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Sunday Susan time at home mostly but a really fun day

It is Sunday and with the us still under the shutdown because of the Virus it will be mostly at home although I will go get some fast food for dinner tonight and watch some movies today and maybe do a little work online, at least that was my plan when I got up this morning. I got up at 8 to start my day, as I said yesterday there is something special about starting the day as Susan instead of transitioning into it later in the day. It just seems more natural. I took my time getting ready and did a really good job on my eyes I thought. Now yesterday I wore my hoop earrings and I loved them but today I am going to stay with the little stud I have. By the way it took me forever last night to get those little tiny backs on the studs when I put them back in of course it was my first time. Any way on my eyes I tried more browns to get a less dramatic look one that is more a daytime look and I think I did a good job of course I did do my false eyelashes. I also tried something new on my lips I didn’t take them out as far on the corners and made them a little rounder looking which actually made my mouth look a little smaller in all I was really happy with the way my makeup turned out today. It was just before 10 and I was all ready for my day at home as Susan of course there would be pictures. I wore my black skirt, with my black silver top and of course heels for today.

I went downstairs and got some pictures and started watching TV. The day was off to a good start. Now as I have said sitting at home as Susan is not something I look forward to as I really want to go out as Susan. well a little before 11 my Mom called me; she calls several times a day as she is having a hard time being stuck in her room. I can’t even go over and see her as only essential people are allowed into the assisted living, she is in so it has been over a months since we have seen each other, one of the reasons I got my ears pierced. Well we talked for a little while but the reason she called is she is out of a few things, normally I keep track of the things she needs and get them for her but not being able to go over there has made this hard. any way I need to run to Costco and get some stuff for her today which is both good and bad. I can go as Susan to get the stuff but not to drop the stuff off for her. I decided to do it now so I could spend the end of the day as Susan. Of course, I would have to change as going to Costco in a skirt with heels would be a little much. I quickly changed and yes, I wore what I wore yesterday as it was still laid out and I was on my way to Costco.

I got to Costco and parked pretty close as they did not look that busy for Sunday right before noon, I got a couple quick pictures before getting out of my car and going in. I got my cart and was off to get the 3 things my Mom needed; they are way cheaper here at Costco. It didn’t take long and I was soon at the checkout and as this Costco has some self-checkouts and I only had 3 items that was where I went, and I was able to walk right up without waiting in line. I stopped and also got a hot dog and drink on the way out and the line for this was long, it probably took me longer to get the hot dog then it did to go in get my Moms stuff and go through the checkout. Now it was out to the car and a quick stop for gas and I was on my way home to change to my male self to take the stuff over and drop off for my Mom. Now on the way home I was thinking I needed to make sure I washed all the makeup off just to run over and drop off the things for my mom and then back home to redo my makeup so I could be Susan the rest of the day. Well the sun was out, and I put my sunglasses on as I drove. I was almost home and sitting at a stop light and I looked in the mirror and noticed the sunglasses pretty much covered my eyes and I got thinking. I have the face mask I wear at work which covers most of the lower part of my face and a wild idea came in my head. Could I do this without removing my makeup, I can’t go into the building just hand them the stuff for my Mom through the door.

I got home and went to my bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I put the face mask on and yes it did cover my whole lower face, next the sun glasses and it hid my eye makeup maybe about all you could see was the very tops of my eye brows and a little of the side of my face by my eyes. Now another benefit of the shutdown is I have not been able to get a hair cut and my hair is a little long right now and actually comes down on my eyebrows so I stood there looking in the mirror telling myself no one would be able to tell like this. I quickly changed into my male clothes and went down and got in my car. As I left my house, I wondered about what I was doing but looking in the rear-view mirror I could not really see any traces of makeup. So I called over to where my mom is and talked to the girl at the front desk and told her who I was and I would be there in a couple minutes to drop some stuff off for my mom and gave her my moms name as with the mask and the sunglasses she probably wouldn’t know who I was and I didn’t want to have to take any of it off while I was there. I pulled up in front and as I was getting the stuff out of the trunk she came to the door. We talked briefly and I gave her the stuff for my mom and then left as I really did want to get out of there as quickly as possible. I don’t think she noticed anything and if she did it would probably have been my earrings anyway. I got back home and relaxed for a few minutes before putting on Susan’s cloths again and then I went and sat on my deck for a while and started this blog.

It was about 2:30 when I went inside and started watching a movie. I watched a couple movies, From Russia with love and You only live twice, yes, I am finishing my James Bond weekend. A little after 6 I drove to Jack in the Box and got dinner and then came back home and will watch one more James Bond Movie Thunderball to finish the night. I also did a little laundry today; it was a good day. I will go to bed by 10 tonight as I go back to work tomorrow. I may try to do a Wednesday night Zoom meeting again if I can so I can see my friends again.

