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Monday and my Susan time at home comes to an end

It is Monday and the last day of my Quarantine. Neither me of my Mom have shown any symptoms so hopefully when the county health department calls me today, we will be released. I got up earlier today to get back into my routine. I worked out this morning and it felt good, I haven’t done that in a while so I am hoping to do that more. I had breakfast and then started getting ready about 8:30. I was all ready and dressed by 10. I got my daily picture before going downstairs and one more at the bottom of the stairs. Once downstairs I watched a little TV. Now being my last day hopefully stuck at home I am just waiting for the health department to call and I think it will be later in the day.

I watched TV till noon and then fixed me a little lunch and as it is sunny again today which is surprising as it was supposed to rain today, I decided to eat lunch on the deck. Now even though the sun is out it is cooler out today then the last week, in the low 50’s instead of low 60’s and it does make a difference so I won’t be outside as long. I did get some pictures while I was outside. I have actually got some good pictures on my back deck this week as I can get some good natural light out here.

I went back inside and watched a little more TV today is Star Trek Deep Space nine, I have watched a lot of Star Trek this week along with a lot of movies. I have watched more TV this week then I do in a few months. You don’t realize how busy your life is and how much you do till you can’t do them and have all that free time. I have done a lot of cleaning in my house the one thing I didn’t do is clean my garage so that will be something I do over the next few weeks. One it is a lot of work and would be had to do as Susan but also, I need to have the garage door open for that and that would be very public with my neighbors. I am pretty sure they all know and I don’t hide when I go out but this is a little more then I want to do right now.

Later on, I watched the noon new which I taped as I wanted to see the governor’s new rules on what can stay open and where you can go. This has really changed the way we live. Well she is shutting down all no-essential businesses including parks, malls pretty much anyplace that doesn’t sell food and all has to be for takeout. Well this got me thinking would this effect Cemeteries as I have not gone to visit my Dad in a while and I figured that would be something I could do as it really is just a drive and there is usually no one there. Plus, this would give me a chance to see what traffic is like for tomorrow. I have taken a few short drives this week though.

It was about 3 when I left home and drove to the cemetery and I was right, there was no traffic. It is about 20 miles and took me about 25 minutes to get there. I was actually surprised how many people were here today, I am thinking others had the same thought I did that they might close them down. In all the times I have come here there was only 1 time there was someone else in the section of the cemetery my dad is at, this is a huge national cemetery. Today there were 5 groups of people in this section and one family of about 10 people that looked like they were at a grave just a few down from my dad and I have to avoid people so I sat in the car to see if they would leave. Well while I sat there, I got my call from the health department to check on me. I got the all clear to go back to work tomorrow but she encouraged me to practice social distancing. The group by my dad gave didn’t look like they were going to leave any time soon and I was thinking that as of tonight all malls would close and I am only about 10 minutes from Clackamas Town Center and I wondered how busy they would be so I thought I would drive down and look at it and then come back to visit my dad.

I got to Clackamas Town Center a little before 4 and I thought they might be closed as the parking lot was almost deserted. I did see 1 person go inside so I parked and figured I would walk in and if there were not many people maybe make a quick walk to see what was open. I got inside and the mall was empty. I saw 1-person way down the mall on the bottom floor and 2 people on the upper level so now I was wondering if any of the stores were even open. Pretty much all the stores were closed and I was thinking it would just be a quick walk but as this would be my last time to walk the mall till probably May I did. even all the little boots that try to sell you things were closed. Well I got down further and I saw 1 lady working in one of the little booths. Well as I got close, she said high to me and I stopped to ask her about the mall closing. She was really nice and I think she was happy to have someone to talk with as I still have not seen another customer. Now the funny part as I really think it was a sign for me. The booth I stopped at, the only one open was piercing Pagoda. I got talking to her about ear piercing and how long it takes to heal. Like I said you can’t take the earrings out for 3 to 4 weeks and then after that you have to keep something in the holes for 6 months so they don’t close. Now right now the 3 to 4 weeks is easy as the only issue would be work. After that I have seen clear plastic posts I could use and I wondered if I could really have pierced ears. This would be my best chance right now and in a moment of weakness I told her I wanted to get my ears pierced. The whole time I was thinking about work tomorrow as she got ready and sure enough 20 minutes later, I was on my way out with my ears pierced.

I stopped by the cemetery on the way home and spent about 20 minutes at my dad gave before heading home. I got home about 5:45 and went out on the deck and got a few more pictures before fixing dinner. It was getting cooler outside so I ate inside tonight while I watched TV. After I ate, I worked on my blog from today and am still wondering if anyone at work will noticed I pierced my ears or if they will say anything. Tomorrow will be an interesting day back at work, the earrings are small and subtle, the smallest they had and gold so kind of match my skin color. I think from a distance you wouldn’t even notice them it would only be up close but still a little nervous about tomorrow. I plan of being in bed early tonight and will be interesting how I sleep with my earrings in as I normally sleep on my side.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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