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Saturday Susan time but really no place to go.

Well it is Saturday and the start of the weekend and I have 2 days of being Susan. now the reason I have the whole weekend to be Susan is because of the virus everything is closed so there really is nothing I have to do or any place I have to be and that means a weekend of being Susan. now on the bad side it also means no [place really to go so it will pretty much be at home, kind of the glass half empty or half full so I look on the bright side and that is Susan time. I got up a little after 8 and started getting ready now I have used a Braun Epilator for years to remove the hair on my legs and arms and I love it. The first few times you use one it does hurt so take a hot bath first, after that you really don’t feel it. My leg and arm hair are so fine and thing I can go weeks. Well I bring this up as after many years it gave out on me today, so sad. I will have to find a new one. I started my makeup and I did false eye lashes and a new color of lipstick. My favorite lip stick is Maybelline matte lip ink, now I am a red color girl and my favorite color is “Ruler” which is a red brick color and very pretty color and can use during the day. my other favorite color is “Pioneer” but this is a bright red and really only good for a night out and really needs the right makeup and outfit to look good. Well when I was out shopping a few weeks back I knew I was running low and bought a new one but evidently grabbed the wrong one and got a color called “Founder” which is just s little deeper red more to a wine color so I decided to try it today and I like it but might be a bit much for daytime, let me know what you think of the color.

I was all dressed and looking pretty by a little after 10am. I git a couple pictures, one inside and one on my deck to see how I looked. Now I use to dress and stay at home all the time till I started going out. Now just spending time at home is not what I really like to do as I really do want to be out in public but for now, I really can’t do that. Well I did spend 9 days on quarantine and could go anywhere so I had to eat the food I had in my house which I did but I really do need to go shopping for some a few things including fresh items like milk and produce so I decided to make a quick trip to Walmart.

I left home about 11 and was on my way but noticed I also needed some gas so I stopped by Costco and decided to go in and see if they had any toilet, I have plenty for several weeks as I don’t let this get to low but on the off chance they have some I guess better safe then sorry. Well I went in and they are still out but picked up a couple things I did need. After here I went and got some gas and then on to Walmart for my shopping.

I got to Walmart and took time to get a couple pictures in the car. Now I don’t understand but the light in the car seems to make my pictures look the best, I think. I even tried pulling back my hair to show my earring. Yes, last Monday I finally got my ears pierced. Now again this is the glass half empty or half full thing. Yes, this weekend I should be living full time as Susan in Las Vegas with my friends and having long acrylic nails for 2 weeks and I am sad I am not as I looked forward to it for the last year. But on the bright side with everything shut down my two biggest obstacles to getting my ears pierced family and my volunteer job. Well my volunteer job has been put on hold till the end of April and also by governor order the assisted living where my mom is, is locked down and only workers can be there so I can’t g over there either till the end of April and that left just my regular job and I figured who cares about what they thought. I can’t remove the earrings for 4 to 6 weeks and that gets me to the middle to end of April which is just perfect timing. For those of you wondering last week at work only 5 people noticed that I know of well they were the ones who said something. 4 woman and 1 man and all they said was did you get your ears pierced? I just said yes it was something I had always wanted to do and with everything shut down I figured why not now and that seemed to be fine with them 3 of the women told me they looked good on me. Now I am sure others noticed but they have said nothing. For the most part I don’t even think about them unless I am looking in the mirror or a touch my ear. I really can’t wait till I can wear other earrings like hoops or dangly earrings. I really wish I had done this years ago but there was just no way.

I went into Walmart and they were kind of busy but everyone was trying to keep their distances which was nice. I picked up the food I needed and a few things I really didn’t and then was on my way. It was nice to be out even for such a short time as Susan and I think that if I have to go shopping again over the next few weeks it will be as Susan so I can get at least a little Susan time out. Not as much fun as walking around the mall or going to dinner with my friends but it is something and that is better than nothing.

I got home a little after 1 and started my day of watching Movies or TV, I did start this blog also and will finish later in the day. now I did take the time to change my hair for the rest of the day and get a few more pictures. The day does go by a little slower just being at home as Susan but still nice to get some Susan time as I am guessing it will be at least a month before I can start going out places again. By the way just a question for those with pierced ears. I was reading the care broacher I got when I got my ears pierced and it said to come back in 3 to 4 weeks to have them checked and wondering why and if I need to do that? Any thoughts? Also how do you tell when they are fully healed or is that why I go back to where I had them pierced?

It was a little after 5 when I decided to make dinner, I had taken a steak out of the freezer this morning and I am going to BBQ it and have a baked potato and cord for dinner. Yes, I will be out side on my deck BBQing again as Susan although with the rainy weather I doubt my neighbors will be out. besides it really is just going out few a couple minutes at a time to turn the steak. The Bake potato took the longest and it was a little after 6 when I sat down to eat and start another movie.

I will stay up till probably 11 or so tonight before going to bed and then tomorrow I will spend another day as Susan. Not the way I visioned this week going but I am making the best of it and I choose to look on the bright side of things as life is much better that way. Stay safe and stay positive.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

A few more pictures at the bottom. If you have a favorite let me know.










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