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Going to the Escape after a minor glitch.

It is Saturday, the last Saturday of May and Memorial Day Weekend. I wish to thank all our veterans Past, Present and future for all you have done and gave for our great country. It is because of you we live in the best country with the most freedoms. Any way being Saturday I really had nothing to do so my plan was to relax and watch some movies till 3pm when I would start getting ready so I could be to the Escape by 5, yes, I wanted to get there early. It is relaxing to get there and have tome to eat and play on my computer before others show up and get caught up on my blog as I seem to always be behind on posting them.

Well about 11 I was still my male self and decided to run to Fred Meyers as they have pop on sale for the holiday and it is just to good a price to miss. I got in my car and it barely started so I took about a 20-minute run up the freeway to charge my battery up before going to Fred Meyer. I came out and my car started up just a little pause so I figured I was good so I went home. well I don’t know why call it luck I decided to go check my car a little after 2 and once again it barely started so now, I am wondering about my battery. Me car is a little over 5 years old with the original battery so I drove down to Les Schwab to have them check it and it was a good thing. As I feared my battery was bad so I got a new one. Would have really sucked to be all ready and not be able to get my car started or worst be at the Escape and ready to come home and have a dead battery. Well this put me behind schedule as I didn’t get home till after 3:30 but I would be able to go out as Susan and that is what was important.

I got ready and it was a little after 5 when I left so, I got to the Escape about 5:30 and I actually got a parking spot right in front tonight. Now I had posted in the group I would be here bit no one else posted. I knew Bobbie would be here tonight as she had texted me but that night be it. I ordered dinner and wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I really do have to try to get my blog posts done faster. Now almost immediately after getting here I got cold and for those who don’t know me well if I am cold it is cold, I am usually the last one to get cold. They really had the air conditioner going plus women’s clothes are not designed to keep you warm as you can see my bare shoulders and of course my heels were open toes. I made a comment to the bar staff and they turned it up a little and I soon got warm again

It was a little before 7 when Bobbie showed up, it has been several months since she has been out. We talked a little while and watched the end or the eastern Files in Basketball. I am not really an NBA fan especially since Portland is out. In a way it is funny as the only time I watch Football is as Susan, and 98% of the time I watch Basketball is as Susan. Probably the only sport I watch as my male self is Baseball and even then, it is still about 50/50

A little after 8 another girl showed up, she introduced herself as Wendy, it was nice to meet her. She said she saw in the group we would be here and came down to meet us. Now being a Holiday weekend, I am thinking it will be just us 3 till maybe 10 when I am pretty sure Lauri will show up as she is here pretty much every Saturday night. she came out to her family and is starting transition. Her kids and ex-wife are supportive. It was nice to talk with her and get to know her. A little side note on Sunday Cassandra asked me if Paula had made it to the Escape so I looked through our Members and I think she joined the group as Paula, the name she used years ago when she was in our old Yahoo group but I am thinking now that she s transitioning she has chose the name Wendy.

Karaoke started and it got loud. They relocated the speakers a few mons back and instead of being over in the corner it is now right on the wall above the tables so it is really loud. now there were some really good singers tonight as most nights. But it was really hard to talk once the singing started. Maybe it is my getting older but I just don’t like the loud music, it was so much better with the speakers in the corner. Now it was really busy by 9:30 and pretty much standing room only. The next table had a big party for a couple getting married tomorrow.

It was about 10 when Lauri showed up. It was great to see her again. She knows most or the people who come here as she is really good about socializing with everyone, something I still have trouble with. It is funny as I am way more outgoing as Susan then my male self but I still have trouble just going up to someone and starting a conversation without knowing them pretty well. Our group is so diverse in that area. We have a few girls that can go up to a complete stranger and start talking and in 5 minutes they are like best friends, Cassandra is awesome at this something I can’t do. I though can go out as Susan by myself shopping or to Starbucks and not give it another thought and other girls can’t. I think the group helps bring us all together so we can benefit from each other’s strengths. The friends I have made as Susan really have shaped who I am and really made my life complete. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without some of them.

It was about 11:30 when I paid my bill and said my goodbyes for the night. this weekend will be a good one as Sunday I am meeting Cassandra, Julie, Melissa and Barb at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom for an Admin meeting for our group the Rose City T-Girls at 2 pm and after we will have dinner. Monday being a holiday I don’t have to work and I plan some Susan time mid-morning to midafternoon so I will have 3 days of Susan. It was about midnight when I got home tonight, a little later then I planned but worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am up to next.

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  1. About your difficulty with starting a conversation, I think that is just your personality. I imagine you have the same trait on your male side. Likewise, your more outgoing friends are probably also more outgoing with their male sides.

    In a nutshell, you shouldn’t worry about it unless it is one of your goals to become more outgoing. My personality isn’t very outgoing either, but I’d like to be so it is something that I work at intentionally, regardless of whether I am en femme.

    Comment by samibrowncd | May 27, 2019 | Reply

    • I am trying harder on it as I would like to be more outgoing. the funny thing is I am more outgoing as Susan, probably as I don;;t feel I have to hide things.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | May 27, 2019 | Reply

  2. […] a Starbuck’s I have gene to before there and I figured I could spend an hour or so and write my blog from Saturday evening. They have a drive through so usually not busy inside but not today. There were no tables inside […]

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