Stay safe and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Tuesday and a day of Susan

It is Tuesday and I have the day off, my reward for working on Saturday. Now I really have no set plans other than a few things I need to do and as luck has it, they are all things Susan can do. I got up about 7am to start my day, I took my time getting ready as I figured out what I would do. It was about 9 when I was ready, yes, I took extra time as today is a casual day. I am wearing my marron top, black leggings and sandals something a lot of woman wear so I should blend in nicely. The only problem is with this outfit I need more curves to my body and that means my hip pads to give me a little more width in the hips and of course my corset to pull my waist in. 1 final look in the mirror and I was ready to leave.

My first stop would be Home Depot as I need some stuff for my yard, now it was amazing how much traffic there still was, what should have been a 15-minute trip took me a little over a ½ hour but I got to Home Depot and parked and went in. I still remember my first time going out to Embers, and LGBT club that was very open and TG friendly and did Drag Shows several nights and how scared I was. Now I just parked and walked right into Home Depot where you would go to find other Transgender girls. I got a cart and walked around looking before heading over to the garden center area, I got my fertilized, moss killer, bug killer and some grass seed to patch a few bare spots in my yard and then it was up to the checkout. As far as I could tell there no one gave me a second look although I am sure they did and I just didn’t notice as I really don’t pay attention anymore.

After here I went over to Best Buy, I need to update my Quicken software as I can no longer download data but I am unhappy as you just can’t buy the program anymore. It is a subscription base now so you pay every year. I use to buy it for $59 and it was good for 3 years now it is $49 per year. I didn’t buy it at least not today but I know I will soon. I also looked at their Speaker bars for flat screen TV as I need to get one. I also looked at laptops and dash cams and just kind of walked around. I left here and my next stop was Clackamas Town Center.

This was just a sour of the moment as I really didn’t need anything here just wanted o look around. I parked and went in through JC Penny’s and looked at their dresses and heels. They had a couple cute dresses but nothing in my size so it was out into the mall. I spent about 1 ½ hours here looking around before leaving. My next stop was Fred Meyers on 82nd Ave and that was just to pick up some flowers as my next stop was the Cemetery to put flowers on my Dads grave. I will bring my Mom here in a couple weeks but I wanted to go as Susan. My Dad never met Susan or new about her but I just have a need to go there as Susan now. Now there were a lot of people here today but it is a big Cemetery so no one really close to where I was going except for some workers. There were 5 men digging a new grave site about 30 feet behind me and to the right but they were busy working and other then walking up to my Dads grave, my back was to them so I figured they would notice anything. I spent about 30 minutes here before leaving.

My last stop was Costco, I wanted to get some towels and look around. Now a little over a year ago I actually went into Costco as Susan to see if I could get a Costco card under Susan’s name and they did, they listed me as my males significant other so I have a Costco card with Susan name and picture but I have not used it till today. I got there and was amazed at home many cars were there so I parked in my normal place, way out but easy to get out of the parking lot but it left me with a long walk in butt that was okay. Now I haven’t eaten all day yet so my first stop was to get something to eat, yes, I love their hot dogs and drink, I get one most of the times I go here.

Now they were rally busy guess lots of people had today off. I got my food and there really was no open tables so I went and asked a lady at a table if anyone was sitting on the other side and she said no help yourself so I sat down to eat. She didn’t seem bothered by me and we even had a little conversation about the weather and how busy they were. Before she finished and left. I finished eating and then went in to look for some towels. I found them and they have a big selection and a really good price $7.99 for a big bath towel so I picked out a couple and then walked around looking. They also have a big selection of pillows and I really need some new ones as mine are well I won’t say how old they are but they need to be replaced. So now with my pillows and towels it was up to the front to stand in line and they were all at least 7 deep. I just got in the first line behind a lady to wait my turn. I ended up talking with her also about how nice it was outside today, mid 70’s and sunny and also about how busy they were. I got to the checkout and gave her my card and paid for my stuff and was on my way.

Really Costco and Home Depot were the only things I needed to do today and it really was just everyday things I did that I could have just as easily done in male mode but it was just more fun as Susan. It was about 2pm now and I have till 4 or 4:30 before I have to be home and switch back to my male self so I figured I would end it by gong to the Starbucks I usually go to and write my blog from Saturday at the Escape. I use to write my blog the very next day if not the same day but lately it is taking me several days and in some cases a week to get time to write it, I really need to work on this.

