramble which I think is Susan ready for golfingmore fun for our group as it evens it out between the really good golfers and bad as you play best ball. I hope maybe in a few years we can have a lot more girls play. Well of curse I had to get a picture before we left while I still look good.

we had 5 teams of 4 playing so it would be a fun day. Cassandra and I were in on cart and our foursome was all from Portland.  We had a great day golfing and it was sunny and warm and for the first time here golfing there was no wind.

Now we played pretty good and our team finished 1 under par but with a scramble format we new that wasn’t good enough to win but we did have one hole wear we used all 4 of my shots and got a par on the hole. I had some really good shots and I will admit that playing golf as a female is a little more challenging as certain body parts get in the way and of course the long nails. my nails weren’t as long as the first year but I could tell they were a little longer than last year as I did have a little trouble gripping the club and by the end of the day one of my fingers were a little sore but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

After we finished we went back to the club house for our lunch which was included in our cost and was awesome and of course the awards. Our group finished in 3rd place which was fine for me as I was more about being out and golfing as Susan. Cassandra did win the closest to the pin on one of the holes. it was a good day and I was glad we started a little earlier this year as we are going to Ruth Chris for dinner tonight at Harrah’s and I want to be hungry for that.

After golf we got back to the hotel and Cassandra took a nap and as I knew Peggy and Michele were down sitting by the pool I went down for a while and sat with them and we all talked and for those wondering no I did not wear a bathing suit although I did bring one. Now the funny thing about our hotel is they close the pool at 5 pm which I think is silly, also you have to be 21 to go to the pool. we were talking to them and I guess the hotel is trying to get a younger single crowd to stay here and make it a more hip hotel. Not what I thought was a good idea. I guess the Hotel we have stayed at for the last 5 years is changing now that they have renamed it the LINQ. They have gotten rid of the Dealertainers which was the biggest reason we have been coming here. One last thing is house cleaning here. past years we would leave the room by 10 am and by 2 or 3 the room would be clean, well the last 2 days are room has not been cleaned and we have had to get towels from the maids. yesterday we were gone by 9 am with the sign to make up our room on the door before 9 am and we didn’t get back to the room till almost 4 and it was still not made up. I am actually really disappointed this year. I really think we will look at a new place to stay next year. We are talking about staying downtown next year.

it was about 5:30 when we all changed for dinner and I wore a really cute short dress, I actually let Peggy pick it out again tonight and the 4” heels I got from Renee yesterday. they are really high and by the end of the night my feet were sore, they are not made for walking which we did as all these casinos are big.

It was a little after 6 when Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa and I walked through our casino and over to Harrah’s to Ruth Chris for dinner. Now my dress is tight and short so I was very aware of that fact and kept pulling it down but where it was the most noticeable was when I sat, thank god for napkins. I don’t know how girls wear dresses like this all the time as it is a lot of work. Now I thought I got a picture of me in the dress but it must not have been on my phone so I have no picture to post but trust me it was cute. we had an awesome dinner and yes it is not a cheap place to eat but every once in a while you need to splurge as life is to short not to enjoy yourself.

after dinner we walked back to our hotel and my feet were done so when we got to the blackjack table I was glad to sit down of course making sure my dress w pulled down. now tonight they had some $5 tables which I was glad for. I actually sat here from about 9:30 till after 1 am playing blackjack and had a good time talking with the other people at my table which I really enjoy. I was actually doing really well and was up but it is amazing how fast things can change.

I started betting $10 a hand and I had two hands that really hurt. I got a pair of 8’s against the dealers 4 so I split them, the 1st 8 I drew a 3 so I doubled down to $20. the next 8 I drew a 3rd 8 and split again and got a king for 18. the 3rd 8 you guessed it I got a 4th 8 and split again drawing a 2 so I doubled down for $20 and the 4th 8 I got a 10 for 18 so I had $60 on the table and feeling pretty good till the dealer turned over her hand and had a 5 and drew a 10 for 19. in the end I pushed one of the 8 and lost the other 3 for a total loss of $40.

3 hands later I had a pair of 7’s against the dealers 6 and so I went for it again splitting the 7’s. the first I got a 4 and doubled down for $20. the second 7 I drew another 7 and split again. I drew a 3 so I doubled down again for $20 and the 3rd 7 I got a 4 and doubled down for $20 more. these were really great hands and I had an advantage. So with $60 on the table and feeling pretty good the dealers turned her down card which was an Ace and then drew a 10 for 17 but I had 3 hands doubled down on 11’s and a 10 so  I still felt pretty good. she turned the first card and it was an Ace for a 12 and loss, the second was a 3 for a 13 and a loss and the 3rd was another Ace and a loss. I couldn’t believe I lost all 3, that is beyond bad luck and I decided it was time to call it a  night. well I had played for about 4 hours and ended up winning $45. I wont get rich but I had fun and got some of my money I lost the last couple nights back.

I was the last of our group so I made the walk back through the casino to the elevator by myself. now as I said I really don’t think about being Susan as I feel so comfortable as Susan but I was aware of how short my dress was and how high my heels were. My feet were really feeling it and when I got off the elevator on my floor and as our room is at the far end of the hall I did stop and take the heels off for for the walk down the hall. I think this is the first time I have ever done that.

It was a great day and I had so much fun. Thanks for reading.

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