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Wednesday night dinner at Le Bistro Montage

Wednesday and dinner out at Le Bistro Montage but first a little side note. One of my neighbors knows about Susan and I wouldn’t be surprised if all my neighbors know, that being said. Tuesday I came home and I normally back into my garage, as I got to my house I say my neighbor across the street coming out of his garage in his electric wheelchair so I quickly pulled in to my drive forward and as my garage door was opening I saw my neighbor headed my way. By the time I was pulled in and started shutting the door he was half way up my drive so I just let it come down. Will be interesting the next time I talk with him.

Well back to Wednesday night, I got home about 5:20 and I started getting ready as soon as I got inside. Now I knew I had to get ready fast so Tuesday night I picked out my dress and had it setting out. I didn’t get to take my time with my makeup as it was more important to be to dinner on time. I was ready and on my way by 6:10. I got downtown about 6:30 and found a parking spot a block away and walled to Le Bistro Montage.

Barb was just parking out front so we walked in together. Now Melissa and her wife were waiting in the bar. It wasn’t long and Jennie, Julie, Rickie and Judy showed up so we went out and were seated at our table. Kris was there already so we had 9 of us tonight. Now the tables here are long tables so you can sit next to other people if they are busy but that was not the case tonight.

Now we sat and talked to give time incase any others showed up as we did have a couple others say they might make it but they didn’t so about 7 a few ordered appetizers, Julie got Frog Legs and Melissa’s wife got Alligator bites. The Appetizers came and I tried a frog legs and it was pretty good, tasted like chicken but maybe just a little more salty but good. I also tried the Alligator bites, in a way it also tasted like chicken but with a fishy taste, I wasn’t as keen on this probably wouldn’t order it but I can say I have tried it.

Well no one else showed up so we ordered dinner, our waiter was awesome, both times we have come here we have had awesome wait staff, actually pretty much every place we go we are treated wonderful. We kind of got talking and wonder if we maybe get a little bit better/extra service as they are trying too hard to accommodate us. Our food came and as always it was really good as always. We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation, just an awesome night out with friends. Now the cool thing about Le Bistro Montage is they wrap your leftover if you have them in aluminum foil and make shaped out of them. One of our girls got a Seahorse, turtle, penguin, a butterfly and I can’t remember the last. I of course had no leftovers so I didn’t get one.

Now was time for desert and Julie was here tonight to help me eat it so I ordered an Oreo Cheesecake which is incredible, I would highly recommend it if you come here. It really was a fun night out. We stayed here till a little after 9 just talking and having a good time. It is always sad when the night is over and I have to say goodbye to my friends and go home and change back to my normal male self.

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