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Saturday night at the Escape

Saturday night is here and I am looking forward to going out to the Escape, Last Saturday I was in LA, the Saturday before Las Vegas and the one before that Salem at the outside Speakeasy, so it has been 4 Saturdays since I have been here. Well I was here last night for a couple hours with Jeny and Lori. I was hoping for a bigger turnout tonight. I got there about 6:30 and they were busy, I had to park across the street. As I was walking over I saw Cassandra drive through the parking lot and head across the street to park. I got inside and all the big tables were taken so I grabbed two of the small for our group.

Cassandra came in and Laura M followed right behind her so there were 3 of us right from the start. We no more than sat down and Elain and Melissa also showed up, seems everyone wanted to get out early tonight. Now we sat and talked and of course a lot of it was about Diva Las Vegas as Cassandra, Melissa and I had all gone. We all agreed it went by way to fast but we really had a wonderful time. Laura’s daughter also showed up for a while tonight and it was good to see her again. Kate and Kim also showed up tonight so we had a smaller but fun group tonight. It really was good to see all my friends again, we have several Kim’s in our group.

Finally, one of the big tables opened so we moved over there as it was easier for us all to talk and the seats are more comfortable. I really do love my time out with my friends socializing and just having good conversations. There is just something wonderful being out with friends that accept you as a person just as you are. I would encourage everyone to find good friends that will support you where you are Transgender or not friends are important.

Now there was another large group at the next table celebrating a birthday and they were a fun group and having a blast. I talked a couple times with the girl celebrating her birthday and a couple of the other girls. It is fun to interact with the other people when we are out.

Now there was a T-girl when I came in at the bar with a lady when I came in and she was talking with her and they danced a few times when they were playing music and so I didn’t want to interrupt them as t almost looked like they were on a date. Any way later in the evening after Karaoke started I noticed her sitting by herself so I went over and introduced myself to her and started talking with her. Her name I think is Kira, Karaoke was going and it was a little loud. We talked for a little while and she seemed really nice. She asked about our group and I told her we were the Rose City T-girls and she had herd of us so I told her about our web page and encouraged her to join. Seems she has come here a couple times on Friday nights. She came over and I introduced her to all the girls that were there. I really hope she joins as we do have an excellent group that is active in going out. After meeting, everyone she called it a night.

Karaoke was fun and a lot of the songs were ones I had not heard before which is fun, plus some I knew and could sing along with. It was a fun night out. I am planning on going out to the Wednesday night dinner this week as I have missed those for several weeks and next Saturday is the night our group goes to the Southside Speakeasy in Salem and I am planning on going at least at this point. It is over an hour drive but I guess once a month I can do that. I really do try to get out twice a week when I can. This week will be busy as I have family in town again the end of the week but I think in two weeks I may start trying to go to Starbucks one night a week also as I really do miss that.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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Saturday night out with the girls at the Escape

Well it is Saturday and I am going out again and I am really looking forward to tonight. I was chatting with Karen on Facebook and she is also going out tonight so it will be awesome to see her again. I started getting ready at 5 and I had already decided I Susan Miller Smokey eye lookwas going to try and do a Smokey eye look with black shadow again with a more dramatic look. Now with this makeup I think a darker brown hair looks better plus it is nice to mix it up a little too. Black eye shadow is hard for me to get to look right but I was pretty happy with the way it turned out tonight.  And of course I chose to wear my black and gold dress and pearls.

I was ready to leave by 6:20 so I would get to the Escape a little early which was fine with me. Now when I got there the parking lot was full but I was able to find the last spot along the curb, wow they are busy early tonight. Laura, Cristine and Cassandra were already there so I wasn’t the first one to get here tonight. seems they had a pre-season football game today and several people came to watch it. Susan Miller selfi 8-29-2015 (1)

I talked to the girls a little, Cassandra was in the corner on her computer chatting on line and Laura and Cristine at the bar. it was great to be out again. I ordered dinner and then got my computer out and joined Cassandra online chatting. it is kind of fun especially when you have a web cam. it is kind of cool as you can chat with people from all around the world.

Karen showed up and she looked awesome, she had on this really cute top and skirt and heels, so much fun to get all dressed up and go out for the evening. my food came and I put away my computer so I could eat and talk with Karen.

Lynn and Jan showed up also so we had 8 of us here tonight. It is so amazing how relaxed and happy I feel when I can be Susan and that feeling is all the better when I can spend time with my friends who are really more like family. Now later in the night I did break out my computer again and show Karen how the online chat works, she had noticed Cassandra’s computer in the corner with her web cam going. It was fun as Melissa was online so I sent her a private message and we chatted on and off for during the rest of the evening. It was fun as I was chatting online, chatting with the girls around me at the bar and listening to the girls singing Karaoke.

Susan Miller selfi 8-29-2015 (2)Kitty also showed up tonight and brought Marlaine with her, It was nice to meet her, Always fun meeting new people and she seems really nice. Well I was still online and Kitty thought it was so cool and soon we were both on web cam. Cassandra came over and she is way better at the chat part of it, I have trouble keeping up with the chat and typing at the same time. Cassandra started chatting with everyone using my profile which I think confused people till they figured it out but most of the time we had 3 to 5 of us there all on the web cam. It was a lot of fun.

Well it got late and I had such a wonderful evening, spending time with my friends, chatting online with Melissa and a chance to be Susan, what a lucky girl I am. it was about 11:30 when we called it a night. What a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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