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Memorial Day and some Susan time

It is Memorial Day and I want to thank all of our brave service men and women who have made this country the wonderful free place we live. Now I have the day off and that means some Susan time. My plan was to get up early and go out but as with any plans it didn’t work to well. It was about 10:30 by the time I was up and ready. I really had no plans although I needed to go to Lowes and get a part for my toilet as it started leaking in the downstairs bathroom the other day. now of course I won’t fix it as Susan but I can certainly go and get the part as Susan. That was my first stop and yes, they were pretty busy probably as most people have today off work. It is still so cool I can go shopping here as Susan and really no one pad any attention to me.

My next stop was Walmart just down the street. I really didn’t need anything here but just wanted to do some shopping and it was close. I looked around mostly at the makeup section. I spent maybe 20 minutes here and, in the end, I just bought some chips and bread as I do need them. From here I thought I would stop at Janzen Beach as there is a Starbuck’s I have gene to before there and I figured I could spend an hour or so and write my blog from Saturday evening. They have a drive through so usually not busy inside but not today. There were no tables inside and even the tables outside were full so I passed on Starbuck’s and went over to Target.

Again, I really didn’t need anything but today is more about just being out. I spent a little time here looking at clothes, makeup and anything else I could think of. I just kind of wondered around. I didn’t buy anything here and I feel bad when I do that as I am sure they wonder why I came in and didn’t buy anything. I also went to the Best buy nearby and looked around. I like to look at the computers as mine is at least 5 maybe 6 years old, I think. Also looked at the software, I am going to need to buy a new Quickens software soon as it only gives you 3 years of downloads when you buy it. I think they are going to a Subscription base now which I am not sure on. I would be fine with the subscription if I could put it on more then 1 computer. Microsoft office lets you install on all your devices.

It was now about one so I headed for home and my thought was to stop at the Starbucks by my house. I use to go to this one all the time till they started closing at 7pm but since it is during the day it would work. I got there and again they were packed; all the tables outside were taken and it looked like all the tables inside were taken and still people standing around both inside and out with drinks in their hand. I guess today is a Starbucks day. I drove to the next one, the one I usually go to and they also looked really busy but it is a bigger one so I figured I would go in and see. They were just as busy but they did have a table outside that was open so I stood in line to order my drink. The one girl behind the counter asked how my day was going and called me by name which made me feel good so I chatted with her as she made drinks and I waited for my turn to order.

I got my drink and the table outside was taken so I looked around and there was one seat at the far counter so I went and sat up my computer there. I had a fully charged battery so I was good for a couple hours. I worked on my blog from Saturday as I waited to see if a table opened by the window. About an hour later a small table opened in the middle but I stayed where I was as I really wanted a table along the window where I could plug my computer in and I only wanted to move 1 time. It was about another 15 minutes and finally a table along the window opened so I moved over and plugged in my computer.

I had finished my blog form Saturday night and was working on my blog from Sunday when we had our Admin meeting for our website. I ended up staying here for a few hours catching up on my blog and e-mails. It really was just a relaxing day. I left about 4:30pm and stopped at Subway on my way home for something to eat. Now the Subway is the only place I go both as Susan and my male self but they tend to have a high turnover in employees so it is really not an issue as it is only every couple weeks I go here. I got home about 5:15 before cleaning up and going back to my male self. It was a fun day out.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

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