I got to the Starbucks about 2:20 and went in, they were busy and all the tables were full but they had one outside and it was a nice day. I made a quick stop in the rest room before going up and ordering my drink. With my order in I was going to go set up my computer on the table outside but it was taken now so I waited in line for my drink and was looking at the counter by the window as there were 2 seats there. Now it really was my lucky day as with my drink in hand I stopped to grab a straw, yes, I use straws, don’t hate me. Any way a young man got up from the second table along the window and left leaving me a seat along the window at a table so I quickly grabbed it. Now this Starbucks has a drive through and it is 1 car after another and yet the inside is also really busy.

I sat here and wrote my blog from Saturday night and caught up on some e-mails and just played on the internet, again all things I could do from home or as my male self but just so much more fun and relaxing as Susan here at Starbucks. I think of all the times I have come to Starbucks as Susan over the years and it is hard to imagine I had never been in a Starbucks till I came as Susan and even now it is probably only 3 or 4 times I have gone to a Starbucks not as Susan and those were times to see if they would figure it out. I stayed her till 4:30 before going home to switch back to my male self as I have things, I have to do tonight that can’t be done as Susan.

I am now looking forward to Wednesday night dinner with my friends. Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what is new in my life on my most recent blog.

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Some quiet time at Starbucks Sunday Night.

As I said I am actually on vacation this week although I have a lot of stuff I have to get done so won’t be as much Susan time as last vacation. Any way I had a few hours Sunday afternoon and evening and so yes it was off to Starbucks. I wanted to write my blog from Saturday night at the Escape and also catch up on e-mails and just play on my computer which yes, I could do at home just as easy but there is just something I can’t explain about being out as Susan. Even though when I am out at Starbucks as Susan I am not even thinking about how I am dressed which is a hard thing to explain. I am just out as myself like everyone else.

I got to Starbucks a little after 4 so I had a little over 2 hours as they close at 6:30 on Sunday’s. They were a little busy as the only open seats were the sofa chairs which I am not a fan of as there is no table for my computer and a couple counter seats along the window in the back corner or the big table which seats 8 and there were 2 people at one end so that was where I sat at the other end. Now I figured one of the 5 small tables along the window would open up and I could move there as I do like sitting by the window.

I went up to order my drink and the girls behind the counter welcomed me by name and asked if I wanted my hot chocolate which today I didn’t as I went for the sweetened green ice tea. These are my two drinks I get here by the way, hot chocolate when it is cold or I am cold and green tea the other times as I feel it is a little healthier and far less calories as I do want to lose some weight by Diva Las Vegas and for sure by our cruise in October. In case you don’t know I have a bad sweet tooth, actually I think all my teeth are sweet teeth.

Now as I said they were busy and it was a constant stream of people coming in and getting drinks and a family took the sofa seats so all that was open were a couple seats in the middle of the table I was at and a couple at the counter in the back corner. It really was one of the busier days I have seen here as everyone stayed and the other tables never opened at least not till about 6:15 when a few people left, as there were only a few minutes till they closed I saw no reason to move.

I got most of what I wanted to do done here before 6:30 when they closed. Now they have never told me I had to leave as a matter of fact several times they have said I could stay a little while they cleaned up which is really nice but I feel a little strange doing that so I try to finish up as close to closing as I can but sometimes I run a little late. Tonight, I finished up just before 6:30 so as I was leaving both the workers said goodbye to me by name and told me to have a good evening.

I drove down to Costco to get gas as I have figured out how to avoid the lines there. The store closes at 6 on Sunday but the gas station part stays open till 7. The key is to get there just before closing and you can pull right up to the pump. After getting gas I decided to get something to eat as I haven’t eaten since lunch. I drove to Wendy’s and went in to eat. Now this Wendy’s is away from where I live but that was not the reason I went to this one.

I have gone here at least 4 times before as Susan and a couple times as my male self but what is interesting in all those visits I have never seen a male employee, it has always been an all-female crew working here so I was wondering if that is all they have for employees. I got there about 7 and went in and sure enough all the workers were female. I ordered my burger meal and went and sat at a table where I could watch the big TV above a fire place which had a basketball game on. I watched a little of the game while I ate. It was kind of relaxing and not your normal fast food atmosphere, I also saw a sign in the window that they have free wi-fi.

I got home just a little after 8. Now I have to figure out what I will be doing this week. Monday, I have a few hours in the morning to early afternoon free so I will probably do something then. Tuesday I will have no chance for Susan. Wednesday maybe some time again in the morning and early afternoon. Thursday and Friday, I will have more time, and Saturday probably late afternoon and evening. But all this can change so we will just see what the week presents.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new for Susan on my most recent blog.

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