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Going to the Escape on Saturday

Its another Saturday and that means going to the Escape, now normally I try to get there between 5 & 6 so I can eat dinner and play on my computer a little before others start showing up but today I had to work and I didn’t get home from work till after 4 so I will be a little later tonight. I took my time getting ready tonight as I wanted to enjoy the transformation. It is hard to explain but there is something so relaxing and calming about transforming myself into Susan, I really do enjoy the time I spend doing my makeup. I was ready and on my way about 5:40 which was good as I really figured with working today it would be closer to 7 when I got to the Escape.

I got there right at 6 and the parking lot was full so I pulled out and parked on the street, I got the first spot on the street so it was still close. Now as I was walking into the parking lot 2 cars pulled out and I thought about moving my car but figured by the time I could pull around the block the spots might be gone and I might lose the spot I had, you know the old saying a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, some of my younger readers may not understand. I went in and set my computer down on the table and went up to order, Nicole was already at the bar ordering, she got here just before I did. Nicole lives a couple hours north of here and only gets down every few months so it is always great to see here again and get a chance to talk with her.

Now I will give my pitch for Blogging. I would encourage everyone to do a Blog of your life, it can be an everyday thing like a diary, about specific things in your life or just a part of your life like my blog about my feminine side. It is awesome to be able to look back on things in your life, things you have done, places you have gone or people you have met or just pictures you have taken. The good thing about blogs is you can have them public, private, or share them with just certain people and you can even do a combination and just have certain blog posts private or public. Well back to my blog.

Nicole and I sat down and started talking and catching up from the last time she was in town. It was so much fun, just 2 ladies sitting and talking. Now we ordered pretty much at the same tome but her food came and she had finished by the time I got mine, I guess a burger takes longer than a grilled chicken sandwich. It was around 7 when Michele showed up, she has been coming out more which is nice. Now being Pride week, we wondered how busy it would be tonight as there is also the Starlight parade and run in downtown Portland tonight as well as a Portland Timbers game. It did get a little busy between 7:30 and 8:30 and then thinned out till about 9:30 when it got busy again, Karaoke started at 9and that usually brings in the people. Bobbie, Jan and Lynn also showed up. It was great to see them. Jan and Lynn are also wonderful friends and also know me as both my male and female sides. A few years back I was out at an event and I saw Jan and Lynn (Jan was in male mode) and without thinking I waved and said Hi Jan and Lynn and as soon as I said it, I realized I was not Susan. Any way there was nothing I could do as Lynn was looking around for Susan so I just kept waving till she saw me and realized I was my male self. It is still amazing how many of my friends I have met as Susan have seen or even know me as my male self. I never would have thought this possible.

Well we all sat and talked for a while, a little while later Melissa, Kris and another girl from our group showed up so it looked like we would have a good turnout tonight after all. Karaoke Started and of course Lynn went up and sang as did Kris, Kris and Lynn actually sang a duet. Now there is a diverse group of people who come here and sing, some sing old songs, rock songs, pop, country and even rap and they are all good. I look at it this way if you are willing to get up and sing you are good and deserve applause as that takes a lot of courage. Any way there is one young man probably in his mid to late 20’s who has been coming her and singing every Saturday for months now. He is tall probably 6’4″ and skinny and long brown hair and he does a really good job when he sings and usually the same songs. Any way tonight she was here again, yes, I said she as tonight she had done her makeup and had a nice deep red lipstick and a nice outfit, very casual but feminine and she looked amazing. Even with her height she looked very feminine. She was at the other side of the bar with a couple of her friends and they seemed like this was totally natural for her, how awesome is that.

About 10 Lauri showed up so we had 9 of us here tonight. Now with the Karaoke going it was hard to talk but we were still having fun but I was getting tired as I got up about 4am this morning to go to work but it was cold in here again tonight as they had the air conditioning going again and that was helping keep me awake. Normally not an issue for me in my male life but women’s clothes are not designed for warmth as you can see from my picture above, I had bare shoulders but I did wear my ankle boots tonight so my feet didn’t get cold, trust me open toes heels look awesome but do nothing to keep your feet warm.

Nicole was the first to leave but she will be b ack in town in a few weeks as she is taking a father daughter trip with one of her daughters and they will stop in Portland on the way. Now her wife and kids know about Nicole and our supportive but I am not sure her daughter will come out with her as it could be a little intimidating to come meet all of us at a bar. After Nicole left Melissa was the next to leave, I really thought I would be the first to leave tonight but I was just having so much fun. It was a little after 11 when I just couldn’t make it anymore so I went up and paid my bill and said my goodbyes.

On the way out I stopped at the other side of the bar and told the tall young lady how awesome she looked tonight and how well she sang. I wish I had got her name but I am hopeful she will be here again. With that I left and drove home. it was a long day but so worth going out tonight.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life as Susan.

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