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Saturday June 15th Portland’s Trans March

It is Saturday June 15th and today is Portland’s Trans march, this is Pride weekend in Portland and so several of us are going to the Trans march downtown today. I have never gone to Pride so this will be a first for me. The march starts at 3:30 in the park block and goes down to the waterfront. Melissa and several of the girls did this last year and said it was fun. The plan is to meet downtown at 2:30 and walk in the march. Now Julie is also going to do the march so I am going to pick her up at 1:30 so I will have to get ready early today. I started getting ready a little after 11 am with the hope of being ready by 1 yes I planned on hours to get ready, I wanted to take my time and enjoy it but also new I needed a little more care on my makeup as it not only has to last all day but I wanted something that could go from day to evening. Julie head texted me last night to see what I was going to wear and I told her my black and whit summer dress, she was going to wear a skirt and top. Well I was done with my makeup by about 12:30 and started to get dressed but I just didn’t like it for the day and went with my black skirt and maroon top. Funny how I put so much thought into what Susan wears. I was out the door a little before 1 and got to Julies about 1:15.

Julie was ready but we talked for a little bit before we left. The plan was we would go to the march and Trixie would meet the group for dinner as she had things she had to do today. It was about 1:40 when we left. It is always more fun to have Julie with me on the drive, two girlfriends out for the day and it gave us a chance to talk. We were both so excited to do this and we talked about it. 10 years ago, if you had said we would be downtown Portland on a Saturday afternoon to march in the street as woman we both would have thought you were crazy but here, we are. Now we went straight for a parking garage which was close to where we planned on eating after and parked. It was about 10 blocks from where we were meeting so we took an UBER over. We got to the park blocks and there were a lot of people. I had figured a couple hundred at best but I would bet there were a couple thousand and most were not transgender but were out to support us and walk with us which was awesome. Julie and I talked as we waited for others to show up.

It wasn’t long and others showed up, Kimberly, Melissa and her wife, Barb, and Dana. We stood in the sea of people as we waited for the march to start. Now there were a group of people not far from us that all had their faces mostly covered which made me a little nervous as the only reason you cover your face is so know one knows who you are and I didn’t know why they didn’t want to be recognized. Hopefully they weren’t planning anything bad. That was the case as they didn’t do anything but march.

Soon it was 3;30 and the march started and the whole group started moving. It was tight for the first few blocks but then things opened up a little. We tried to stay as a group but some we weren’t all walking the same speed but we stayed pretty close. A few blocks into the march I ran into Alicia, I haven’t seen her for a year or two as she lives south or Portland. She was there marching with her wife and kid which was so awesome. I got a chance to talk with her briefly as we walked it was so wonderful. I have made some awesome friends as Susan and even though I may not see them very often they are still awesome people. A little later I also ran into Laura and her girlfriend who were also there. Now there was one thing I didn’t like about the march some of the people were chanting different things as we march and a couple of them were about police. Now I am not saying all police are good but in the same way not all are bad and I believe for the most part police are good and do a good job that is difficult. I don’t think this made the group as a whole look good as what a few people thought or changed could be taken as how the whole group is just as some were grouping all police together. Everyone on all sides needs to stop these divisive actions and we all need to learn to love one another. If we can’t treat other with respect and fairly how can we expect then to treat us that way. I don’t care who you are or what your beliefs or political views are as long as you treat me nice, I will do the same for you and here ends my little sermon, back to the march.

We got to the end which was at the pride festival on the water front, I am guessing the march was about 15 blocks long give or take a couple. We went into the festival area to look around and we ran into Betty, Summer and Shay and her wife. It was good to see them again also. So, we had a big turnout today for this march even if we didn’t all march together. Now we did get some pictures including a group picture but as I didn’t ask everyone in the picture if I could post I will have to leave that picture out of my blog but I did get Julie to take a picture of me. We walked around a little and one of Barbs friends joined us her name was Mindy and also a nice young man named Holden, he is a trans man. It was almost 5 so our attention turned to dinner and we thought about going to Mama Mia for dinner but it turned out being Saturday, Pride weekend and also Prom weekend they were booked up so Melissa called Rock Bottom and they also were booked up she then tried Hennery’s and they could get us in at 5:30 so Melissa gave them her name and said there would be 10 of us. Trixie was on her way so Julie, Kimberly and I left for Hennery’s while the rest of the girls looked around a little longer, a couple of them wanted to buy some things. It is about 14 blocks up and 3 blocks over from where we were but we decided to walk it.

On the way we ran into some people going down to the festival and one of the girls recognized me and there is always that panic of how she knows me (male or female) but it only took me a few seconds to remember her. I met her years ago at the P-Club and we played shuffle board together so it was Susan she recognized. We talked briefly and then we were on our way. It took us about 20 minutes to walk to Hennery’s about a mile. They were not busy and they had our table ready so we sat down and got some drinks as it was a warm day. it wasn’t long and the others showed up. Our timing was perfect as by 6 lots of people had come in and they were really busy. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversations and I got to talk to Holden as he sat next to me and he was such an awesome young man. He has only been in Portland for a few months. Soon it was almost 8 pm, where did the day go. We paid our bills and our waiter was so awesome. We always seem to get wonderful service but every once in a while, it is just over the top and that was the case tonight.

Now we had planned on eating down by the waterfront and that was where we parked about 13 blocks so Julie Trixie and I took an UBER back to where we had park. I drove us all back to Julies and dropped them off. It was such a wonderful day and so nice to spend so much time with Julie. Now it was a choice of what to do well really not. I briefly thought about going to the Escape but it was a little after 9 so by the time I would get there I would only have an hour plus I had been out since 1 pm and wasn’t sure my makeup was up to par for going out so I went home after a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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