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A Friday night out after missing 2 weeks

Well I was so looking forward to tonight and going out again with my friends, I have missed the last 2 Fridays do to family matters. As a matter of fact except for a couple hours I got to be Susan and get a pedicure last week I haven’t gone out with my friends since our Harvey’s night on September 7 and that is a long time to go without my girlfriends. Now a quick note about my pedicure as I find it interesting. The nail polish I picked which was a really bright pinkish purple made by China Glaze seems to look different in different light. Outside in the sunlight it really is a bright deep pink with just a hint of purple but inside under normal light it looks more a bright red and inside under florescent lights it takes on more of a dark red. Now all the colors look good don’t get me wrong but I really wanted the bright deep pink color so just a little disappointed.

Well as I said I have really been looking forward to Friday and going out tonight all week so I got home and started getting ready a little early about 4:30 with a nice long bath and of course a really good shave all over so my skin would be as silky smooth as I could get it plus it was so relaxing to soak in the tub. It was about 5:15 when I got out of the tub and started my makeup transformation. I spent an hour in a half of utter relaxation doing my makeup and getting read, I really love when I can take extra time getting read. The look may be no better than when I do it quicker but I feel way better about it. It just make the whole experience so much nicer.

Well it was 6:45 when I left my house for Sweethome looking forward to a fun night. I got there right at 7 and found a parking spot right in front, I brought my computer tonight as I was not sure who would be out other than Samantha from Eugene who had e-mailed me she was coming up for the day. I went inside and sure enough Samantha was there along with Cristine. I did check a few things on my computer when I first got there while I was also talking with Samantha but after about 15 minutes I had done what needed to be done on my computer so I put it away so I could focus on my friends more.

It was great to talk with Samantha again she is becoming more confident in going out as we all are. I guess a couple of her neighbors have seen her now from a distance although she has not talked to them about it. I think back a few years when I would never leave the house till after dark and I figured no one would be looking out their windows, yes the after 10 PM time. I had fun in those days, don’t get me wrong but I was missing so much. Not to be able to go out during the day you miss so much. I so love the freedom that comes with self-acceptance, yes a couple of my neighbors know for sure and there is no way for me to know who else knows but that is a price I am willing to live with so I can enjoy all parts of my life and Susan is a big part of it. Samantha had some errands to run up here and she came up early and did them all as Samantha, way to go girl.

Well about 7:30 Cassandra showed up so we had 4 of us tonight. It was so much fun to see my friends and spend some time with them. It is funny as I don’t really think about the fact I am dressed as a female or even that my friends are dressed as a female. We are just people out for a fun night like everyone else. Most of the time I forget how I am dressed as Susan is such a normal part of my life.

It was a quiet night here as the Karaoke group was small and those that did show up didn’t till after 9 but still a fun night out. We got a chance to talk with Paul the owner for a while, he was telling us the show Bar Rescue is going to do a show here in Portland and they are contacting all the bars but he figures his is too small as it is just a neighborhood bar to be on the show.

Cassie and Rose also showed up so it was good to see them out also. Got a chance to talk with them which is always nice, it is funny as Susan I love to sit and talk but as my male self not one of the things I do. Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas next year which is March 22 through March 27 2015 so mark your calendars. This is such a fun event so if you have never heard about it check out their web page Diva Las Vegas. We are planning on doing the same thing again next year, leaving on Friday and driving to LA so Cassandra can see her family in male mode of course and then on Sunday driving to Las Vegas, I will of course be Susan 24/7 for the trip again so I can get my acrylic nails. We even talked to Cassie about t and she is thinking of going. I am hopeful we can get another big group to go again next year as we had so much fun the last couple years with so many from our group going.

Well it was almost 10 when Karaoke started and as I said it was a smaller group tonight so again they went through those who sang fast so they got more chances to sing. By 10:30 it was just Cassandra, Cristine and me left so I knew it would be an early night. Cassandra left and then Cristine so I went up to pay my bill. One of the ladies sitting at the bar told me how beautiful I looked tonight which always makes one feel good. I thanked her and talked with her for a few minutes while I paid my bill. It was just before 11 when I left for home. What a fun night it was.

Tomorrow night Cassandra, Cristine and I are going to another place called Escape, kind of a last minute decision so we will have to post it in the group and hope we can get a few more girls to come out as it would be great to have a big group out. Plus I need to make up for not dressing much the last few week.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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