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Saturday night out with friends

Well I was going to go out tonight with my friends, Cassandra, Cristine and I decided last night to go out to the Escape Bar & Grill Saturday night for pool, Karaoke and to watch the Oregon State Beaver football game. Now I have only been here once before with Julie so I figured it was a good chance to try my new wig, well not really new as I bought t a while ago but have never worn it as I am not sure how it looks on me. We were meeting at 7:30 but I had really hoped to be there earlier.

I started getting ready a little after 5, after my shower I did my makeup and did the Smokey Eye look and it actually turned out really good so I guess practice does help. As I was getting dressed I could hear my neighbors outside. The lady from across the street and the lady next door were standing in her driveway talking while her 4 kids were pulling weeds out of the driveway. Now I know both the ladies know about my dressing but not sure about the kids. They were standing right next to the street facing my driveway so they would have a good look at me as I left and it was still light out. Luckily the kids were facing away from my drive so I figured I might as well go so I got in my car and opened the garage door and drove out. The one neighbor looked right at me and waved so I waved back. Will be interesting the next time I talk with her as although they have known for almost 2 years now but they have never been right out front by the street when I have left so this was their best view of me leaving.

I got to the Escape Bar & grill right at 7:30 and went in, Cassandra, Cristine and Michelle were there already. It was great to see Michelle as she does not get out that often at least on the nights I do so I got a chance to talk with her a little. She ordered a large Nacho plate and we all snacked on it but I was hungry so I ordered some Taco’s and a side ordered of Tater tots to share. All the food was good and their prices were reasonable.

Now as I had a new wig I had to get pictures before I ate so I had Cassandra take a few. The first one the flash didn’t work but I like the picture even though it is a little dark as the low light I think softens my look. It was funny as Cassandra didn’t even notice my new hair style till I asked her to take my picture as I had a new wig, know I know how woman feel when they change their hair style and no one notices.

Now as this was a last minute decision to come here tonight as we didn’t post it in the group till late this morning I wasn’t sure how many would come out but we actually had a good turnout tonight. Laura was the next to show up and it was good to see her again.

Now it was my turn to play Cassandra in pool and I broke, I didn’t sink any balls on the break but I really spread them out so when it was Cassandra’s turn she sunk 5 balls in a row so I was way behind. Now I managed to make a good comeback and I got down to just 1 ball before she sunk the 8 ball and won. I did have fun playing though.

Petra and Michelle showed up next and they are always so much fun when they come out and Petra was the one who beat Cassandra at pool, well actually Cassandra had on ball left when she accidently scratched the 8 ball to lose. We sat and watched the Oregon State football and Oregon took the lead right from the start but that was all they managed to do, then ended up losing 35 to 10 but it was still fun to watch.

Laura also showed up, yes we had 2 Michelle’s and 2 Laura’s out tonight so we had a total of 8 of us. Laura and I talked for a while which was nice. She even asked me about Diva Las Vegas as she is thinking of going next year which would be great. Now the bar was slow early but by 10 it was really busy when they started Karaoke. Laura from our group sang a couple times and did a great job as always. This place has some really good singers also. It was a really fun night.

It was about 10:30 when I decided to leave so I went up to the bar and had to stand in line to pay. While I stood there the lady in front of me told me how beautiful I was which made me feel good as who does not like hearing that. I talked with her for a few minutes till she paid her bill. I paid my bill and then it was time to say goodnight to all my friends and head for home. It was a really fun night as how can dressing up really pretty and going to a bar to watch football not be fun.

Thanks for reading and hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.

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