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Friday and the end to long busy week, time for some Susan fun

Well the week is over and it has been really busy for my male self so I was ready for some Susan time. It is amazing how much more relaxed I become just by starting the process of becoming Susan and I so look forward to this time. Well I got home late so I knew it would be rush to be ready and out the door by 6:30 and for once I decided that my time getting ready was more important as I figured not many would be out tonight. I was right as by the time I was all ready and looking pretty I was so relaxed and all he stress from the past week was gone. I left at 7 pm and traffic was light so I got to Sweethome about 7:15. As I was pulling in Megan a GG we met here a few months ago was walking in. now it is funny as the first time we met her back in June she was dressed really casual including flat shoes as she is a taller girl but the last 2 times she has come out she has worn heels and skirts and tonight was no different. She had on the really cute short skirt and high heels.

Now as I was later tonight I had to park on the street and walk in which really isn’t that bad as I have become so comfortable as Susan I really don’t even think about it anymore. Chris and Cristine were already there and Chris had his computer out. I had brought mine too as I thought there was a small chance I might be the only one from our group here tonight.

Well I ordered dinner and the 3 of us talked for a while as Chris and I also played on our computers. I went over to the bar for a little while and talked with Megan. Her new job is going well but she still works early Saturday mornings so she never stays out to late. We talked maybe 10 minutes and then my dinner arrived so I went back to my table to eat, by the way the food here is really good.

As I was finishing my dinner Megan came over and joined us, she had been reading my blog on her phone and saw a couple of my pictures with different hair, yes the 3 times she has been here I was wearing the same hair. Any way I got out my phone and showed her some of my other pictures with different hair and looks including some of my Halloween pictures and yes my phone is like my computer no pictures of my male self and well over 100 of Susan. One reason I have a pass number on my phone.

Well I had to get a picture with Megan tonight as I said earlier she had on these really cute heels and with her heels we were almost the same height. Should have gotten a full picture so you could see her skirt and heels, by the way I have on my 4″ heels also and her heels were also probably 4″. I love getting pictures with tall girls.

Well a little later Roxy and Silver showed up so we had 5 from our group out tonight. We all sat at one table and had a great time talking. It was kind of a quiet night here tonight as the other group that comes for Karaoke was small too and didn’t show up till almost 10 when Karaoke starts.

Chris had a few songs he was going to sing and I talked Megan into singing a song and both did great. It really was a fun night and I enjoyed it especially the time talking with Megan, she spent most of the night at our table so I got a chance to get to know her better. I even discovered we went to the same High School but many years apart, I won’t say how many but let’s just say she wasn’t born yet when I was there. Wow does that make you feel older.

Well by 11 it was just Chris, Cristine and I left from our group. We had all figured it would be an early night as I need to get up a little earlier tomorrow as I need to make some new nails to wear. I have not done any in a couple years and they have been splitting from using them all the time. Now the way I do them I can get 30 wears out of them usually before they split so the last few months I have been putting off doing some by putting sets together. I had one complete set left and tonight when I put it on one of the nails split up the center and I had to super glue it together for the night so that is my project Saturday morning. I have to start somewhat early so they will be dry enough to wear tomorrow night for Harvey’s. Now for those of you who are interested in how I do my nails you can read about it on my blog “Tips for beautiful nails“.

Any way Chris and Cristine had left by 11:15 and I was going to leave but I stayed and listened to a couple more Karaoke songs. Devon and Andrea from the other group both sang songs and always do a good job plus Andrea doesn’t sing that often so I didn’t want to miss her singing. After that I paid my bill and called it a night about 11:30.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I said I need to do some new nails, the way I do them I can do 8 sets of nails (10 nails to a set) at one time. Getting them filed and set up and painting them with two coats of color and one top coat for shine will probably take me a couple hours. If I start early they will have all day to dry. I am really looking forward to Harvey’s comedy Club Saturday night as I have a new dress to wear and will have new nails also. I think we have about 15 signed up to go including Lilly and her wife Chrissie 2 of our new members, this will be their second time out with the group and that is always fun plus I am sure they will love Harvey’s.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and be sure to check back to read about Harvey’s night out.


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